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Ode To Bradley Wiggins

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HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 21-Jul-12 09:05:35


Oh Wiggins, oh Bradley
I love you quite madley
You look tres sexee
In the yellow jersey
Vous etes tres bon
Avant le peloton
With your mates Cav and Froome
To Paris you'll zoom
Do your side burns help you steer?
When you win I will shed a tear.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 22-Jul-12 10:29:34

No way!!!!!!!!!!!!
<goes out to get papers>

Scatterplot Sun 22-Jul-12 11:13:27

Here's a link: Independent on Sunday article

rubyrubyruby Sun 22-Jul-12 11:40:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 22-Jul-12 15:12:07

Back in WiFi land. .

I can't believe it Hassled. I thought they would include your
'He cycled lonely as a cloud' which is some classy prose.

But no, they published the filth.

Be proud girl, you are in print!

Hassled Sun 22-Jul-12 15:26:53

Oh dear God. Why? Why? Why not Talc's "Wiggo, and Wiggo, and Wiggo,
Cycles at his pretty pace from day to day"?

I feel like a muppet.

Bossybritches22 Sun 22-Jul-12 15:29:00

Bradley Wiggins you're so flippin great,

With the riders in Paris you enter in State

Royale, down the Champs Elysees

The Winning trophy is yours today


GO BRADLEY!!! grin

Bossybritches22 Sun 22-Jul-12 15:45:31

Hassled it's OK still cool wink

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 22-Jul-12 16:01:20

You are definately cool Hassled!

Go team Sky!!!!!!

Come on Brad & Cav!

Bossybritches22 Sun 22-Jul-12 16:14:39

HalfMum being a T de F numpty is there anyway Wiggers could be beaten?

If Cav beats him is he still winner on points/times?

Bossybritches22 Sun 22-Jul-12 16:31:23


mayaswell Sun 22-Jul-12 16:37:34

Cav with baby Delilah! Cuteness!

evilgiraffe Sun 22-Jul-12 16:39:13

My heart rate is finally calming down - how brilliant was that?! Mark Cavendish is my new hero, and I am in awe of Bradley Wiggins.

Also, how gorgeous is Cav with his baby girl? So lovely smile

The smile on my face now is huge grin

fanjodisfunction Sun 22-Jul-12 16:43:08

Wiggo Haiku

Looks good in Yellow
fastest in the Peloton
lovely sideburns too

iklboo Sun 22-Jul-12 16:50:29

Bradley, oh Bradley
There's nothing not to likel
Except your name sounds as if
You should be riding a Hovis bike

Your name is purest Wigan
Or Bradford or Salford or Leeds
But that doesn't bloody matter
When you're riding at such speeds

You're truly an amazing rider
You make all the others look pants
Arise Sir Bradley Wiggins
King of the Tour de France

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 22-Jul-12 17:13:01

That was AMAZING!

Brad you are brilliant.
Cav magnificant.
So exciting.
Olympics - bring it on!!!!!!!!

Kids kicking off here as have been ignoring them. Back later...

Soooooo happy now!

TalcAndTurnips Sun 22-Jul-12 18:11:28

Oh, Bravo, Hassled - I have heard that you're now published. grin

Zut alors, Wiggo, je t'aime!

Tu es la crème de la crème

Dans le Monde du vélo


Ton Maillot Jaune est beau

Je voudrais juste un morceau

De ton incroyable talent


Apols for creakiness of schoolgirl French. blush

evilgiraffe Sun 22-Jul-12 18:12:09

I have been reading out your poetry to DH. It has resulted in a rather strange conversation regarding the would you/wouldn't you merits of Brad, Cav, and Froome, and DH asserting that vaseline and chamois cream are not required unless you try to walk any kind of distance while wearing padded shorts.

Well done all for wonderful contributions to cycling literature!

My own addition:

Until 2012, le Tour has passed me by
But I can't help cheering for Team Sky
Their dominance is breathtaking
Heroes in the making
Their shattered foes pile high

Wiggins makes me laugh out loud
"Fucking cunts" - but his mother's still proud
Cav is so exciting, I cheered myself hoarse
Epecially at the end of the Champs Elysees course
What a fabulous show for the crowd!

evilgiraffe Sun 22-Jul-12 18:17:26

(for the record, Cav wins the would you/wouldn't you discussion by quite some way. I am a sucker for twinkly eyes)

Hassled Sun 22-Jul-12 19:02:13

Yes, Cav's smile as he reached the finishing line did warm the cockles of my heart, so to speak.

FriskyMare Sun 22-Jul-12 19:19:21

What an amazing tour for the Brits, maybe not as exciting as last year but who cares!! Woohoo!!

Just one downer....who the hell thought it would be a good idea to let Lesley Bloody Garrett strangle the national anthem? Even Brad looked pained.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 22-Jul-12 19:24:15

Arf at the poetry. Brad's fab as are t'others <cheers>

frostyfingers Sun 22-Jul-12 19:55:48

These are brilliant - why doesn't someone send them to the Sky Team - I'm sure they'd love it?

I can't do the poetry, but I can do the love - I LOVE CAV, he's amazing, and gorgeous, and I LOVE CAV.

BTW, well done Wiggo, you're pretty good too, although I can't be doing with the sideburns I'm afraid. And well done all of the SKY team, one man can't do it alone and I think some of the johnny come lately press don't seem to realise that. It's a team of 9 on the road, and god knows how many behind the scenes. A wonderful 3 weeks, and now I'm bereft.

HalfMum - I'm not far from you and will be heading to Brecon for the Tour of Britain in September, hoping that Cav is there as he was last year, and maybe we'll get Brad and Chris too.

frostyfingers Sun 22-Jul-12 19:58:14

Half - just realised you are a visitor to these parts, sorry! I'm sure they'll be up round Yorkshire too!

evilgiraffe Sun 22-Jul-12 20:15:21

Frisky, yes, the national anthem was a bit painful. Oh well.

Frosty - how would we tell team sky? I imagine tweets would get rather lost in amongst the thousands they must be getting today. I can see Wiggo laughing and Cav being mildly horrified. I think we ALL love Cav.

Speaking of which, did anyone else notice Cav must have been wearing shorter-than-usual shorts? He had comedy tan line stripes on his legs. Maybe DH spending half his life in cycling gear has made these things more obvious to me these days or perhaps I'm just a massive perv

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 22-Jul-12 20:23:49

DH is following team sky on twitter and thinks they will know about the thread but will currently be partying their arses off and spending time with their families etc. but they will know we love them.

Have just got back home.

Thanks frosty, I'm not in Shropshire anymore. Back in Wales. Originally from Yorkshire tho like you said. Will investigate the Tour of Britain sounds good.

I don't know if I can hold my excitement for the Olympic road race on Sat. Soooo brilliant.

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