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A plea for help in finding this Maileg Mouse!

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LittleEsme Tue 26-Mar-13 20:38:42

I can't bear it any longer!
DD7 lost her dear, much loved Maileg Mouse on our camping trip last year in France. She broke her heart and even tonight, we had some tears (she's also tired and strung out with tonsillitis, so very much run down). I've attempted many times to find a replacement online but no luck. They do still sell them, but with varying themes and styles.

DD's mouse looks very much like this one, but a browny mouse with brown/faun clothes instead of pink. I've searched everywhere and my only hope really is ebay so I keep checking. The other hope is that someone out there has one that's sitting and not really adored, and is willing to sell it to me!

OrchidFlakes Fri 03-May-13 22:05:40

Now I hate the bank holiday... More days to wait to heart about the reunion as I doubt delivery will happen ove the holiday grrrrr

MN is a wonderful thing as is Esme for making this happen for her DD xxx

Sayitdontsprayit Fri 03-May-13 23:26:56

<marks place> anxiously waiting for an update! Such a touching story! We need a detailed update of DDs reaction!

2008Emma Sat 04-May-13 13:51:01

maybe you could photoshop her into some travels documenting her journey & pop them all together in a book. Think she certainly needs a passport for sure! I was very concerned when our mouse returned for a months of being awol and DD announced that Miss Mouse was going to go to South Africa soon - GULP!!! xx

Fabia21 Tue 07-May-13 14:13:08

Yippee, I've just checked the order tracking details and its out for delivery today. Fingers crossed new Matilda mouse will be meeting her old friend soon, just wish I was a fly on the wall to see the little girls face when she sees her, that moment will be priceless. I'm just so glad I had saved this mouse, she was obviously destined for this important mission smile.

CajaDeLaMemoria Tue 07-May-13 14:22:02

Cor this got me all emotional, what a lovely thread smile

I hope the reunion happens today, it sounds like it'll mean a lot to your little girl.

stealthsquiggle Tue 07-May-13 14:25:51

Marking my place for news of Mouse reunion. So glad you found her, Faye. I live in dread of one of our much-loved animals getting lost.

Kyrptonite Tue 07-May-13 14:30:47

Awww this is lovely.

And makes me want to buy DD a mouse in a box grin

kneedeepindaisies Tue 07-May-13 14:39:18

Marking my place too whilst wiping my eyes

You are all lovely people. I can't wait to hear how LittleEsme's daughter reacts smile

stealthsquiggle Tue 07-May-13 14:54:56

Me too, Kryptonite - although I have already made very similar mice for my DC. DS's mouse wants cricket whites. Guess what I will be doing tonight grin? [sniff]

LittleEsme Wed 08-May-13 17:35:50

The mouse has arrived after a failed attempt yesterday.

My heart did a flip when the delivery man rolled up.

I'll keep you posted. DH had forbidden me to do anything til he gets home.

<sweaty nervous hands>

LentilAsAnything Wed 08-May-13 17:56:38

Enjoy the mousey joy!

GoodbyePorkPie Wed 08-May-13 18:50:21

What a thread. I appear to have something in my eye...

TheFogsGettingThicker Wed 08-May-13 21:02:27

Waiting eagerly for updates

<lives in fear of much-loved (and v difficult to replace) toys going missing>

motherofvikings Wed 08-May-13 21:15:01

Eeeeeek! smile

I've been watching this thread recently and can't wait to hear how the reunion went! grin

TheFutureMrsB Wed 08-May-13 21:38:00

I so wish there was a happy crying smiley too add here! Aw this is so lovely!

TheFutureMrsB Wed 08-May-13 21:38:20

Or that should be to add here!

EauRouge Thu 09-May-13 10:17:53

Any update, OP? I'm dying to hear the reunion story!

HolgerDanske Thu 09-May-13 18:40:52

This thread has made my day! Can't wait for happy ending smile

MimsyBorogroves Thu 09-May-13 18:51:48

A lovely story!

Marking place for the end.

