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A thread for those questions you wouldn't dare ask in real life/normally!

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LittleMissGerardButlerfan Sun 02-Jun-13 17:14:03

Please feel free to ask questions and if I know the answer I will tell you, also feel free to answer others questions!

My stupid question is

Would I be able to see nits in my sons very short hair if he had them? (He has short brown hair)?

YouStayClassySanDiego Sun 02-Jun-13 17:15:36

Yes, you would be able to see the little critters if you look closely.

Yes, you can see the black eggs on the hair shaft itself and the actual crab like looking nits on the scalp.

SoleSource Sun 02-Jun-13 17:17:56

Do you ever fantasise about lesbian sex?

TheHerringScreams Sun 02-Jun-13 17:20:26

No SoleSource

And my question is, and I will never ask this because it's so stupid, but why are there different languages? I mean, I get why, as you spread out, but surely it should be different dialects stemming from one root language, instead of hundreds of languages, where some connect, but others don't?

SayMama Sun 02-Jun-13 17:21:05

< lurks > will think of something soon

LittleMissGerardButlerfan Sun 02-Jun-13 17:25:09

Sole I wouldn't say fantasise but I do wonder what it would be like!

Herring I know what you mean, and I used to think if you were born in France you would just speak French and know it, but obviously it's what you are taught. And who made up the words for stuff, because obviously someone had to name things!

NotAnotherPackedLunch Sun 02-Jun-13 17:25:27

Can lip readers identify different accents and do some accents make people incomprehensible to lip readers?

SchroSawMargeryDaw Sun 02-Jun-13 17:25:56

TheHerring Probably because, when different languages were invented it people weren't able to travel to wider areas to even know that there was other languages?

Can't think of a question just now but I will.

DeepPurple Sun 02-Jun-13 17:31:29

Who decides what is masculine and feminine in French? If I invented something and named it, who decides which it is? I asked my cousin who has lived in France all his life and he didn't know!

superbagpuss Sun 02-Jun-13 17:31:38

littlemiss yes

sole - in christian thinking its to do with the tower of babel and God punishing us for thinking we are more important than him, now we can't all work together
in science terms its because proper language was very spread out when it developed but European languages are linked by either Greek or Latin (the romans)

ItsallisnowaFeegle Sun 02-Jun-13 17:32:28

Ooh great idea for a thread OP! I've soooo many stupid questions that I know logical answers to (or suspect there is a logical answer to) but still get me all philosophical grin

Like - what do babies actually think about? And what do they dream about?

superbagpuss Sun 02-Jun-13 17:32:44

my question
who is your stand in celebrity partner - rules are he/she can't be married or have kids

I am having Benedict cumberbatch

FarelyKnuts Sun 02-Jun-13 17:35:34

How is it that some countries that are really quite tiny such as Ireland can have SO many diverse accents even to the point of three or four in the same city and yet a country as large as say Australia has no accent that links you to a particular area of the country? (ie you couldn't tell someone was from Melbourne or Sydney from their accent alone).

Euphemia Sun 02-Jun-13 17:37:02

Have you ever wondered how many people's photos you're in the background of?

Like, you know how you have those holidays snaps where some bloke with a huge belly, or a bad shirt is in the background and has totally become part of the landscape of that holiday for you: are you like that in other people's photos?

It blows my mind to think of all of these images of me that could be in people's photo albums across the world!

LittleMissGerardButlerfan Sun 02-Jun-13 17:41:51

Bet you can't guess who I would choose Bagpuss grin

BalloonSlayer Sun 02-Jun-13 17:43:15

If moths like the light so much, why don't they come out during the day?

LittleMissGerardButlerfan Sun 02-Jun-13 17:51:56

Good question Balloon intriguing!

NatashaBee Sun 02-Jun-13 17:58:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FarelyKnuts Sun 02-Jun-13 18:00:51

Oh and if your appendix and your tonsils are as disposable and not useful as they say they are then why haven't we just got rid of them (evolutionary wise I mean)?

And another stupid one I always wonder about is do I see stuff the same as other people. For example when I see the colour blue am I seeing it the same as someone else.

I think about useless shit way too much grin

mooface Sun 02-Jun-13 18:02:57

How do people who have been blind all their lives dream?

FarelyKnuts Sun 02-Jun-13 18:05:22

Natasha, I know there is some diversity in Aussie accents but not a huge degree and as you say considering the size of the place. It isn't easily distinguished either, I lived there the first 20 years of my life and still would struggle to pick where someone is from.

suckmabigtoe Sun 02-Jun-13 18:05:49

can you tell me what my EXp really earns? <hopeful>


TheRealFellatio Sun 02-Jun-13 18:08:05

I have always wanted to know what goes on in gay sex between men. Do they both take it up the bum, and take turns, or does only one of them act as the 'receiver' and the other is always the 'giver'? And if so, when they meet, how do they ascertain which is ying and which is yang, as it were? confused

FarelyKnuts Sun 02-Jun-13 18:08:15

Mooface apparently people who are born blind dream with all their other senses but if they had any experience of sight (even as a baby) then they dream with pictures too.

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