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Have you ever encountered anyone this cheeky?

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TastesLikePanda Thu 18-Apr-13 17:30:53

Inspired roughly by a couple of threads recently...
I used to have a friend (used to being the operative) who would come round to my house to smoke. Her reason being that she didn't want her house to smell like smoke and she didn't like smoking in the street as she thought it looked 'common' (her words)

The punchline being that I didn't smoke
That friendship ended when I saw the light and realised that she was using me! She was happy enough to make my house stink and I was too polite (at the time) to ask her not to as I thought I was being a welcoming host.

Has anyone encountered anyone with more brass neck than that?

tinpotted Sun 05-May-13 00:22:26

I have one, as a single mum about 6 years ago, I had cut back for a few weeks to pay a fortune in babysitting fees to go to a friend's birthday karaoke in London. I took the train and had a return ticket.

Afterwards, my friend and her partner, her sister and sister's partner saw me walking to the train station and said I should share their taxi. I said I had a train ticket already (obviously not outright wanting to state that I couldn't pay for a taxi). The karaoke place was in zone 1 and we lived in zone 6, so a taxi would be at least 50 quid. Anyway, they insisted I go with them, and off we went.

My friend and her partner were being dropped off on the way in zone 4, and the sister and her partner lived in my town, nearly a mile from me. We drop friend off, and because it was her birthday, the sister's bf says 'oh, don't worry, we'll cover your taxi as it's your bday'. Off she goes, happy as Larry and then I started feeling an anxious pit in my stomach as the ramifications were starting to hit me.

We are about 5 mins away, when we get a call from my friend - 'oh our babysitter needs to be dropped off'. Off we go back in the taxi to get the babysitter who lives close to us as well. So we're now adding another tenner at least. I had my back to the meter so couldn't be absolutely sure.

Cutting a long story short(er) the taxi ended up being 75, and when we get to their stop (before my place) the boyfriend shoves 40 at me and cheerfully says goodnight. I was absolutely floored and too cowardly to say anything. The sister did look a bit shamefaced.

I had to get the taxi driver to drive to the nearest cash point which was luckily about 300m away, draw out 40 quid as I felt I had to give a tip, and walk another mile home.

I never told my friend, but I could never look at her sister in the same light again, and they broke up shortly afterwards. That evening ended up costing me 110 quid in train ticket, taxi, 1 drink plus babysitting. (And I sang like shit smile)

StealthOfficialCrispTester Sun 05-May-13 09:33:52

oh that is crap! People doing you a 'favour' you actually do not want, and in your case costing you a hell of a lot of money. When in fact you'd probably preferred to get the train, using the ticket you'd already paid for. And yet I bet they were proud of doing you a favour angry
And, not wanting to add fuel to the fire, sounds like you'd have been home a hell of a lot quicker on the train too??

ChasedByBees Sun 05-May-13 09:57:39

That makes me feel really angry for you timpotted. I don't think your friend was faultless either accepting her 'free' taxi ride.

Boomerwang Tue 07-May-13 19:18:40

Prior to today I would have said that nobody has pulled a cheeky fast one on me but I've just found out that a load of toys I had donated to the church play group have been taken home by my SIL for her new baby.

I had offered her first refusal on all of them before I'd donated them. She pretty much stole from children and that's how I'm going to see it when I bring up the subject with her soon.

MamaLazarou Thu 16-May-13 18:34:01

Brilliant thread! Well done, everyone.

Not half as cheeky as some on here, but... My sister has a really obnoxious friend called Anne. Anne has a Vax-style carpet-shampooer. My sister borrowed it, returned it, no problems there. But Anne told my sister that she should buy her a new bottle of carpet shampoo to make up for the one she has used... and that she should also buy her another bottle of shampoo as payment for borrowing it.

Once, Anne went really quiet and hardly spoke to my sister for a few weeks. This was pretty hard to avoid, as they have kids in the same class at school, lots of mutual friends and live on the same estate. One day, they met at a mutual friend's house and, when the friend was out of the room, Anne pulled out a long list she had written of things that she didn't like about my sister. I can't remember most of them now, but one of the items on the list was that my sister puts too many things in her washing machine.

SixPackWellies Thu 13-Jun-13 11:18:11

Aah have just come back to this thread!