This, this is what makes MN so important.

Jacaqueen Thu 09-May-13 19:15:42

Oh for goodness sake! Threads like this should carry a warning that you will need a hankie.

Lovely story.

stealthsquiggle Fri 10-May-13 22:53:54

I want to know. I hope it didn't go badly sad.

CoffeePleaseSir Fri 10-May-13 23:01:45

What an amazing thread smile

LittleEsme Sat 11-May-13 21:16:52

So sorry for the delay! DH's car is a goner after it was rear-ended Wednesday night by a white van man on his mobile phone. The great unveiling was delayed until last night, but it was perfect.

True to her word Fabia21's parcel arrived and when I opened it, it was beautiful. Fabia - I had to unwrap it but can I just say that the love and care you put into wrapping that little Mouse left me and DH very close to tears. You and your daughter are magnificent.

I'd bought a little Maileg suitcase, ready for the arrival home, and a tiny nightie which I placed into the case, along with a little shell (DD is a little collector of shells and we spend many a happy afternoon looking for pretty ones on our local beach). Also into the case went a tiny little wooden rabbit that Fabia21's daughter thoughtfully put into the parcel. Then I covered the whole lot with a tiny blanket crocheted (sp?) by my MIL.

Last night, we were all sat around the kitchen table eating dinner. I'd asked my lovely neighbour to creep up and place little Mouse by the front door, knock gently then run away. But what actually happened was this:-

I'd forgotten to close the blinds in the kitchen bay window so lovely neighbour had to crawl, commando style to place little mouse on the case, on the doormat, before knocking and crawling away. In his attempt to reach to the door and knock, he kicked a load of milk bottles over, so naturally, he just scarpered. The sound of the bottles startled us and DD dashed to the door, flung it open and.... silence. Just silence. There she saw little Mouse, sitting on her full suitcase, with a luggage label tied to the handle (one that I'd written in scrawl with my left hand hehe - "How I've missed you, LittleEsme's DD. I've enjoyed exploring and making new friends, but I missed you too much to stay away for longer. Now, I just want to curl up and sleep. I'm so glad to be home.").

So, she just stood there, staring and open mouthed. I wish I'd photographed it - she was stunned. She eventually scooped her up and went to sit in the lounge quietly. I felt a little bit of an anti-climax to be honest since I was expecting yelling and running around, but when I sat with her, I could just see the tears rolling down her face. Real tears of happiness. I've said this before, but I really mean it when I say that it was the stuff dreams are made of.

So, the little case is on her bedside table, with the post-cards propped against it. Matilda mouse is back in DD's hand, firmly clutched and firmly found. She has not parted with her, at all. Even in the bath, the Mouse is sat on the windowsill. In sleep, she's clutched in her hand. Please have a look at my pics - I've posted two photo's for you all to see.

DD seems to have automatically assumed that the milk bottles being knocked over were either by little mouse herself/magic/a shy friend of the little mouse/doesn't particularly care - she's just thrilled to have her back. I'm not focusing on this to be honest, I'm just so pleased that there is 'magic' in DD's life! In time to come, I'm not sure what to say. Perhaps be truthful - I'll print out this thread since it's come to mean so much to me. The threads of human kindness and decency that reach out are just amazing. Maybe, I'll just let it become another mystery. We'll have to see.

Again, everyone on this thread has touched me in more ways than you can imagine. Words of encouragement, suggestions, post-cards being sent, friends in far places being contacted to ask a favour, shops being called into to find a matching mouse, and Fabia21's complete and utter kindness and generosity, not to mention her daughters thoughtfulness and caring nature, all to a stranger and her daughter over the internet, has moved me so much. I thank you all, humbly, but very sincerely.

Thank you.

JackieTheFart Sat 11-May-13 21:20:45

Oh. My. God.

I read through this thread last night, and now I'm crying.

Your daughter will always remember this.

DorisShutt Sat 11-May-13 21:22:43

I appear to have something in my eye now.

So pleased for your DD - and yay! to the power of MNet!

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