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Help! My son just touched a working class boy

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fairyfly Thu 30-Mar-06 12:51:18

What shall i wash him with?

CountessDracula Thu 30-Mar-06 12:51:34


CountessDracula Thu 30-Mar-06 12:51:49

or chop off the hand

ggglimpopo Thu 30-Mar-06 12:51:58

Dip him in dettol and take him to the gp for tests

tarantula Thu 30-Mar-06 12:52:28

better make sure its organic bleach though

ggglimpopo Thu 30-Mar-06 12:52:49

Is he talking with a common accent and wiping his nose with the back of his hand - if so, I'd ring nhs direct.

zippitippitoes Thu 30-Mar-06 12:53:00

a good burgundy

fairyfly Thu 30-Mar-06 12:54:09

I've just booked him in the local private hospital for an examintaion, keep your fingers crossed.

FioFio Thu 30-Mar-06 12:54:19

Message deleted

FrannyandZooey Thu 30-Mar-06 12:55:07

Has anything rubbed off on him? I mean like orange dust from the wotsits the boy was having for breakfast, or crumbs from a sausage roll or anything? If so, I would take him to a decontamination chamber. There is bound to be one near you, look in the yellow pages.

MissChief Thu 30-Mar-06 12:55:24

pass the (fragrance free Nature) wipes

Blu Thu 30-Mar-06 12:55:53

Did this happen at school? I'd complain to ofsted, if I were you. This is outrageous.

But on the other hand if you send him to a state school what do you expect? You have to take spme responsibility here.

zippitippitoes Thu 30-Mar-06 12:56:03

by working class do you mean he comes from a family where somebody works, in which case thank your luck stars it's not as bad as it might have been

MissChief Thu 30-Mar-06 12:56:35

smartie stains? white bread crumbs ??

MissChief Thu 30-Mar-06 12:57:04

pass the (fragrance free Nature) wipes

Hausfrau Thu 30-Mar-06 12:57:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissChief Thu 30-Mar-06 12:57:28

maybe it was for "show & tell"?

juliab Thu 30-Mar-06 12:58:33

O my God! He'll be wanting a Fruit Shoot next...

Blu Thu 30-Mar-06 12:59:12

The school probably encouraged him to do it - they're only interested in upping their SATS scores.

CountessDracula Thu 30-Mar-06 13:00:37

ff is there a farm nearby maybe you could pop him in the sheep dip

Kelly1978 Thu 30-Mar-06 13:02:03

give him a sausage roll and shut up.

FioFio Thu 30-Mar-06 13:02:37

Message deleted

MissChief Thu 30-Mar-06 13:02:50

..or a (Nigella recipe) marmite sandwich

harpsichordcarrier Thu 30-Mar-06 13:02:53

good for boosting his natural immunity though
it's excellent practice to allow them to be in contact with dirty things like dogs and cow manure and filthy peasants

MissChief Thu 30-Mar-06 13:03:51

..I can also loan out my cat for contact with fleas/worms/nasty dead things

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