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Weird things your body does, and you wonder if it happens to others too?

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OHforDUCKScake Thu 19-Jul-12 21:14:02

I know Im not the only one.

I cant even be arsed to name change, here goes.

Nervous fanny.

You know when someone falls - hard and cracks their chin or elbow or whatever, my stomach drops, I get a shot of anxiety that shoots through the pit of my stomach down to my fanny. Right in the middle of my fanny I get a horrible feeling of anxiety.

Its only started in the last few years, its really unpleasant. Its like a bolt of aniexty, and I ONLY get it when someone hurts themselves. Wtf is that all about?

Anyway, what weird shit does your body do? Confess.

McSmoke Sat 15-Feb-14 23:39:13

OohAh...DH gets laryrngospasms, could it be that?

As for the rest...
Javelin arse
Pokey belly button gives me a queasy fanny
Simultaneous pains is far apart areas of body
Punchy urges if brethed in ear
Being scratched a third way down my back is THE most satisfying scratch ever.
Numb area at tip of one shoulderblade.
I hate anyone else clicking joints, but I need to be able to click my own toes when trying on new shoes. If I can't click, then I can't buy them, no way jose!

MissHobart Sun 16-Feb-14 11:27:01

Ooh, I have a belly button fanjo link!! I thought it was just me! grin

astreveca Fri 02-May-14 10:37:12

God I hope this happens to me. I'm size 11.5 I wear men's shoes and Walmart shoes sad on pair of too small heels almost fits me. sad I Hate my feet.

GothyGeisha Sat 03-May-14 20:43:57

YY to migraine aura, javelin arse, delayed bathwater reflux, eyeball pressing lights, period pain down legs, Alice in Wonderland syndrome, Sleeping with the Hag. Does anyone get spine curling type thing when hearing extremely loud music, or aeroplanes flying low, almost an erotic thing. Also have sleeping orgasms, I quite like that!

Mammanat222 Sun 04-May-14 22:38:16

I'm only on page 2 but I have to say I totally get the nervous fanny thing although I have been know to say something "makes my fanny cringe"

Its the only way I can describe it.

I also get the pulled muscle / burning pain that MadamFolly talks about.

God I am only on page 2, how many more dodgy things am I going to have??

Mammanat222 Sun 04-May-14 22:49:01

PS: I only say fanny cringe in polite company - it's not something I just blurt out.

I also get sleep orgasms! They always wake me up (thankfully not DP)

Friedbrain Sun 04-May-14 23:01:32

when.DP cleans her ears with a bud, she coughs, always find this so random, even 9.5 years latershock wink grin grin

Noregretsatall Sun 04-May-14 23:07:41

Several weird things:

Sleep orgasms (love them!)

A 'rain-shaker' noise in my ear,

Crackling ears

Burning hot knees at night only ( have to wedge the duvet between them as its so unpleasant)

Crawling skin- I scratch an itch on my face as though an insect were crawling over it but there's nothing there and it won't go away iyswim...horrid.

Twitchy eyes.

Oodfanjo Sat 07-Jun-14 21:25:56

Do anyone else's eyes water when they poo? Mine do blush

x2boys Thu 12-Jun-14 15:55:33

Glad I have found this thread if I eat beetroot it makes my mouth tingle if the top of my mouth is itchy I do this strange clicking thing with my tongue which scratches it I really like the smell of petrol and turps .

OverAndAbove Fri 13-Jun-14 21:12:42

I've not read the whole thread but I get:

Ear flutter on the left side when I've been drinking. It drives me bonkers. Think it's to do with a blocked tube maybe

Leg jitter in bed - one side only

Numb patch on the top of my back/top of neck. A PP said it may be to do with an epidural, which would make sense

Pain in the back of my heels when I get out of bed - probably from wearing unsuitably high heels

welshnat Thu 19-Jun-14 09:17:50

I haven't read the whole thread but will add my contribution grin

When I clean my ears with a cotton bud my throat goes itchy and I cough/gag. I don't even push deep blush

MrsCosmopilite Sat 28-Jun-14 11:10:30

YY to:
Javelin arse
Phantom drip
Clicky/bubbling knees
Pain in ear
Random sudden pain under ribs alleviated by bracing myself for a deep breath
Sucking up bathwater (but rare now as I shower!)

One thing I've not seen mentioned - sometimes when I get indigestion I feel the pain pretty much all over my body. I'll have awful 'trapped wind' sensations in my shoulders, neck, legs and head. Taking indigestion tablets doesn't work, so it's a case of walking around slowly, sipping warm water. And it only ever happens in the middle of the night.

LollipopViolet Tue 01-Jul-14 21:18:31

My bladder KNOWS when I'm close to the loo.

