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what is the oddest thing someone has done when you have visited their house?

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2shoeskickedtheeasterbunny Fri 06-Apr-12 23:25:31

mine was my DB, he did warn me but tbh I was so...... shock
I was kind of 'oh ok"
he put old sheets on the floor to protect his carpet from...

dd's wheelchair wheels

guess where we won't be going again(this was after he insisted she was shoved in the corner of the table at a pub...just in case she got in the staff's way....WTF)

??? YOUR please

ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 09-Oct-17 21:00:14

I once went to a party where the dh popped out to get some ice or something with a couple of the guests and after an hour or so they hadn't returned. The dw / hostess packed a bag, got in her car and left him. Leaving us guests there in her house with no dh around (turns out he was at the pub.) Spent all of the next day worrying about them, By Monday at work all was back to normal like nothing had ever happened. Very very odd.

Ahardmanisgoodtofind Mon 09-Oct-17 20:17:54

I know it's an old thread but it should never die, so here's mine (and this happened just last week)
Visiting friend and her DD, who is the same age as my DD. Her DD has just begun potty training and was running round nappyless, there was a strong smell of wee and a towel spread on the carpet near the doorway (all natural, assumed her DD had an accident and the towel was there after cleaning the carpet).
Friends DD says "wee wee" to friend who replies with "on the wee towel". Tbf her DD did make it to the towel, which friend folds in half and leaves there. My shockhmm face is pretty easy to read. Apparently potties are too confusing, and it's hard to get kids to then go on the toilet. So friend was/is training her dd, as you would a puppy, to pee on the towel, moving it closer to the bathroom each day (thank fuck she lives in a small flat). She's normally a sane person too, and was so blasé I genuinely thought for a minute that I was the odd one!

Linds33 Mon 04-Sep-17 13:12:32

Loved this thread. Gutted I'm at the end. Anyone else got any??

demirose87 Tue 29-Aug-17 13:28:38

Had a friend round, sat opposite me on the couch. Heard her take a picture. Handed her a cup of tea and saw her phone over her shoulder, it was open on a Whatsapp thread. She had taken photos of my living room and worse of all, of my kids from weird angles like the back of their heads and similar and was sending them to someone...I was genuinely freaked out but a few days later I just had to ask her what it was about. Apparently she was taking pics of my living room and kids to show her ex boyfriend as proof of where she was. Hmmmm

BananaInPyjama Tue 29-Aug-17 11:00:31

We live overseas, went to visit family in friends in old country.

My sister inviteds us to stay- she is very OCD so we were reluctant, but agreed to keep the peace. My sister is the high side of 50 (and is a grandmother)
We had one DD aged 5 at the time. Sister spend lots of time teasing DD and torturing her toys, being generally very unkind and making DD cry a lot.(DD is not usually a cryer). So we said DD could draw a loveheart on her aunt's mirror in lipstick as payback. It was a small heart, easily wiped off.
My sister went absolutely mad, shouting and crying that her house was ruined and took her self off to bed and would not come out as we had 'wrecked' her home. Her husband had wiped the lipstick off in about 30 seconds.

We gratefully left (booked into a hotel) as it was a real strain staying in her pristine home. She even made DD eat outside in the garden ,in case of crumbs- obviously the tiled kitchen floor could not cope with crumbs.

The few days were horrendous and very stressful. I realise my sister has a few control issues.

Sister has invited us to stay since, but we just meet out somewhere neutral. Sadly I think she has masses of issues and this is only a tiny snapshot of her weird behaviour.

