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do you ever find left over notes in shopping torlleys or elsewhere? i

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codnotamod Fri 13-Jan-06 09:40:38

i am vaguely intrigued by these as identified in teh times
"Discarded notes are rubbish to most people, but not for worldwide subscribers to Found, which reprints them. The magazine’s publisher, Davy Rothbart, gets bundles sent to his office in Michigan. Laura Kwerel, a radio producer in Washington, was “overwhelmed” after reading one issue. “I realise now,” she says, “that there is more humanity in a discarded grocery list than in a thousand-page novel.” Some people need to get out more. "

codnotamod Fri 13-Jan-06 09:41:29

ok i hav now new challenge
next time you find a note meant for someone else or a shopping list in your trolley you are to hold on to i tight ans report in

codnotamod Fri 13-Jan-06 09:48:36

no one
just me in my sad life then

6 eggs

SoupDragon Fri 13-Jan-06 09:50:56

You sad, sad, old fish

Enid Fri 13-Jan-06 09:53:37

I read a fantastic one of these ones in the Readers Digest. Someone found it in a book at the library it went soemthing like:

To Do In The Future
Learn to speak French (book classes)
Lose 10lbs
Book trip to Himalayas
Get back in touch with boyfriend from high school

baking powder
oven chips
cough medicine

codnotamod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:03:45

oh god
think i will s tart collectign them

fuzzywuzzy Fri 13-Jan-06 10:09:29

Not a note but when I worked as a sales girl, a handbag was returned, when going through the handbag to see if it was OK to put in the sales, I found extracts of a diary.
The woman's boyfriend was cheating on her, she took him back, than she found him at it again, then she thought she might be pregnant by him, and then she went to do a test and.....the pages ran out...there were about three neatly written pages screwed up at the bottom of the bag. The other sales asisstans and I were fadcinated (in my defense I was 18 at the time).

ggglimpopo Fri 13-Jan-06 10:31:30

Message withdrawn

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:33:28

y ou se eitn eh minutae of these notes there is enldess fascination

if i was a chck out aassitant i d spenda ges llokign at peoples groceries

Cabe Fri 13-Jan-06 10:38:34

There was an article on Home Truths about this some 4months back or so... I was intrigued. Haven't found any discarded lists since though

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:39:06

oh really?

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:40:29

i tend to chuck em but now will look hard

Cabe Fri 13-Jan-06 10:42:38

Cliche's a bit harsh Cod!

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:47:17

ok we need whizz too
am off into ttown in a mo so will keep my fishy eyes out

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:47:21

ok we need whizz too
am off into ttown in a mo so will keep my fishy eyes out

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:47:22

ok we need whizz too
am off into ttown in a mo so will keep my fishy eyes out

NomDePlume Fri 13-Jan-06 10:48:46

There's nearly always a left over list in the trolleys at my local Tesco. Once we found a shopping list dropped by our next door neighbour, first on the list was Slim Fast, 2nd was Jammie Dodgers !

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:49:24

lol we can hvae a sub thread of odd shopping juxtapositions

Cabe Fri 13-Jan-06 11:02:05

Oh Lordy! I'll be looking out for them now

carly82 Fri 13-Jan-06 11:16:24

ooh i have to tell this one! I went shopping on monday and in the bottom of the trolley was a list and being nosy (although i prefer the term naturally inquisitive!) i had a look. Nothing unusual to start the old loaf of bread, dozen eggs etc etc..... as i went to throw it away i noticed something was written on the back it went something like this, "thank you so much babe for getting this stuff, as a treat if you get back home by three i will be led in bed wearing nothing but a smile (and other rude contents)........" i was so but coldnt help wondering if they ever made it home by three

Janh Fri 13-Jan-06 11:47:32

When the kids were small if I found someone else's list I'd suggest buying the things on there instead of ours - they always looked shocked but thrilled!

TinyGang Fri 13-Jan-06 11:56:07

You are not alone Cod. Have a look here , it's quite funny

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 13:00:34

not a single one! in town

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 13:00:54

tiny gang welld one
go di am old hat

tamum Fri 13-Jan-06 13:01:37

Bum, I had one today. Sorry. It's the first time I have ever noticed one, too.

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