Seriously, if I'm desperate for a wee, but not in dire need, as soon as I'm in the bathroom/public loo, the urge becomes even greater, by the time I'm near the toilet itself it's surged to the point of fumbling with trousers/underwear in near emergency "if I don't sit on the toilet NOW, I'm going to wet myself!" mode.

What's that all about?

FridayJones Fri 04-Jul-14 13:13:18

If I wait a while to have a wee, my finger tips go numb when I finally let go. I get the same feeling when I have alcohol.
I pushed my belly button inside when I was 12 and panicked for ages it was going to unravel and my insides would fall out.
I get a weird heart thing where it kind of pauses for a couple of beats and my chest feels really full and then it does a big thump about an hour after eating a toasted cheese sandwich. It has put me off cheese toasties a bit.
I do the gleeking, and the scratching one part of the body trigger and itch in the other too.
Sleep orgasms check. Poke belly button to cringe fanny check. Cringed fanny when dd standing at top of slide leaning over edge. Check.

I also have a bizarre allergy but I have RL friends on here who know about it and I don't want to out myself after that lot.

Pipbin Sun 03-Aug-14 22:46:34

Old thread I know but;

yes to nervous fanny,
yes to sleep orgasms,
and yes to bladder knowing when you are near the loo. I might not even think I need a wee until I actually get home but as soon as I get indoors then I am about to wee myself. As a child I thought that my fanjo could see the light and would know it was about to get the chance to wee.

And I sneeze if I look at the sun.

JoanJettPack Sun 03-Aug-14 23:20:55

I've only read about 4 pages in, but yes to nervous fanny, gleeking and javelin arsee.

Also, I get indigestion in my collarbone. It absolutely knackers.

DarylDixonsDarlin Mon 04-Aug-14 01:22:25

Javelin arse...extraordinary sense of smell...Alice in wonderland syndrome, but only when falling asleep, get a sad feeling with it too...and my pelvic floor involuntarily clenches when I see someone I fancy!

Also a 'missing' heartbeat every so often, but this only usually happens when stressed so like palpitations I guess?

And I cannot apply eye make up or put my contact lenses in without having my mouth open as I do it!

DennyDifferent Tue 05-Aug-14 18:05:05

tonsil stones, it's mining sad sad

bluesbaby Fri 08-Aug-14 23:17:31

I haven't had it for ages, but when I was underweight I had it a lot... The feeling of someone suddenly sat on your chest/ribs and you cannot move, I always feel "stuck".

I can't stand having my belly button poked, it feels like my organs are being stroked. Makes me feel sick.

Random pains - permanent long term pain in the outer part of the boob (just one). No idea what it is. Docs weren't interested in checking it out. Very noisy (sometimes painful) jaw - I can hear it move/grind and it's loud! Sounds like sand! Lastly on the pain front - feet. Does anyone else's feet spasm if they over stretch? I have to be very very careful when attempting box split, and a few other sports (may out me cos they're very niche) but includes swimming - pretty dangerous but induces swearing fit and unbearable pain.

I don't get the "alice in wonderland" sydrome but I do get the swimming vortex type thing when I'm falling into sleep. Must e similar I guess. I love the radiating warmth when I get into bed - my legs will automatically heat up the bed to a lovely temp without really doing anything, I get a radiating sensation. Also when I'm ill I tend to hallucinate - the room turns inside out and everything looks weirdly sharp and vulgar. And sort of fast. Like I'm slower than everything else but my eyes are moving quickly. It's horrible. No one else I know gets this but I can't be the only one.

lougle Sat 09-Aug-14 17:31:49

When I have a fright, I get a prickly sensation in my armpits.

BendyMum15 Wed 20-Aug-14 19:50:22

I have hypermobile joint syndrome so all my joints do freaky things. The most obvious are my knees when I'm standing up - they bend backwards and if I stand with straight legs it feels like I'm bending them
I sit so my legs make a w shape.
Yes to nervous fanny and the fanny daggers.
The first few days of breastfeeding I feel really sad/nervous every time baby latches on but then this goes away after a while - guess its hormones.
I hate having my belly button poked and DS loves to poke it.

AdriannaJoleigh Sat 30-Aug-14 09:07:59

I have this tick that happens only when I'm itchy. When I'm itchy, my ear makes this weird vibrating noise. It's so hard to explain. Does anyone else have this? I've asked my friends and family about this and they all say they don't have it. Also, sometimes there's an itch underneath my skin and I can't reach it. What's that about? lol

AdriannaJoleigh Sat 30-Aug-14 09:09:04

Oh and if you push on my belly button I get this sensation to pee LOL

bullinthesea Wed 01-Oct-14 11:03:34

Yes, I get the nervous fanny too, when I'm really scared or freaked out.
I'm so glad you posted this, as I thought it was an odd reaction!

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