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Mumsnet County … name a place, street, shop or service

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WhirlyByrd Tue 01-May-12 11:50:13

Your challenge is to suggest names for the places, streets and shops that would make up the County of Mumsnet.

The city would be called Forum. Its suburbs: Boden (designer, very expensive), Hunbury Hills (flashy and a bit TOWIE), Cleek (gated community).

nickelhasababy Tue 01-May-12 12:17:04

Bitter - SFK. [stern]
do not let Piste see your post, she'll be running round jumping for joy!

The bookshop would have to be run by Nickelbabe.

Ooh, weirdy x posts grin

nickelhasababy Tue 01-May-12 12:18:26

thanks grin

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 01-May-12 12:19:46

There would have to be a dark side. A few no-go areas.... the Gina Ford abandoned mine, the Breast vs Bottle flooded quarry and the I Voted Conservative lonely footpath....

WhirlyByrd Tue 01-May-12 12:19:55

<waves hand regally> But of course, Nickel although it will need a suitably MN name.

AngelWreakinHavoc Tue 01-May-12 12:20:11

The post office could be called 'x post' grin

nickelhasababy Tue 01-May-12 12:23:04

what, like Nickelbooks?
<funny, that's its RL name.... wink>

sairygamp Tue 01-May-12 12:23:05

The benefits zone..where 56 inch plasma tvs, pictures of x-boxes, and caravans could be looked at through glass screens..

nickelhasababy Tue 01-May-12 12:23:40

Angel - not "Stupid Blardy Sodding Post Office"? confused

takeonboard Tue 01-May-12 12:25:07

Troll Manor would be under Trotters bridge on the banks of the Sweetcorn river.

VerityClinch Tue 01-May-12 12:25:45

The zoo has only one small dog.

It's a shit-zu



The supermarket would be a toss up between Waitrose and cunting Sainsbury

cocolepew Tue 01-May-12 12:25:56

They will be a herd of goats on the benefits zone green area.

BumpingFuglies Tue 01-May-12 12:25:59

Don't forget the goats sairy

WhirlyByrd Tue 01-May-12 12:26:13

There would be several schools in the locality:

Gifted and Talented Grammar, located near to Cleek. Everyone fights to get in there.

QuintessentialShadows Tue 01-May-12 12:26:23

The public loos would of course be called "Cube of Poo"

iseenodust Tue 01-May-12 12:26:36

A school called The Inclusive Yet Selective Academy

cocolepew Tue 01-May-12 12:27:19

Don't forget The Olde brew Shoppe

MinnieBar Tue 01-May-12 12:27:28

There would be a massive bridge over to Nethuns the rest of the world that makes a trip-trap sound whenever walked over.

QuintessentialShadows Tue 01-May-12 12:27:36

There would be a bunting factory to work in, naturally it is called Cuntings Bunting

takeonboard Tue 01-May-12 12:27:52

There would be a Greggs obv which would only sell sausage rolls and fruit shoots.

iseenodust Tue 01-May-12 12:28:12

x- post grin

cocolepew Tue 01-May-12 12:28:20

Pendants Corner

WhirlyByrd Tue 01-May-12 12:28:22

Minnie this would of course, be closed in the holidays and after 4pm grin

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