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To pelt my cakes at this mum's head in the playground this afternoon? <fume>

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MarmaladeTwatkins Wed 27-Mar-13 13:00:29

The school are having a cake sale tomorrow and have BEGGED for donations of cakes. They have been Facebooking about how desperate they are all week as they want to make a dent in the £12,000 target needed for some new play equipment in the playground. One might think that flogging cakes at 30 pee each is not the way to make a dent but that's another thing...

I am pushed for time this week but I thought I could do some cornflake easter nests with some mini eggs on top as a quick alternative to baking and frosting two dozen fairy cakes. So I went out and bought the stuff (which I reckon cost more than they will get from the sales tbh) Then I replied to one of the FB begging messages saying "I will bring some cornflake easter nests tomorrow, will have about 40" Then one of the PTA wimmin replied "Ha ha! That's great but be prepared to take most of them home as they don't sell as well as real cakes."

Fuck. You. Bitch.


Thumbwitch Fri 29-Mar-13 17:21:31

Hurrah! Bring out the cuntbunting to celebrate! Lemon drizzle cake and chocolate krispies all round!

KoalaFace Fri 29-Mar-13 17:28:48

Hurray! Well done Marm, LDCunt and all MN cake abusers.

I am making cakes later to take to DM's tomorrow for after lunch.

If I punch my own cakes is it like self harm?

LadyMaryQuiteContrary Fri 29-Mar-13 17:34:30

They sell rice crispie cakes in Waitrose don't 'ya know. grin

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Fri 29-Mar-13 18:08:15

Hurrah for HQ and their wise descision <licks boots>

Cup of tea and a slice of lemon drizzle cake anyone? wink

Sunnywithshowers Fri 29-Mar-13 19:33:38


DisAstrophe Fri 29-Mar-13 19:52:54

grin smile I'm so pleased this thread will be preserved for posterity - increases the chances that one day ldc will stumble across it wink

TastesLikePanda Fri 29-Mar-13 20:13:27

I was in a well known coffee chain earlier and they were selling rice crispie nests, complete with mini eggs, for £1.50.

£1 frickin 50p!

They were quite big but still...?

Seminyak Fri 29-Mar-13 22:14:53

Good decision MNHQ.

Have adored this thread!! Please may I join you on your Wholefoods Cake Punching trip?? This coming from someone who MAKES cakes for Wholefoods...

Need some cuntbunting.

PomBearWithAnOFRS Fri 29-Mar-13 22:44:33

OO OO We could have a synchronised cake punch - all the MNers could gather, wearing the scarf or some other signal, and at a pre-arranged time we could all PUNCH at once, rocking the Earth on its axis and averting Global Warming and/or the New Ice Age and saving the world as we go...
We would then have to buy the punched cakes obviously, as goodness knows how many pounds worth of damage we would do, but we could Bear Them Home In Triumph like Lucasta in a "with your cake or on it moment and post pics to each other, and then we could eat the remains, washed down with a naice cup of Earl Grey, hot gin

stealthsquiggle Sat 30-Mar-13 00:55:41

Seminyak - really? Please tell me that involves the use of slave child labour? [hopeful]

ZebraOwl Sat 30-Mar-13 11:10:20

Have had to read this over the course of several days because RL has been getting in the way of MNing (one of the things in the HellMix is my sodding "smart" phone having decided it doesn't believe in the internet unless there is WiFi so I couldn't make use of the four hour journey from London to Soton yesterday to catch up) and am so very pleased it's been put into classics because it is A Thing Of Beauty & thus deserves to get to be A Joy Forever.

Am terribly tempted to go on a cake-punching spree to cheer myself up. I would target the cakes that taunt me with their delicious appearance ("look at me, I am clearly delicious & make all who eat me deliriously happy... but you shall never know this joy, because I would Kill You Dead bwahahahahahahaha!") as I have decided cake-punching is in fact a Public Service because it will mean the smooshed cakes have to be reduced in price which will allow people who could not otherwise afford it to enjoy them. Yes.

