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To throw water over a pigeon I've just spray painted?

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threeineachlobe Fri 04-May-12 14:21:16

Stay with me.

Just started to spray paint a fence panel, must have startled poor pidge behind fence as it flapped up maniacally. I had a bit of a scream...whilst holding spray trigger.

Pidge is now half 'oak brown', sitting in tree. Can't quite tell if he's ok, not giving much away with facial expression.

Have googled "accidentally painted a pigeon" with disappointingly unresourceful results.

So, should i just chuck water at it & hope it comes off?? Turps would seem a little extreme.

BBisTitanium Fri 04-May-12 14:44:54

I am actually about to do a laugh-wee! Poor paul maybe the colour will bring out his eyes?

crowface Fri 04-May-12 14:44:56

Balls got that wrong didn't I!! blush grin

Rindercella Fri 04-May-12 14:47:23

Not by me he ain't shock grin

crowface Fri 04-May-12 14:48:15

I'm quite enjoying the surrealness of David Dickinson being mixed in this thread. Someone mentioned if he could fly off he's probably ok. Now expecting to see David Dickinson feeding off my bird table.


GinPalace Fri 04-May-12 14:48:42

Is this him?

He looks a bit shocked to me

threeineachlobe Fri 04-May-12 14:49:05

Oh no AnAirOfHope - do you think there'll be some revenge strike? Am i going to be sytematically pooed on by Pauls's friends and relatives? Will I live in a Hitcock nightmare??

Paul's still there.

Guilty and scared.

InAnyOtherSoil Fri 04-May-12 14:49:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ILikeTrains Fri 04-May-12 14:50:26

I wonder if he'll fly off to join the dog that got thrown up on the other day?

AgentZigzag Fri 04-May-12 14:52:27

. grin at gin

crowface Fri 04-May-12 14:53:36

Oh I missed the dog thread. My husband once pee'd in one of our dogs' eyes though.

Petsinmypudenda Fri 04-May-12 14:54:42

crowface - you must explain how

crowface Fri 04-May-12 14:54:51

*Accidentally. Obviously. Blimey

crowface Fri 04-May-12 14:58:02

Haha, he was marking his territory (every time we walk the dogs it seems that hubby needs to pee) and one of our dogs is rather nosey and went to see what he was up to and ran in front of the stream as it were. I don't know who was more shocked tbh.

you should be fine cos everyone goes to Pauls to poo.

ILikeTrains Fri 04-May-12 14:58:55

can't stop laughing at that....poor dog

PandaWatch Fri 04-May-12 15:00:14

I've been trying so hard not to snort with laughter reading this but crowface has done me in! grin

threeineachlobe Fri 04-May-12 15:01:09

Right, Paul moved branches.

Good sign that he can move, but bad sign if he wanted to move further (away from trigger-happy ol' me) but couldn't because he's covered in feckin paint.

crowface Fri 04-May-12 15:01:10

Yes I laughed rather a lot at the time. It was something in her bemused expression...

redrubyshoes Fri 04-May-12 15:01:47

Ask it if the product does exactly what is says on the tin?

PandaWatch Fri 04-May-12 15:02:45

Exactly how much of Paul has been David Dickinson'd? Can you take a picture?

LimburgseVlaai Fri 04-May-12 15:02:54

Things that happen to dogs: here

EXmrsmascarahead Fri 04-May-12 15:04:16

This has to be one of the best threads of the year, the title alone should qualify it for classics.

hairylemon Fri 04-May-12 15:04:24

I spilled poo

CaptainHetty Fri 04-May-12 15:06:36

The acronym 'PMPL' has never seemed so apt right now. After 3 children and at 4 months pregnant it's beginning to seem a distinct possibility.

Poor Paul...


hairylemon Fri 04-May-12 15:07:02

Gah stupid phone.

I spilled poo on our dog only last week. Was emptying Ds's shit filled potty into the loo and it splashed back onto the dogs face. She didn't speak to me for ages

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