Yesterday I was out with a mum I have just met at a toddler group, and we were wandering around the shops together after having coffee. Went into a charity shop. She picked up a couple of items, and took them to the counter and the total amount was about £4.00.

Reader, she actually HAGGLED at the charity shop! She was intense about it. This item had a mark on it. Could she get a discount for buying multiple items etc.

Finally, the shop agreed she could have the stuff for £3.50 and she waltzed out grinning from ear to ear and said 'I DO love to bargain'.

In a charity shop. My jaw dropped. She's not poor either. Spent the time over coffee telling me how she and her DH own 3 rental properties outright in Fulham and how sorry she was for me who has a mortgage on my flat as it is so stressful having to pay it off.

[thinks- maybe i'd pay my mortgage off quicker if I haggled too.....]

themidwife Mon 01-Jul-13 22:36:44

I've got one! An ex (very ex now) friend, her DH & DS aged 6 months at the time came to stay. I gave them the master bedroom & ensuite, set up a travel cot for them, cooked them a lovely dinner & slept in the single bed in my DD's nursery who was about 3 months old. I was a single parent with 2 older DSs & was struggling on my own. They had visited to "give me some support". At 2am I woke to the sound of ex friend shrieking "stop telling me what to do!" at her husband while their baby screamed the house down. My DCs were woken up & it took me ages to settle them again. 6am my DD wakes for the day. Sheepish friend's DH emerges with his DS so I make him coffee & breakfast. Eventually at 9am I really need to get some clean clothes etc out of my bedroom so I make ex friend coffee & gently knock on the door asking to come in. She opens the door barks "not now midwife, I need to catch up on my sleep" & slams my own bedroom door in my face. Further similar incidents occurred & I dumped her in the end!

Thepursuitofhappiness Wed 03-Jul-13 23:11:08

We hosted a dinner party. Friend had brought some cheap plonk. He drank copious amounts of our (much nicer...) wine throughout the evening and stayed over at our house.

In the morning asked us whether we minded if he took the wine he brought back home with him as it hadn't been drunk. What can you say to that (he's usually lovely)? He took his cheap wine back home with him...

ZingWidge Sat 20-Jul-13 13:58:06

ZingWidge Sat 20-Jul-13 14:36:16

our lovely neighbour, let's call her Doris passed away in February. we loved her dearly, been neighbours, then friends for over a decade. still miss hersad
a week later her sons and one of her DIL (say Sue) came to clear out the house.
we are good friends, I was helping them clear out so had witnessed this
woman who was kind of friends with D ( but loathed by both sons) came over and ask Sue's DH what he will do with Doris's car, because she wants it, always had an eye on it and couldn't he just give it to her!!!

WTAF? shock angry

He was furious but still managed to say that he will have to sell it to pay for his mum's funeral, if that's okay.
to which Vulture Woman replied : "but Doris told me she put money aside for that! so can I have the car?"

I don't know what to class that behaviour.
Doris's grieving family emptying their dead mother's house was so heartbreaking even for me to watch and take part. 90% of her life's possessions in a skip.
and the actual grief of loosing her, she was not even buried yet.

I don't know how someone can be so insensitive and selfish to then just come over and demand a car..

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Sat 20-Jul-13 17:25:43

About 10 years ago we were moving back to the UK after a stint working abroad.
We had organised international house movers for all our stuff. A colleague of my DH asked if we could take a few things back in the container for her. I was reluctant, I'd never met her and I thought she was taking the piss.

DH is a total pushover and thought there was no harm in it so agreed.
The morning of the move, her and her friends proceeded to deposit a whole apartments worth of stuff into our lounge. Everything; double beds wardrobes, lounge furniture, clothes.
I was fucking furious, my DH would do anything to avoid a confrontation so didn't say anything to her. When I saw her trying to bring in all her white goods in I told her she was taking the piss and we wouldn't take those too. Her face was shock
I seemed to be the only one who had a problem with it, not only was I pregnant at the time and unpacking and separating her stuff from ours in our new home but it took her weeks to collect her stuff. I had to pester her constantly, she kept saying she had a lovely gift for us by way of thanks. Turned out lovely gift was a £20 note hmm

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Sat 20-Jul-13 17:45:02

Another one:
We had house sitters a couple of months ago, a family.

No money changes hands, they look after our house and pets and in return live in the villa for three weeks. Our pets are very easy to care for and they get to use the pool and hot tub etc. It's a win win situation.

