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To throw water over a pigeon I've just spray painted?

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threeineachlobe Fri 04-May-12 14:21:16

Stay with me.

Just started to spray paint a fence panel, must have startled poor pidge behind fence as it flapped up maniacally. I had a bit of a scream...whilst holding spray trigger.

Pidge is now half 'oak brown', sitting in tree. Can't quite tell if he's ok, not giving much away with facial expression.

Have googled "accidentally painted a pigeon" with disappointingly unresourceful results.

So, should i just chuck water at it & hope it comes off?? Turps would seem a little extreme.

threeineachlobe Fri 04-May-12 14:34:16

Well he made it to tree ok, didnt notice whether there was restricted flapping. He's still there. Blimey I feel guilty, might pass him a worm or his own special fat ball or something.

Have googled "accidentally painted a pigeon" with disappointingly unresourceful results

This is the funniest statement I have read in ages.


ripsishere Fri 04-May-12 14:34:26

I am sniggering, but lip curling too. I hate and fear birds in equal measure. I'd jsut wait for it to fall off its perch.

eurochick Fri 04-May-12 14:35:07

At least it was brown paint. Imagine the embarrassment in pigeon land if it had been bright pink or something.

redexpat Fri 04-May-12 14:35:47

Do you live on Pigeon Street?

LadyMontdore Fri 04-May-12 14:35:58

I think the pigeon has had its first and last spray tan. Please don't take a pigeon to the vets, they are pests, and not worth spending money on. Could you put it out of i's (potential) misery somehow - boomerang?

Actually LOL'd at a thread for the first time ever! Thank you!

AmazingBouncingFerret Fri 04-May-12 14:36:04

Well at least little Paul will be ok when it rains now...

AnAirOfHope Fri 04-May-12 14:36:12

PMSL you should get a mn award for best thread title.

The poor bird might be thinking "what did i do? First paint and then water - she must be pigionist. Im going to tell my birdy mates about her"

i wouldnt hang the washing out for a week or two birds take a long time to get over things like this.

GinPalace Fri 04-May-12 14:37:00

Bluerinse grin

I feel guilty for finding this funny.

If you can't catch it though not much you can do - it may have helped rid the vermin pidge of a few fleas

AmazingBouncingFerret Fri 04-May-12 14:37:02

He'll be the envy of all his pigeon friends.

Rindercella Fri 04-May-12 14:37:25

I love threads like this on MN. Titles like "AIBU To throw water over a pigeon I've just spray painted", followed by Selyna's hilarious post are just priceless grin

crowface Fri 04-May-12 14:37:45

I wonder if this is what keeps happening to David Dickinson, there's not a tanning product on earth that could produced his rich mahogany tones.

Don't worry, it'll probably get a job presenting an antiques auctioning programme....

GinPalace Fri 04-May-12 14:38:30

Stop! Stop! My sides are hurting!!!!

travellingwilbury Fri 04-May-12 14:38:31

Nothing to add but grin

idontbelieveanymore Fri 04-May-12 14:38:33

You may find he will fly down and ask you to do the rest because the rest of his friends thought that is took years off him grin

threeineachlobe Fri 04-May-12 14:38:48

Still guilt-ridden, but love the fact he's got a name. Sorry Paul!

Rindercella Fri 04-May-12 14:40:02

"I wonder if this is what keeps happening to David Dickinson"

Christ, I'd do a fuck of a lot more that spray some paint over him if David Dickinson popped up from behind my garden fence! shock

Petsinmypudenda Fri 04-May-12 14:40:21

brilliant title OP

travellingwilbury Fri 04-May-12 14:41:27

I keep thinking about poor Paul the pigeon in little paper pants blush

I need help grin

GinPalace Fri 04-May-12 14:41:42

Oh Reeaally Rindercella !! <mind boggles> <snurk>

PandaWatch Fri 04-May-12 14:42:45

Good job you don't live in Australia... link!

crowface Fri 04-May-12 14:43:24

Rindercella Big grin:

Rindercella Fri 04-May-12 14:43:56

Arf! I was thinking I would be thwacking him over the head rather than anything else Gin grin

PandaWatch Fri 04-May-12 14:44:20

To be fair though, if he managed to fly off, I'm sure he'll be fine. Plus he's now better camoflaged!

AmazingBouncingFerret Fri 04-May-12 14:44:45

David dickinson's gonna get laaaaaid. wink

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