Lucisky Mon 28-Aug-17 12:24:07

When I was 11 I went with a school friend to stay for the weekend at another classmates house. It was a very cold spell in winter - below freezing during the day too, and this house was an isolated old farmhouse. This was the 1960s so not having central heating was the norm. We had a lovely first evening in front of the fire, then it was time for bed. I was shown into a bare uncarpeted room with no curtains, and on the bed was one thin blanket. It was well below freezing in the room. I shivered all night, despite putting on all my clothes. I discovered that my friend had been lovely and warm with an eiderdown and a hot water bottle in her bed so the next night I said I had been cold, so could I have the same? I was told I was making a fuss, but she would put the 'bed heater' down the bed, which was like an electric sausage shaped thing. She left it there for five minutes, and I spent another terrible night, blue with cold. It has given me a lifelong complex about insufficient bedding!
Another one. I visited, with my mother, an old friend (and her more recent husband) I hadn't seen for years, although we had been close as kids. Quite a journey, driving, a flight etc. When we got there no sign of her husband, although we had been invited for a special dinner cooked by her. We had drinks, sat down to eat, and my mother asked if husband had been delayed at work? No, he was in bed! He hadn't agreed with the menu she had devised, so decided not to attend the meal, but was lying in bed behind a closed door ignoring us. He never appeared the whole evening. Weird. The marriage didn't last, total control freak he was.

Bluntness100 Wed 23-Aug-17 20:08:06

Jesus ttbb. 😱

Once had a consultant at work. I invited him to dinner with my husband and I as he was staying at s local hotel and doing some work with me. He got totally and utterly wankered drunk. Very quickly. Before dinner even served. Husband and I had had literally no more than s glass of wine. He'd clearly been drinking before he got to us.

Proceeded to pick up his dinner without even trying it and put the plate on the floor and give it to the dog. When he left he said goodbye on the doorstep, facing into the house, and literally fell back, poker straight onto the ground. Was like a comedy fall.

We bundled him into the taxi and off he went. We were in our twenties, he was late fifties. Very short bloke, As wide as he was tall. Was Such a weird evening.

Ttbb Wed 23-Aug-17 19:58:22

Hitting their child with a belt in front of me (I was a child at the time too).

bananafanana1 Wed 23-Aug-17 19:54:46

I know it's an old thread but it's a good un' !

A friend from work had moved to Guernsey and invited me over to stay for the weekend. I jumped at the chance as if never been and imagined it was full of frenchy glamorous yachting types so was quite looking forward to it.

Friend picks me up at the airport and only at that point does she tell me that she's recently moved into a bed sit!! She lived with her DP at the time. So I was hmm and said I'd book a hotel but friend insisted that I stay, and her DP was going to stay at a friends house. All fine. So that evening we go out all together (me, friend and her DP) we have a few drinks and her DP gets absolutely hammered. He's making no move to go to his mates at this point and says he'll sleep on the sofa (in the bedroom). So all 6ft 5 of him is dangling off this sofa and me and my friend are sharing the double bed. All fine. Until I hear him trying to get in the bed with us in the middle of the night!!!! shock

Next day I say to friend I'll book a hotel, she says nooo her DP is going to friends house. All fine. ... we all go to the pub and her DP proceeds to get wankered AGAIN, goes home crashes out on the only bed...wakes up puking all over the only bed.....

Me and my friend had to sit in the kitchen ALL NIGHT as there was no where to sleep!!

I couldn't wait to get out of there it was all very odd.

xenapants Tue 22-Mar-16 01:13:34

When I was about 17, I was going out with a guy who lived alone with his mother in a huge house that had a room out the back containing a very old lady. Said boyfriend or his mother used to go out to the back of the house and take her a meal three times a day. I heard her occasionally but never saw her as long as I was with him - a good couple of years - and nobody was allowed out the back except him and his mother. I never found out who she was. I think she might have come with the house.

Hrafnkel Wed 16-Mar-16 13:28:05

I'm sure I've posted this before but didn't see it on this thread so I'll do it now.

Pre kids, holiday in France. Arranged to visit very old family friends of my parents who I had grown up with - a lovely lady and her odd son, who was in his mid-late 20s, a few years younger than DH and I.

They lived rurally, we drove over. They had a big house which was converted into flats for travelling workers. It was empty as up for sale.

We had a nice afternoon, went to a hypermarche to get lots of lovely food. When we got home we are it all, nice cosy friendly dinner. I had one glass of wine as I was driving. Then lovely friend asked if we wanted to stay over and I could therefore have another drink. We were having such a lovely time this was a great idea; they obvs had lots of rooms so sleeping arrangements wouldn't be a problem.