Ooooh, cake-punching as a form of protest: like a delicious version of Anonymous? Obviously Marmalade would be our Shadowy Leader with a lair festooned with cunt-bunting & other Subversive Soft-Furnishings. In the videos where she addresses the world she could wear a cornflake-cake mask. grin

LDC has behaved v badly: shocking example to set the kiddlies (just typing that was painful, ugh) in a variety of ways. I think the HT should really have told her off for Not Sharing Nicely when she didn't let you & the PTA Chair have some scrambled lemon. I like to think the influx of cornflake cakes was indeed a show of solidarity/anti-LDC feeling. When this thread becomes part of the inevitable feature film about the meteoric rise of the Cunt Bunting Industry there will be a montage of cornflake-cake making scenes while Something Suitable (possibly "Do You Hear The People Sing?" from Les Mis) swells to a dramatic crescendo & we see a procession of cornflake cakes being carried into the school & set out on table after table, the section ending with Marmalade leaping onto the table & grinding the LDC underfoot as she strikes a dramatic pose...

Blatherskite Sat 30-Mar-13 11:10:27

We made cornflake cakes yesterday. Topped with mini eggs or mini creme eggs and sprinkles.

They are gooooood grin

Thumbwitch Sat 30-Mar-13 11:21:09

I made mine today! Was out buying chopped peel for home-made speltflour hot cross buns, and thought "I know, I'll get stuff for chocolate crispies as well!"
Only did 100g chocolate --> 10 cakes, but DS1 isn't keen and we're leaving for the UK in a few days so I didn't want to do too many.

100g dark chocolate, 1 tsp butter and as many flakes as I could coat in the stuff - yum!

RubyGates Sat 30-Mar-13 11:41:57

The local Hobbycraft was hosting a charity event for the hospice and they had Beautiful cupcakes with sparkles and butterflies for 50p each! But they had no crispie nests. sad

The cakes were too pretty to kick. I'll have to make my own.

hobnobsaremyfave Sat 30-Mar-13 12:03:46

I have just been in Hobbycraft in Cardiff and they had beautiful cupcakes too.

captainmummy Sat 30-Mar-13 12:13:24

Kiddlies??? Is there supposed to be a L in there? Kiddies is bad enough - it doesn't need an L as well.

I bought a swiss-roll type thing the other day, 'enrobed' in solid chocolate. I suggest punching one of those; they crack very satisfactorily, like the chocolate on a magnum ice cream.

MrsDeVere Sat 30-Mar-13 14:56:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katisha Sat 30-Mar-13 16:18:54

Yes anything claiming to be enrobed in chocolate deserves to be punched.

RubyGates Sat 30-Mar-13 16:24:40

Mrs De Vere I live in Edmonton which I think is kind of (ish) near you
<rubbish memory>
I'm actually at the MIL's in Thanet today though.

RubyGates Sat 30-Mar-13 16:32:38

Yep, anything "Enrobed" in chocolate deserves to be punched hard and then, and only then, eaten.

MarthasHarbour Sat 30-Mar-13 16:38:44

New to this thread <twirls> and in a bit of a hurry so i have mainly read the OP posts.

Bestest.thread.ever. [bugrin}

Has anyone done a search on NetHuns for the anti-AIBU 'AIBU to be weally weally upset by a bitchy mum at the school usurping my position as PTA Uber Mum?'

grin grin

MarthasHarbour Sat 30-Mar-13 16:39:09

smiley fail - grin

MrsDeVere Sat 30-Mar-13 17:58:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubyGates Sat 30-Mar-13 18:15:57

Ikea is my second home wink
I can be found there most Thursday mornings for breakfast.

Seminyak Sat 30-Mar-13 18:58:10

Stealth - yes really! Only 2 of us in our kitchen and both adults, sorryyyy! [Smile] Although we don't make ALL of their cakes, they have loads of suppliers, so who knows!!

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