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do you ever find left over notes in shopping torlleys or elsewhere? i

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codnotamod Fri 13-Jan-06 09:40:38

i am vaguely intrigued by these as identified in teh times
"Discarded notes are rubbish to most people, but not for worldwide subscribers to Found, which reprints them. The magazine’s publisher, Davy Rothbart, gets bundles sent to his office in Michigan. Laura Kwerel, a radio producer in Washington, was “overwhelmed” after reading one issue. “I realise now,” she says, “that there is more humanity in a discarded grocery list than in a thousand-page novel.” Some people need to get out more. "

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 13-Jan-06 13:10:38

Being genetically unable to multitask and having had my synapses rendered virtually impotent by 4 years of sleep deprivation, I live life by my lists - generally shopping one side (we're in the store 5 days out of 7) and to dos on the other. My greatest fear in the world is dropping my list and someone finding it, reading it and/or sharing it with the world, here or on that other site. I'd rather lose my wallet.

That said if I find anyone elses, I'm posting.

cupcakes Fri 13-Jan-06 13:16:17

I love other people's shopping lists. I don't keep them (am not completely mental) but have to read them. Dh thinks it's most odd. I do get quite excited when I get one in my shopping basket. I'm very nosy.

hornbag Fri 13-Jan-06 13:17:10

Another mum at school once found one of my shopping lists.
We were chatting in the playground after school and I mentioned that I'd had to pop into town to buy 'x' and she added "oh did you get 'y' and 'z' too?" I was gobsmacked and wondered how on earth she knew what I'd bought .
Turned out she'd picked up my list in the car park and read it before popping it in the bin. As the first item was something unusual she twigged when I mentioned it.

hornbag Fri 13-Jan-06 13:19:57

Forgot to say that I also love looking at the contents of other peoples baskets/trollies at the checkout .
You get some very bizarre combinations - eg the old man with dozens of tins of cat food and 8 loaves of bread. Always wonder what the story is behind it

ixel Fri 13-Jan-06 13:22:19

Someone left a bottle of HP sauce in the trolley for me the other day...

ggglimpopo Fri 13-Jan-06 13:24:28

Message withdrawn

twirlaround Fri 13-Jan-06 13:25:43

Words cannot express how much people interested in these need to get out more

ggglimpopo Fri 13-Jan-06 13:26:46

Message withdrawn

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 13:32:32

hornbag that is really funny

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 13:34:19

did i ever tlel you about dh and the stalker in sainburys?
evry time he went off to get soemthign , someone was putting something weird in his trolley
he kept haveign to replace melons ands nappies ( etc pre kids) and in the end every time he left h ti he tired to sneak back aroudn the aisle to see who was o doing it
no one we knew ever owned up

but theres Selly Oak for yo

Beetrootfultoyourself Fri 13-Jan-06 13:44:04

pmsl cod..

hornbag Fri 13-Jan-06 14:18:06

ggglimpopo -I'd love to say it was a 3-speed, multi-coloured ostrich feather tickling stick (or something equally as unusual or bizarre) but I'm afraid it wasn't -I've been trying to remember but a lots happened since then.

bakedpotato Fri 13-Jan-06 14:24:00

Hornbag -- you've just wounded me by prompting sudden memory of elderly person in vast supermarket
All he had in his basket was a tin of pease porridge and dog biscuits

hornbag Fri 13-Jan-06 14:26:49

I like to think (naive I know) that maybe all their other meals are delivered by meals on wheels and the bizarre supermarket shop is for extras (but I know what you mean )

Cabe Fri 13-Jan-06 14:46:14

PMSL - pottytrainingCod - Ooooh you shouldn't! you've given me ideas for in-shop entertainment now! If I tell my dd (and I'll have to it's just up her street!) she'll only encourage me

catsmother Fri 13-Jan-06 15:14:08

I definitely need to get out more but unfortuantely lack of funds and babysitters conspire to have me stuck indoors most of the year. Maybe this explains why my eye is also often drawn to discarded shopping lists left in trollies - and yes, I am sad enough too to read them and find them "vaguely intriguing".

I mean, who buys Izal (of all things) through choice these days ?

They range from the very abstract "stuff for tea" to things along the lines of "dad's favourite crisps in yellow bags with green writing" ..... why not write "dad's crisps", or even, "crisps".

And the spelling mistakes can raise a smile too ....

God, I must be sad.

Mercy Fri 13-Jan-06 15:53:07

lol at this thread!

Catsmother I have to write very specific lists for dh when he does the shopping, so I'm one of those who has to write things along the lines of 'crisps in yellow bags' etc

Does anyone else do a mental tour of the supermarket aisles and write your shopping list accordingly?

Cabe Fri 13-Jan-06 16:18:14

I do! I write the list in the order of where they are! For this reason I HATE shopping in an unfamiliar store... it takes ages

tex111 Fri 13-Jan-06 16:23:12

Love this thread! I've been thinking about collecting these for years. I'm always intrigued by the notes I find. So interesting.

Jasnem Fri 13-Jan-06 17:00:13

Ever since I heard the home truths item about this, I've deliberately left my shopping list in the trolley to offer a bit of light entertainment.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 13-Jan-06 17:02:51

I am gutted - just been to the store and NO lists left in trolleys - I live in a very high Home Truths/Mumsnet catchment area so everyone's being super-cautious about leaving slices of their life lying around

iota Fri 13-Jan-06 17:11:33

when I gave up work a couple of years ago dh made a shopping list spreadsheet for me, broken down by dept . (he had always done the shop before I took over as SAHM and in my defense it is a VERY big Tescos)

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 19:10:55

bear lol at no notes
there will be a mad scrum as all mums sretslte each other for discarded notes

then theylly look up a nd sy " mumsnet?"

ah how romantic

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 19:11:10

sretslte = wrestle

Whizzz Fri 13-Jan-06 19:24:40

I found a note on the bus that just said 'school shoes' ?

at the triple post at 10.47 Cod!

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