Literally 20 minutes after we accepted their invite to stay, lovely friend turned on the tv to get her bbc fix - while she watched The Bill no one was allowed to speak!

Then her son give us each a bum-skimming dressing gown, said 'don't mind me' and insisted dh get changed in front of him.

They made up a sofa bed in that room and insisted we go to bed while they still watched tv.

The next morning I got up to go to the toilet to fix that they had locked us into the front room. We couldn't get out or get their attention and were bursting for the loo!

I can't remember exactly how we got out but it involved leaving without seeing them and possibly climbing through a tiny window.

Haven't seen them since.

LaContessaDiPlump Thu 03-Mar-16 17:30:46

I used to go out with someone (oldest of a large family) and we were at university. We were staying at his family's house and his mum laughingly told him to go stand on the mat for 5 minutes. He DID shock

Another boyfriend's family: they took a dim view of mixing sauce with pasta. You had a pile of sauce on top of pasta and were allowed to carefully transfer a spoon of it at a time to be mixed with the pasta as required. I got such a glare when I cheerfully mixed mine all up at the outset, unaware of this rule grin

My PIL have a visitor book in which they (nicely) expect you to write loads - I think it's rather sweet blush

SlipperyJack Tue 26-Jan-16 22:32:54

About the only one I have is from years ago. DH and I went for a uni reunion at an old friend's house. Wine was had etc, and eventually we all staggered off to bed. Except that our hosts had turned the heating up, and their house was super insulated. We were boiling, and the window in our room was locked shut with no key to be found anywhere in the house (we searched!). We couldn't find the central heating controls so couldn't turn it down, and we didn't want to rudely barge in on our hosts to demand they did it. All external doors locked, keys hidden.

So we spent a very sweaty night lying starkers on top of our sleeping bags, occasionally sponging ourselves down with a purloined towel and drinking pints of fluid. Come the morning and our hangovers were monstrous. As soon as our hosts woke up, we begged the front door key and shot outside to stand, in t-shirts and jeans (no shoes or socks) in the blissful frosty garden.

Sounds ungrateful I know, but sheesh it was hot.

CruCru Sun 24-Jan-16 20:25:05

I used to babysit for a family who seemed fairly normal. One day, the wife noticed that I had been doing my Chemistry homework at their kitchen table and asked to have a look at my handwriting (she said she'd done a course in analysing handwriting). They never used me again. Clearly I have the handwriting of a psychopath.

KaosReigns Thu 21-Jan-16 16:48:55

Must keep this going, so here is my contribution although it is about guests as opposed to hosts. Which is odd considering I was visiting someone at the time.

So I'm about 18 and around at a friends place with no intention of heading home at any point in the near future. We're both half soused and planning a night of it.

Get a call from my father sounding pretty pissed off asking when I'm coming home. Pretty confused about why he sounds so angry, explain that I'm not coming home bit drunk and had planned to stay over. He then asks me to explain that to my friends, at this stage I'm confused and wondering if I've drunk more than I thought.

Turns out that at some point in the afternoon my BF her boyfriend, and another random male decided to come visit me. They didn't txt or anything just showed up. No one was home so they decided to climb in my bedroom window, knocking a whole bunch of stuff off my bedside table in the process, raid the kitchen and make themselves at home watching TV in the lounge. By the time dad got home they had been there for 3 hours, and had still made no effort to contact me.

I still have no idea who the other guy was, what the hell they were thinking or how my dad managed to stay calm enough while kicking them out that both friend and her (now ex) boyfriend still love him. Seriously the ex will visit dad and take him chocolates when hes in town, and helped set up his 50th.

Neither of them has ever acknowledged that this was odd in any way.

Jux Tue 19-Jan-16 16:17:37

At a party, a man came over to me and said out of the blue "I don't fancy you much myself, but my wife does, so why don't you come home with us". Er, no. Thanks.

