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to have expected a flume ride to feel the same as it did when i was a kid. FFS I go like a rocket now!

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Nevergarglebrandybutter Sun 08-Jan-12 18:58:29

Yowser, I was out of control!
I nearly got flipped over. Ankles over the side the lot. And there's no brakes once you get your speed up.
Crikey, I used to enjoy them now it's quite obviously dangerous!

<note to self, you used to weigh 4 stone>

AmazingBouncingFerret Sun 15-Jan-12 08:38:04

Well wonders will never cease. I thought that if there could be at least one thread on the whole of mumsnet that could go without stick in the mud posters that have no sense of fun or humour that this one would be it.

Not for the first time I've been proven wrong.

Nevergarglebrandybutter Sun 15-Jan-12 15:30:28

i'm not sure at what point i said my children made me do this?
or that i went down the flume to benefit them in some way?

sometimes, things can just be fun for fun's sake.

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDoom Tue 17-Jan-12 00:01:30

Catpuss I think I love you - I have just laughed til I cried at the image of you (and in my vision you look like a cast member of Cats but in tasteful pink and white stripes a la Bagpuss and in a nice lime green one piece cossie) emerging from a flume hole like Rusell Grant from his canon at Wembley on Strictly. The phrase "like a walrus from a canon" will stay with me and brighten my days forever grin I thank you.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 17-Jan-12 00:07:47

My pleasure! grin I've actually made myself chuckle reading that back!

TitWillow Sun 22-Jan-12 19:19:18

Nevergargle the bad news is that the Rainbow slides have closed down.

Used to love them. The Sunny slide, the Rainy Run and the Thunder tube.

Nevergarglebrandybutter Sun 22-Jan-12 23:27:55

The Thunder tube was basically a vertical drop with a bend at the end. Red iirc?

Reckon i'd go right through the tube before the bend these days. Maybe why they closed down.

TitWillow Mon 23-Jan-12 18:25:01

Nah, Thunder tube was blue. With flashing lights and a vertical drop which hurt like hell. Sometimes you would continue straight on and smack your head on the roof before dropping down and banging your arse. Fun days.

Nevergarglebrandybutter Mon 23-Jan-12 20:19:22

flashing lights? not in 1987 they didn't!

TitWillow Thu 26-Jan-12 18:23:16

maybe I imagined them after the head injuries. grin

pixiestix Sun 05-Feb-12 14:46:54

Oh Catpuss I am weeping at "walrus out of a cannon". What a beautiful image!

ABigGirlDoneItAndRanAway Thu 08-Mar-12 15:06:52

Nevergargle try the Olympia pool in Dundee, they have a slide that drops you into the diving pool from a height of about 20 feet, same as the middle diving board. I used to love it as a child but really don't think I would have the bottle to try it now, but be quick because I believe the Olympia is shutting soon too.

cluelessnchaos Thu 08-Mar-12 16:50:20

Brilliant thread, walrus out of a canon, pure genius can't say more, I'm still crying with laughter

Osmiornica Sun 18-Mar-12 11:37:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bronze Sun 18-Mar-12 11:39:36

I always get stuck on flies. I'm not even overweight pah

bronze Sun 18-Mar-12 11:40:09

flies flumes damn phone

Katiebeau Thu 22-Mar-12 13:01:46

Bump. Now if the force of water up your fanjo is that high would it cure a mild prolapse???? I have to redo my make up now. I look like a goth. grin

maristella Sat 31-Mar-12 01:30:35

Bit late to the thread but I'm crying with laughter!!

A few years back I was on holiday in the Med with DS and friends.
We went to Aqualand, at my insistence hmm

Ds convinced me to go down a massive slide, it was soooo high up. And you had to go down on your front on a mat. All the other women demurely declined.

Obviously I beat him and the other guys from our group down, but my mat had slipped down and I was hanging onto it for dear life with my arse slightly raised (as you do). I got to the bottom of the slide and my bikini bottoms were almost to my ankles shock All of a sudden DS and the guys were there. DS looked really queasy and muttered 'Oh my God'; our friends kindly lead him away.... My bikini bottoms had rolled themselves so much that they took about 5 minutes of untangling, all with my arse exposed. Never again!

summerintherosegarden Mon 16-Apr-12 15:58:48

Also a bit late but had to add...

Swimming pool in France. Queue for the flume is at the bottom of a flight of stairs that takes you up to the launch site. A green light tells you when to climb the stairs. In front of me was a little girl who clearly took a heck of a lot longer to climb the stairs than I did...hence the traffic light system didn't entirely work and as I zoomed round a corner of the flume I saw her floating gently down in front of me.

I screamed - she looked back - she screamed - I managed to maneuver myself like a bobsled onto the side of the flume and passed her with the lightest of touches.

Lesson learned - never run up the flume stairs, however excited you may be.

gruffaloflaps Mon 01-Oct-12 17:08:25

when in CentreParcs many years ago my best friend and I decided to go down the outside flumes/water ride. I arrived at the bottom pool and turned around to watch for her coming around the corner. My first glimpse was of the backs of her calves and arse as she flipped over. On her way down the final slide she managed to pull off a "washing machine manoeuvre" landing with a giant splash. As she stood up her hair was totally covering her face and her tits were out, she parted her hair to reveal a completely bloody nose and a bonkers grin. It was brilliant fun!

MadamFolly Fri 02-Nov-12 22:04:17

Last time I went on a water slide it was one that ends in a massive toilet bowl and drops you in a deep pool. I didn't know which way up I was, I nearly drowned much to the mirth of my so-called mates.

That same day I was persuaded to go on the dives, bellyflopped very painfully off the bouncy dive and the high dive caused me to shriek like a three year old and released my bosom from its captive prison in front of a load of 8 year old boys blush

EricIsMine Sat 05-Jan-13 23:05:53

Bit late to the thread, but at Wet n Wild in Orlando OH and myself had been repeat riding the Brain Wash as there were no queues. The rubber inflatable mat takes up to four people but we were riding as a two, one opposite the other (nicely balanced!). Quite a high speed ride, but great fun!

So, the attendant ask us if we mind a single rider joining us, we say "no problem" and a lady joins us who is on the larger size (I'm no skinny minny, but he was probably half as heavy again as myself). We all sit on the mat, but now we're an unbalanced 3, heading down a pitch black chute at top speed!

I though we were going to tip over at one point, but it was absolutely hilarious! Made a five minute friend of a lovely lady from New York from that flume ride too... Holiday win! grin

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