We've had house sitters before so we always leave very clear instructions on how to use things etc. We'd just had a party before the house sitters arrived so we had lots of left over soft drinks and alcohol that hadn't been opened. I explained to them they could have some of the soft drinks if they wished because we wouldn't drink it all.
On our arrival back home we realised not only had they drank all the soft drinks they had drank all our booze and eaten all the food in the house too - not part of the deal. To add insult to injury the house was messy and our pet was sick.
They asked for a reference soon afterwards and I refused, the bloody cheek of them.

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Sat 20-Jul-13 17:48:19

This thread is brilliant but it reminds me to be cautious of those who ask a lot, they usually are the most unappreciative. These types of people are nothing but trouble and are completely different from friends who lean on each other occasionally.

ZingWidge Sat 20-Jul-13 17:58:36


with good friends it's a two way street.

missesjellybean Sat 20-Jul-13 18:08:45

ut oh a mil mil came to my first home with dh and asked if she could bake a cake....I assumed it was for me and was all grin grin grin yeah no probs.....she then took the cake round to dh's exgf and stayed at her house having tea and cake...we lived 3 hours away from her and she wanted dh's exgf to have a nice fresh cake!
I resisted spitting in her dinner when she came back later on angry

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Sat 20-Jul-13 18:56:31

Haha what a cow misses I've just remembered a MIL one now too.

PIL divide up their summers between seeing us in France and BIL in the US. We both usually pay for their flights, all food, drink, meals and trips out. PIL use it as a way to save money but it costs us a packet. MIL spends her whole time moaning that she doesn't get treated special enough and to please remember they are on holiday hmm

BIL had some air miles this year so suggested to MIL that he use those so would book them the red eye. MIL was outraged at the thought of a night flight and insisted that he book with a different airline so she could have a day flight. Obviously this meant over a $1000 dollars to BIL, when he gently pointed this out to MIL she said 'you obviously don't love me' and hung up on him.
Funnily enough she got her own way.

FriskyHenderson Sat 20-Jul-13 20:23:24

My SIL. Oh the stories. Insists on taking MIL shopping so MIL can pay for petrol/lunch/tolls. Asks what time we are eating (in a way that you might think is so she doesn't disturb you but is really so she can show up in time for the meal. Invites herself along to any gathering and usually leaves her DC as she "just pops" out somewhere. Never pays if it's a meal out and never brings anything to a meal in. Will turn up at 9am and say "we'll go home for our tea" - subtext being her expectation to be fed lunch.

She's banned from staying here after inviting BIL and kids over when DC3 was a week old. They stayed for 4 nights and never lifted a finger. Their bedtime routine with DN was to unplug the bedside lamps and shut the door, leaving DC in a strange dark room to cry to sleep. In the morning they slept in until 9.30, despite their DC being up at 6.30. When DN went into their bedroom, they were yelled at to go away. They popped out to various places (when not being waited on hand and foot) and left us with the 5DC. They had free tickets to a local attraction and SIL stripped our kitchen for picnic lunch and tea and then boasted how it had been a cheap day for them. And BIL is always on a stupid diet and doesn't eat any food with a sauce. And did I mention DC3 was a week old? They just seemed to think it was a free holiday with free food, free maid service and free babysitting.

It wouldn't be quite so bad but in ten years, she's made me 1 cup of tea at her house and that was after a long stand off grin

MariaLuna Sun 21-Jul-13 00:47:03

This thread is great and has brought back a memory.

Years ago I used to work with a guy from South America. We got on really well and had a ONS.
He went back to live in Ibiza and after a year returned to tie up some lose ends.

Stayed in my house. "Make yourself at home" I said (as you do).

Next day came in from work and he was entertaining two of his friends in my living room, having helped themselves to booze and food from the fridge...
They were even put out when I asked them to go out as I needed "quiet time" hmm

He left the next day and have not heard from him since - what a surprise! grin

The Mexican House story made my jaw drop!

MariaLuna Sun 21-Jul-13 00:51:31

I did hear the S.A.'n ended up in Mexico! Maybe looking for houses he can "make himself feel at home in"!! grin

Wahla Sun 21-Jul-13 12:13:15

The Mexican house story is stuff of legends! I wouldn't believe it except we had our own cheeky fecker who pushed things over the edge into 'unreal' territory.