DiscoDancer Fri 18-Dec-15 00:55:51

Marking place - this is mumsnet gold. Have missed this sort of shizzle lately!

TheGrandPooBah Sun 08-Nov-15 23:50:31

No - that can't be the last one! More!!!!

powkin Thu 29-Oct-15 17:22:22

FIL was having a birthday party/anniversary celebration at his very nice country home. DH has never actually lived with his dad and things have always been awkward (FIL was a total dick to my MIL, didn't sign birth certificate, treated DH and his half brother totally differently etc etc).

One of FIL's favourte things to do is to invite people to his house and then expect the guests to bring EVERYTHING. Each person or group is instructed to bring something different: drinks, puddings, cheese etc. He seems to thing this is totally normal behaviour (student years notwithstanding) even though they are very comfortable own a beautiful country home. At a previous family gathering I was sent to Coventry by Step-MIL for forgetting to bring fruit for a fruit salad WHEN THEY HAVE AN BLOODY ORCHARD.

Anyhoo... There were a lot of people at the party, maybe 80+ and the marquee was set up with lots of tables. In the middle was the family table... we looked for our names... umm, no, DH and I would be sitting at a seperate table to his dad, wife and half brother... in fact we would be sitting with the gardener (who was very nice). When conversation started flowing it turned out that lifelong friends of FIL were rather surprised to hear that he had another son. Then came the speeches about what a wonderful dad FIL was to his darling wife and son (singular). By this point I was basically shaking with rage and trying not to cry.

As soon as we could we left to the Marquee to go sit in the kitchen. Some guests came in and they thanked us for a lovely evening... turns out they thought DH and I were the hired help!

Worst of all was the fact that we couldn't escape as they live in the absolute middle of nowhere, hundreds of miles from home and we had no transport. Terrible evening!

Littleonesaid Tue 27-Oct-15 14:12:02

At a friends house in their swimming pool aged about 7. Her mother came out of the house to check on us dressed in a super smart suit, lots of jewellery, heels, make up, hair done up in big 80s perm. She asked if it was warm and when we said yes, she jumped in with all her clothes on and had a swim confused.
Her DD didn't seem to think it was unusual. They were quite eccentric though - they kept the Christmas tree and lights up all year round because it looked so pretty.

murphys Tue 27-Oct-15 13:51:59

When ds was younger he used to do hip hop dancing. A girl in his class at school was in the same dance group but hadn't made it to practise for a few weeks and they had a competition coming up.

Her mother phoned me and asked if ds could go round their house to show her dd the dance moves and catch her up. Ds didn't want to go as wasn't all that keen on the girl, but I said we should do the right thing etc etc...

So on the Saturday as per the arrangement I take ds to their house, they didn't offer that i go in and wait (it shouldn't have taken more than an hour) or get offered a cup of tea or anything, so i said I would pop to the shops while he was there and get him on way back. Mother says, no don't worry I will phone you when they done and you can come back and collect him (note that its was all me doing the running around, dropping, fetching for her dd's sake shock ) After an hour I phoned and they said they still busy so could he stay a bit longer. By the afternoon still no phonecall so got in the car and went to the house. Knocked for about 5 minutes, no answer. Eventually the older brother answered the door who was about in his twenties. I ask where his mother and sister are, he says, oh they got invited out to another friend so went there - And left my ds alone in their house with a stranger and never said a word to me......... My god I was bloody fuming. Ds seemed ok and quite happy that he and this chap sat playing computer games, but ds was about 10 at the time!

MIL came to visit us to stay for a few weeks. Before she unpacked she went around the house checking for dust on all the tops of the doors and door frames..... She then told dh that did he realize that our house was a disgrace. And i still let her stay.

I have toughened up A LOT since then........

I have laughed so at this thread!!

Phoenix69 Tue 20-Oct-15 05:26:07

Years ago I went round to an investment clients house to complete the paperwork on her maturing policy.
This little old lady answers the door, makes me a cup of tea and I give her the paperwork
Me - 'Just sign down the bottom'
Her -'I'll try but I have hurt my wrist'
Me -'oh no have you had a fall?'
Her -'no I've been up all night w**king my boyfriend off and I've sprained it'
I spat tea everywhere and then she proceeded to tell me in graphic detail what they had been up to. I was there hours!

