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Let's play Mumsnet Monopoly.

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MardyBra Thu 10-Jan-13 15:12:16

I see that they're going to introduce a new monopoly piece. Facebook page here.

What would MN monopoly look like?

Tokens: Mooncup, Gregg's pasty, biscuit, fruitshoot.

Mayfair = MN Towers, of course
The brown set could be Aldi and Lidl.
I vote for Waitrose, Boden and The White Company for the Yellow set.
Free parking would be free parent and toddler parking.
Jail would be Netmums.
What about the stations and utilities?

Chance and Community Chest:
AIBU in your favour. Collect £200.
Go to Netmums. Go directly to Netmums. Do not pass home page. Do not collect a biscuit.
Get out of Netmums free.
It's your birthday. Collect wine from each MNer.
You have won a namechange competition. Collect £200.
Go back to Aldi.
Pay school fees of £15,000.

Feel free to copy and paste/add your own.

Shaky Wed 16-Jan-13 21:31:57

MN cleudo - Xenia on her island with her chequebook

PomBearWithAnOFRS Tue 15-Jan-13 15:35:39

Chance: You immac the baby, miss two turns while washing it off.

Doinmummy Tue 15-Jan-13 00:07:29

Hilarious !

Lady Sharon in the lounge with a dead wasp.

MrsShrek3 Mon 14-Jan-13 23:45:18

double points for fruitshoots wink
also came to ask for the Cod dcrabble spellchecker grin
extra points available for gems like wunk and pombear?

SPsFanjoIsAsComfyAsAOnesie Mon 14-Jan-13 12:51:09

Fanjo, Norks and Naice found in a row gives you Triple points

Oodsigma Mon 14-Jan-13 12:24:06

Would acronyms be accepted?

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Mon 14-Jan-13 11:52:22



Triple points for a thread title.

MurderOfGoths Mon 14-Jan-13 11:40:25

Scrabble could be fun, if you put the same word multiple times then you get extra points for "doing a Chaos"

Oodsigma Mon 14-Jan-13 11:24:46

MNscrabble rules could be interesting. Should we allow iPhone mistakes , cod spelling, pedants corner, who would decide?

MulledWineandScully Mon 14-Jan-13 11:19:17

as a token could we have a dead cat that isn't in fact a dead cat but just a pretend cat?

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Mon 14-Jan-13 10:51:39

Instead of one of the stations, can we have Birdland with a picture of a sad bloke waiting for his date with a penguin.

Forgetfulmog Mon 14-Jan-13 09:56:52

Chance - your cat comes home with a leg of naice ham, some chicken breasts & a string of sausages. Pass go & collect £200 then pay a fine to the owners of said meat

Shaky Sun 13-Jan-13 09:29:29

Chance - you decide to flounce but only get 2 posts on your flounce thread - bugger off and come back 2 days later with your tail between your legs and pretend it never happened, pay the 2 posters on your flounce thread £20 each

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 13-Jan-13 09:18:31

Chance : You cut and posted another posters quote in your post , in order to argue with them . Proceed directly to Netmums and a life of twinkly countdown trackers.

onetiredmummy Sun 13-Jan-13 09:08:33

Post an answer to a thread that is well thought out, relevant & trumps the argument of everybody else. Spend 15 mins typing it out so it can't be misunderstood & your point is clearly made. Click post & the site goes offline. Lose your answer & log off as you can't be arsed to write it all out again. Collect any street of your choosing as its so fucking annoying smile

As tokens, can I add: a cutted up pear, a garlic clove, a skirt with a suspect stain & a splodgy pigeon smile

Shaky Sun 13-Jan-13 08:52:14

<pays £300 fine>

SPsFanjoIsAsComfyAsAOnesie Sun 13-Jan-13 00:50:30

Think we do now Shrek grin

MrsShrek3 Sun 13-Jan-13 00:49:52

do you shake the dice in a mooncup? wink

SPsFanjoIsAsComfyAsAOnesie Sun 13-Jan-13 00:23:21

You think of something brilliant to post and forget. Pay a £300 fine

Shaky Sun 13-Jan-13 00:21:52

I still think that MNopoly is the best though.

I thought of loads today, but I've forgotten them again sad. <goes to bed>

SPsFanjoIsAsComfyAsAOnesie Sat 12-Jan-13 17:04:58

MN Charades

MN Pictionary

MN Uno - Make the rules up yourself as I don't think anyone knows how to play that!

MN Guess Who - PA, Gina, Benedict etc

Foggles Sat 12-Jan-13 14:37:35

Mardy, I don't think anything is going to top your genius invention of Mnopoloy.

Although, I wonder what you might do with some MN themed Snakes & ladders or MN Operation?


MardyBraWouldDoEddieRedmayne Sat 12-Jan-13 14:23:05

I've been trying to think of other board games which could be MNised, but struggling. MNScrabble isn't really cutting it.

littlemisssunny Sat 12-Jan-13 10:07:07

Chance - You called someone Hun go wash your mouth out with soap and water

Chance - you google something from a thread go and buy a vat of bleach and rinse your eyes

SPsFanjoIsAsComfyAsAOnesie Fri 11-Jan-13 23:40:32

<joins Shaky in sulking over missing thread deletions>

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