Context : When I was pregnant with DS1, we lived in a very small one bed flat in the centre of London. DH and I were working all the hours God sent to save for a deposit on a house.

DH had recently got back in contact with his childhood friend whom he hadn't seen in almost 20 years. His friend lives in France with his wife and DH had been out to see him once but I couldn't go, so had never met them. So one day DH gets a phone call from his friend asking him if his SIL (so the sister of his wife) could come and stay with us for a couple of weeks. She is a lady in her 50's and lives in Algeria. She used to holiday in France with them each year but had been refused a visa because she had tried to apply for an extended visit and they had refused her altogether because they thought she may be planning on staying permanently. She wanted to come to London to sightsee and get away from the summer heat in Algeria. DH told them that we weren't home a lot and she would have to fend for herself and they said that was fine, she just needed a base and she would be no bother.

After consulting me, DH says it's fine and his friend says 'well, actually she might be staying for 3 weeks, is that ok?'. I was a bit hmm about this as we really had a very small flat and she would be on the inflatable bed in the living room. I wasn't overly thrilled about having a stranger in my home for that length of time but DH explained that it was customary in his culture to go for extended holidays and it would be costing a lot for her to travel and anyway, she is planning on spending a week up north with a family she knows, so would only be at ours for a couple of weeks. We were hardly there so I thought 'ok, what the hell' - big mistake!

She arrived and very quickly started to get on my tits. I had arranged the weekend off to greet her and spend some time orientating her; showing her how the buses, tube worked getting her travel card set up etc. I had printed off a load of info on different attractions and had expected to just leave her to it but it soon became evident that she was expecting me to look after her the whole time she was there. One thing she would do was sit outside the bathroom door on a morning, waiting for me to come out and as I did she would pounce on me and want me to go over some of the info I had given her. It wouldn't matter if I was dripping wet and in a towel (which I pointed out to her on a number of occasions), she would just say "yes, but if I let you get dressed, you will just go to work". Which was true but was irrelevant because the info that she wanted me to go over was always the same info that we had spent a couple of hours going over the night before. She wouldn't let me watch the telly or chill out, I had to spend my time looking after her as she was "lonely, spending all day on her own and she had thought that I was going to take time off to spend with her" - I don't know you, you loon. I didn't invite you! Bugger off.

She also continually complained about feeling faint because she wouldn't eat until I got in - she expected me to cook for her. I was working really long hours neither DH would be home before 9 most days. We would have eaten whilst out so I had stocked the fridge for her and told her to help herself. I had also cooked some meals and put them in the freezer for her to defrost and eat at will but she refused to do so. She would lecture me on her customs and how the host should cook for and eat with their guests, how as the women, I should make sure I was home to cook for her and my husband angry. At first I would make food for her but in the end I would come home and go straight to bed just to get away from her. Oddly, she managed to start being able to fend for herself.

She was irritating but I just kept thinking "She'll be gone soon" and clenched my teeth.

After a couple of weeks of being with us, it became evident that she was not in fact going up North. When I brought this up with her she told me that she had planned on going to see a family that she used to go and stay with a number of years ago but when she had phoned the man had told her that he couldn't talk right then as they were busy and he would call back - he never called back and they never answered the phone again. She told me that her visits with them had had to stop because the wife had died suddenly and it wasn't appropriate for her to visit alone but that she had heard that the man had remarried so had thought that she could resume visits. DH and I are convinced that the first wife is alive and kicking and it was the only excuse they could find to MAKE HER GO AWAY!

By this time, I was doing my nut. The way she spoke, ate, breathed drove me to distraction but DH wasn't so bothered (probably because she follow him round like a fucking dog). That soon changed though.

I was at work one day and DH phoned me and said "There's a surprise for you when you get home". He wouldn't elaborate and I was hoping that she had packed her bags and gone. This was not the surprise. When I got home there was a French teenager avec luggage in my living room. DH told me that he had had a phonecall mid morning from his friend's Bil asking him to go and pick his son up from the airport. To cut a long story short, this woman had told her sister to send her nephew over to us for the summer. Her sister was having problems with him lazing around and doing nowt so they had decided between them that we could look after him for the summer and DH would find him a job and I would teach him English! Not only that, this woman then threw a hissy fit because we refused to change sleeping arrangements. She was expecting that she would come and sleep in our bed with me (ewewewew) and DH would sleep in the livingroom with the boy. Erm no - you invited him, you sleep with him. She wailed and cried over this but DH stood firm (cos he knew I knew would have divorced him otherwise, she only showered every three or four days and I had pregnancy dog nose). The lad hung around for a couple of weeks eating McDonalds and downloading porn onto our PC. There were many rows but eventually his parents bought him a ticket and he flew home.