Hushabyelullaby Sun 18-Oct-15 19:44:12

My young DD started Junior school (gone up from the infants), and so had some people she knew in her class and some who had originally been in other classes. Her and her other friend became friendly with a girl (lets call her X), that she'd never met before.

For a couple of weeks she came home talking about how she wanted to play with X. I said that would be fine, and asked my DD to ask X for her telephone number so I could call her parents to arrange something, or to tell X's Mum or Dad to give me a call to arrange something at our house. (I don't get to the school at either end of the day so never see them). My MIL does so I asked if she'd mention it to X's parents too, which she did.

My DD then came home saying that X's parents said that she could go and play there. Apparently X had said that her Dad had told her to tell my DD that they live in a pub, and that he (dad) would be working downstairs behind the bar and the girls would be perfectly safe playing upstairs on their own.

I've never met or spoken to the parents so asked my DD to give our telephone number to X for her mum/dad to call me. She did, but nothing ever happened. My DD kept being told by X that her mum and dad agreed that she could go and play, and kept asking why she wouldn't.

I agreed with my MIL that if anything were to come of it that MIL would go with my DD to X's house, so that there would be someone there with them whilst they played. I just wasn't comfortable with my DD going off to play with someone whose parents I had never even spoken to, and whom seemed very reluctant to talk to me, knowing that the kids would be playing on their own unsupervised. Essentially in a house on their own, as the upstairs of pubs have every room a house has, and so all of the hazards. Especially not via communication with a 7 year old and no contact at all with the parents.

Still not sure if it was me BU, but obviously I don't think so.

Bookwormsarah Fri 16-Oct-15 23:39:20

I have thought of several as I've been reading (over about a week!) but I'll just share one with you now.

When I was about five I went to play with the son of someone my mother had been asked to befriend as they were new to the village. After a riotous hour in the garden we were asked if we would like a drink, and when we both said yes, were presented with banana milkshake. I have never liked milky drinks, and I just couldn't manage it. After another hour or so we were called in for lunch, and the boy's mother offered a choice of drinks. Tom got Ribena, but when I asked for the same, I was presented with the banana milkshake and told I had to drink it, even if I didn't like it. I remember sneaking upstairs for a drink of water out of the bathroom taps...

JustDanceAddict Tue 15-Sep-15 11:29:58

I can only think of one - maybe I don't know too many odd people! I was 21 and just back from travelling in the summer. My great uncle had passed away and my mum and I were at his daughter's house (so my mum's first cousin) to pay our respects. I went into the kitchen to help with making the tea ( I wasn't a tea drinker, and my mum did drink tea weak, which is my defence). Anyway. I took the tea out to the guests and the bereaved and my mum's cousin takes great offence at her weak cuppa and shouts 'call this a cup of tea!!!!' in a very aggresive manner. I'm quite a senstitive soul at the best of times, so having thought I was being helpful I was not amused at all and huffed off home (about a 30 mins walk at the time if I recall). I was also feel doubly senstive as a friend of mine had also died in a horrible car accident so may had not run away in tears otherwise!! A few years later my mum sadly passed away and this cousin came to my house during the mourning period. As is customary, my husband made her a very strong cup of tea (obviously I had told him about the tea incident as we met not long afterwards) and she remarked that it was actually a wee bit too strong - lol! Revenge is a cup of tea served strong!!!
Also, a bit different, but DD was friends with a girl in year 7 who lived quite a long drive away so when I dropped her off the mum (who was very friendly) asked if I wanted to stay for a coffee or go out to a local cafe. I took one look at the very messy and probably not entirely clean (smelled very strongly of dog!!) kitchen and proposed the cafe!! DH also picked her up once and was licked rather enthusiastically by one of the dogs and was not amused (and he is a dog lover!!).

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