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BODEN the endless threads about quality. These have been around since Dawn of time.

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Fregley Thu 26-Jan-12 16:48:06

In the Beginning there was the word and the word was with johnny. And the word was johnny.

Through him all clothes were made; without him nothing was made that was of bad quality.

In him was sass and that sass was the light of women.

MeSugar Thu 26-Jan-12 20:25:19

And it was proclaimed that all had to go to the town of their birth to be discounted, and those that were architects should wear of the shirts.

Fregley Thu 26-Jan-12 20:25:22


Yet verily those who were stallions wished for a shirt of their own and Johnnie saw that it was so.

Fregley Thu 26-Jan-12 20:26:36

On the thirteenth day the lord created photographers. And decreed that of stuff they will have a lot.

He artfully created a jacket fr said photographers with many capacious pockets for storage.

Fregley Thu 26-Jan-12 20:27:48

Lol st stallions.

Fregley Thu 26-Jan-12 20:29:15

The lord created woman out of man

She will never again leaden into temptation by ever wearing sinful clothes with even a smidgeon of sexiness

cyb Thu 26-Jan-12 20:31:00



MeSugar Thu 26-Jan-12 20:31:02

And the Lord Johnnie anointed some to be boho, and some to be artisan, but those that were petite were anointed separately, and the tiniest of these were called mini, each was of a branch of the tree of Johnnie.

Fregley Thu 26-Jan-12 20:31:52

Lolol. Oh god. wipes tears

MeSugar Thu 26-Jan-12 20:35:42

And yea, even here there was loungewear, and the Lord had Favourites, and he smote those which were not Favourites, and those which were thus smited were expelled from the main website henceforth to abide in Clearance amid design disasters.

cyb Thu 26-Jan-12 20:38:13

And LO!

Only Architects or Stallions could weareth thy work shirts for men

ANd pants became loungeth

Fregley Thu 26-Jan-12 20:39:14

But the lounge pants lay next to the baggy pull ons and the yoga pants were born. In a studio. On a sprung floor.

cyb Thu 26-Jan-12 20:40:40

And Jonny decree'd all boys should be surfeth dudes

And little girls shall ne'er be without stripey tights and fairy wings


Fregley Thu 26-Jan-12 20:42:00

Lol at ne'er be

cyb Thu 26-Jan-12 20:47:17

And the word of the lord Jonny spread and soon Boden outlet sales croppeth

up in Cheltenham and Tunbridge Wells

Fed by seed topped batch baked organic) bread and (volcanic organic) water , Johhny's folllowers do amass to praise be and

rip merry hell out of

each other to get the last corsage cardi in Summer Jade (size 18)

SuePurblybilt Thu 26-Jan-12 20:48:00

And he did gather them and urged them speaketh yet to the masses - what of their favourite holiday moment? And they did exult in moonlight walks and hot salsa nights and deserted beaches. And yet he still urged them, liketh you strongest the smell of fresh cut grass or a baby's head?

Then sayeth Thalia (33), that the glory was to be found in fresh baked bread. But the masses knew she speaketh with forked tongue and did Not Do Carbeths.

ristretto Thu 26-Jan-12 20:48:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cyb Thu 26-Jan-12 20:49:46

Sue you are GOOD at this

MeSugar Thu 26-Jan-12 20:50:09

But the followers of the Lord saw that the colour was not that which was represented on screen, nor wast the bust adequately proportioned, nor didst the review by CurvyPeach (Herts) encourage. And the followers of the Lord looked elsewhere

SuePurblybilt Thu 26-Jan-12 20:52:06

Sunday School Cyb wink

SydneyScarborough Thu 26-Jan-12 20:53:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cyb Thu 26-Jan-12 20:54:18

I think it's clear I neither shop at Boden nor go to church

LindsayWagner Thu 26-Jan-12 20:56:53

And Satan having compast the Earth, enters into the serpent sleeping. The serpent gaveth Eve to know that she wasn't sexy, at all, in melange or in hotchpotch, regardless whether the neckline was scoop or boatneck. Through his guile, Eve began to think that she would fain go naked than encounter one more school gate mother in same Ruffle dress in a different colourway. And to herself Eve said, "why should I not have Orla Kiely? Or at the least, Cath Kidston? The former is sometimes a bit edgy, and the latter has the advantage of being less ubiquitous".

Fregley Thu 26-Jan-12 20:57:16

Lol at curvy peach

SixtyFootDoll Thu 26-Jan-12 20:57:41

And god said to primark wearers
" be not thee jealous of mums in Boden at the school gate for they will pity thee for not making an effort."

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