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do you ever find left over notes in shopping torlleys or elsewhere? i

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codnotamod Fri 13-Jan-06 09:40:38

i am vaguely intrigued by these as identified in teh times
"Discarded notes are rubbish to most people, but not for worldwide subscribers to Found, which reprints them. The magazine’s publisher, Davy Rothbart, gets bundles sent to his office in Michigan. Laura Kwerel, a radio producer in Washington, was “overwhelmed” after reading one issue. “I realise now,” she says, “that there is more humanity in a discarded grocery list than in a thousand-page novel.” Some people need to get out more. "

Clary Fri 13-Jan-06 19:55:00

lol at this thread (I do need to get out more)
My best shopping list story - sent DH to do the shopping, wanted (among other things) glace cherries (for some specific baking task) and Cheerios 9for breakfast, obv).
He came home with (among other things) a bag of fresh cherries. Hmm, very nice I said but where's what I wanted?
Oh, he said, I thought cherries meant fresh cherries and I thought the second time was just you losing the plot and writing it twice...
Since then have sent him with very specific lists.

Orinoco Fri 13-Jan-06 21:03:12

Message withdrawn

moondog Fri 13-Jan-06 21:09:15

I love any discarded note or list.
Will pick themup off the pavement in search of nuggets.
During my recent stay in hospital,the nurse left her list of patient and afflictions by my bed. it was fascinating to discover that the bloke in the room next door was having hs vasectomy reversed,the teenager over the other side was having a prosthetic testicle inserted and the woman at the end of the corrider was having her breasts enlarged.

Mercy Fri 13-Jan-06 21:55:13

I'm not alone in my 'inquisitiveness' then. I've found a school report on the pavement and brought it home to read, ditto a job application, also letter of complaint re non-delivery of something.

But lists/notes are best - there is something about them, it's the cryptic nature and the annonymity of them

Mercy Fri 13-Jan-06 22:01:03

Moondog, that is an interesting list. Your varicose veins pale into comparison I'm afraid - just not sexy enough.

fastasleep Fri 13-Jan-06 22:03:23

I found one in Asda the time before last! It read -

Red wine

fantastic list if ever I saw one!

Mercy Fri 13-Jan-06 22:13:28

This isn't a list but some years ago whilst on holiday, dh went into shop and bought

a pair of swimming trunks

a cucumber

a bottle of champagne

He came back from teh shop looking rather embarrassed - for no good reason

madmarchhare Fri 13-Jan-06 22:15:44

pmsl @ nice ham on tinygangs link.

moondog Fri 13-Jan-06 22:21:37

When I was in boarding school,one wet Sunday when we were all bored,we started ferreting in the cellars and found a huge stash of personal files on various 'gels' from the 20s and 30s.
God they were amazing,coy letters from worried mothers asking the head mistress who was going to be telling 'dear Felicity' about 'the facts of life'and stuff like that.
One file chronicled the long illness and eventual demise of one poor soul.
'I am afraid to tell you, Headmistress that Lydia was received by her maker this morning at 3:30 am. Her old nurse maid and I had stayed by her bed all night,reading her Tennyson and applying cold poultices to her brow...' (All on black edged paper naturally.)

When our house mistress discovered us,we had an anormous bollocking.God knows why-surely a far better way to spend an afternoon than downloading sounds and texting slack jawed contemporaries as young people nowadays are wont to do...)

wankeebagels Fri 13-Jan-06 22:22:50

god oyu werne it hertford were you moony?
at "jelly for nelly "

wankeebagels Fri 13-Jan-06 22:23:21

yes lol at nice ham
think thatyw as one of mine

UCM Fri 13-Jan-06 22:24:31

Ok, I have just been listening to LBC and they had a guest on from Phoenix Survivors Trust who was herself prostituted, with her sisters, from babyhood. Her name is Shy Keenan.

Obviously we're all appalled by this crime, but we should also be appalled by the leniency of the sentent. Apparently, if anyone objects to a sentence handed down, we can raise our objections to the Attorney General and the volume of complaints will be taken into account. The lady siad that they have already had some sentencs increased so it's got to be a worth a go, hasn't it!

I don't think you can email the AG, but here are his contact details:

The Rt Hon Lord Goldsmith QC

Attorney General’s Chambers
9 Buckingham Gate
Tel: 020 7271 2400
FAX: 020 7271 2454

You need to give the details of the case in your letter. these are (and I apologise for naming these 'people', but it's in a good cause)
Alan Webster - sentenced to life, with a recommendation to serve a minimum of 12 years - and can apply for parole after 6 years.
Tanya French - sentenced to 5 years.
The case was heard at St Albans Crown Court and the judge was Findlay Baker QC.

So, shall we give it a go? I'm going to be doing it as it seems to be something concrete we can do. I'm not generally much of a crusader and I don't speak out much, but I thought I should bring this to your attention as I didn't know how many people would head the radio.

wankeebagels Fri 13-Jan-06 22:25:06

er hello?
w e ar e all talking aboput shoppig lists here!

MrsSpoon Fri 13-Jan-06 22:25:25

I once lost my shopping list that was a very inconvenient day.

madmarchhare Fri 13-Jan-06 22:25:33


moondog Fri 13-Jan-06 22:26:30

lol at that letter (inappropriate I know but what bizarre juxtaposition..)

madmarchhare Fri 13-Jan-06 22:27:59

DS ate mine last week (this was the week before he had to be cut out of the trolley with bolt cutters).

Me and supermarkets dont go.

Maybe this is my way forward to a happier shopping experience.

Mercy Fri 13-Jan-06 22:34:56

bolt cutters?? please explain!

madmarchhare Fri 13-Jan-06 22:37:45

He got his whole arm stuck in the gap between the back rest and base of the fold down seat.

Fire service called, but 'handyman' turned up with bolt cutters which did the trick.

suedonim Fri 13-Jan-06 22:52:46

I don't often find lists but there was a dirty nappy in a trolley I was about to use, recently. But from now on, I shall start leaving my lists behind - I usually find them screwed up in my shopping bags the following week. My list is generally other people's requests as I keep most of my shopping list in my head.

UCM Fri 13-Jan-06 23:13:48

12 Week old child was subjected to abuse by her 19 year old babysitter & her boyfriend. The repeatedly raped her over a 2 month period.

They were sentenced to

Alan Webster; 12 years (could be out after 6)

tanya French 5 years (could be out after 2.5)

Please help us mumsnetters increase their sentences. All you need to do is email:

and tell them why you think these animals should stay behind bars for life.

If enough of us do this within 28 days of the animals being sentenced they will increase their sentence.

NomDePlume Sat 14-Jan-06 09:45:46

I went to Tesco last night and found a list in my trolley, actually put it in my pocket so I could transcribe it on here . <rushes upstairs to laundry bin to find said trousers>.....

..... Here we go, list is written in pencil on a piece of lined ringbound notebook/jotter paper. Any typos are the authors and not mine !

Water (x6)
Pitta Bread
Beans (x5) 200g
Milk 2 pints
Cheese (Double Glocs)
Kitchen Roll
Soup (x4)
Grapefruits (x3)

Fascinating reading, i think you'll agree

wankeebagels Sat 14-Jan-06 11:59:19

somo oen on a diet imo
the cheese is not good dieting

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 12:02:12

Message withdrawn

madmarchhare Sat 14-Jan-06 12:27:27

just plain old ham?

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