She however, was still there. Three weeks had been and gone and I inquired several times about when she was going back but she was very evasive about it. Eventually I got DH to interrogate ask her and we found out that she had changed her ticket so that she would be staying for a total of 9 weeks! 9, aneurysm inducing, weeks!! I went ballistic and told her she had to change it back and she refused saying she couldn't. DH eventually made her do it but she was still going to be staying for another couple of weeks which would in total make her stay just over 6 weeks.

During this time my best friend was getting married and I was to be bridesmaid. She cried for the whole weekend (so she said) because DH and I went to the wedding in Wales without her. She told me she was very offended that I didn't take her and introduce her to my family. Well boo-fucking-hoo fruitcake. Count your blessings cos if I hadn't of had that break, I may well have snapped and throttled your scrawny neck!

In the last few weeks I did my best to avoid being in her company but when I was she would go on and on about how much she loved me, how I was like a daughter to her and how sad her life had been that she had never been married and had children. She kept going on and on about how blessed I was to be having a baby and how she felt like it was her baby too hmm shock. She then started to ask me about weird stuff like 'how would you go about finding a husband in the uk' and could I put up adverts in the local mosque for a husband for her?! When I asked her what the fecking hell she was on about she told me her PLAN. She had decided that she wanted to come and live with us permanently, that I would find her a man to marry to enable her to stay in the country but she would not live with him, she would live with us and look after our baby so that I could go back to work. She saw nothing wrong with this and just kept going on about how lovely it would be for her to finally have 'her own baby to bring up' and how great it would be for us as we wouldn't have to pay her, just give her some spending money and DH could be sure that his child was being brought up properly. angry shock angry shock.

Yeah, that didn't happen. You'll be surprised to learn that all her subsequent requests for the formal invites she needs for a visa were stoically ignored. I wouldn't even talk to her on the phone for years afterwards especially after I found out that she had manipulated my DH into paying for a credit card bill that she had racked up shopping (which incidentally is all she wanted to do when she was here - she didn't bother going to 90% of the places I had researched for her). It was almost a grand and we were saving hard to get out of the shit hole we were living in, I was beside myself and it took a while for me to forgive DH.

Crazy bitch

ZingWidge Sun 21-Jul-13 12:25:59

Wahla that's the longest post I've seen so far!

I'll read it now...wink

greenfern Sun 21-Jul-13 12:28:57

OMG wahla you must have had the patience of a saint. I would have firstly booted her out and then my husband.

Hopefully you have learnt a lot through the situation and not be taken in again.

Some people have such a brass neck.

MariaLuna Sun 21-Jul-13 13:17:49

She applied for a job at the firm I was working at. My boss showed me her CV. SHE HAD COPIED MY INTERESTS! She had no hobbies except shagging married men whilst I played sports/involved in trade committee etc. She had lifted all my interests into her CV.

Another memory:

I was working in HRM at a well-known NGO (non governmental organisation) so one of my jobs was to sort out CVs that would come in by the 1000's.

One day I recognised a name. It turned out to be the wife of a previous boss in another company, who was on the board of directors.

On her "previous jobs" (she was a SAHM - nothing wrong with that!) she claimed to have been on "the board of directors at XX company" (her husband's).


coco87 Sun 21-Jul-13 15:48:54

Wahla - I think your story may have trumped Mexico man shock!

Wahla Sun 21-Jul-13 17:29:35

greenfern - We've always had a bit of an open house philosophy about guests however we are much more firm about arrangements and the 'rules' of our home now. It was a tough lesson but to fair to both DH and I, you really can't predict such total and utter lunacy. That pathological sense of entitlement is just not something you can ever comprehend until you see it.

I think DH paid the money to get rid of her. He was fearful of his baby being born in prison whilst I was serving out a life term for brutally murdering her. I do think I might have had a shot at diminished responsibility mind grin.

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