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AIBU to think my DD (2.5yrs) is a philosophical genius?

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LoopyLoopsWoopDeWoops Sat 03-Dec-11 20:32:44

... to come out with this little gem:

"If you're happy and you know it, can you really show it?"


BarkisIsWilling Sun 01-Jul-12 15:48:08

"Can God make other gods?"

-from my 10 year old.

Duckypoohs Mon 21-May-12 01:53:40

My Ds1 is obsessed with death lately, he seems utterly convinced (no idea where he picked the idea up) that he will die and come back in another body, I have explained that nobody knows what happens after death, some people believe this, other people believe that blah blah. But nope he can't be budged, who am I to argue.

He is quite different to my other 2 children, not so traditionally "clever" slow to talk and has to work at things, but blimey he comes out with corkers sometimes.

I also love his comment on throwing a coin into a wishing well, I asked him what he wished for, he said "I wish I had a coin" had me chuckling for quite awhile, we have some brilliant conversations.

geniuswater Sun 25-Mar-12 10:16:30

This thread is lovely reminds me when my kids are driving me round the bend that they are superstars really wink

LoopyLoopsIsTentativelyBack Fri 23-Mar-12 22:24:04

Re-reading this thread has cheered me up, so thought I'd bump it. smile

theduchesse Thu 22-Dec-11 11:43:23

My mum once asked my dsis why she couldn't just be nice and she replied 'I tried it once but it wasn't positively reinforced'. She was about 4. My dad is a psychology lecturer so that may have had something to do with it.

LoopyLoopsWoopDeWoops Sun 11-Dec-11 18:18:30

Ooooh it's in classics!

glitterati Sun 11-Dec-11 02:22:34

My dd age 5 quizzed me about the Goldilocks story: if one bowl of porridge was too hot and one too cold, why didn't she mix them together and then they'd have been warm, and the next night asked about Three Little Pigs house of bricks, How did they get in and out? - you can't make a door of bricks can you.....I hope when she's a well paid criminal investigator she can keep me in my old age

Helgicita Fri 09-Dec-11 21:32:27

Me: 'You're the best boy in the whole world'
DS (5) 'I cant be the best boy, there must be a boy who is better than me'

LoopyLoopsWoopDeWoops Fri 09-Dec-11 19:37:11

smile Keep them coming. What amazing kids we have! smile

PaperView Fri 09-Dec-11 09:46:06

I'm having a particularly stressful time at the moment and very low but this thread has lifted me a bit. Thank you x

Bubbaluv Fri 09-Dec-11 09:43:18

DS4 is going through a very extended "WHY?" stage. The other day he asked "Mum, why do things change?"

WidowWadman Fri 09-Dec-11 09:35:21

My almost 3 year old, when asked to share a toy with her little sister said "No I can't share with her. It's a dangerous".

I guess she wanted to point out that it's a slippery slope and if you give 'em a little finger etc.

anonacfr Fri 09-Dec-11 09:22:00

'Good dog, mum' Heh!

mebythesea Fri 09-Dec-11 00:12:17

Dd (age 2) said "mum mum look! there is a babyman" and when i looked there was a big man witha very shiny bald head. She still calles bald men babyman, even her old dad. Awwww.

ThoseArentSpiritFingers Thu 08-Dec-11 23:55:28

this should go in classics!! what do you need to do to nominate a thread for classics?

PinkLeopard Thu 08-Dec-11 23:49:41

Yes this should be made into a book. I was feeling very low and reading this has really lifted my spirits! Children are indeed a blessing.

Please which one is the grandparents' house thread?

proudgrandma Thu 08-Dec-11 23:13:49

our 6 year grandson asked me if I would take the necklace he gave me to heaven when I died . (it was a lucky dip prize at Glastonbury festival !)

InspirationExcellence Thu 08-Dec-11 22:32:14

Amazing amazing are children! Loving this!

FoxyRevenger Thu 08-Dec-11 20:21:01

prozac <weeps>

This thread makes me so excited for when DD can talk. grin

Hullou Thu 08-Dec-11 20:11:05

My ds had a lot of things to get used to all in one go and after a particularly frenetic day she said from the back of the car, 'Let's all be dogs.' I asked her some complicated adult question about why she wanted to be a dog and what was good about being a dog and she said, 'Good dog, mum.'

prozacpopsie Thu 08-Dec-11 17:57:55

DS (aged 2): Why did the weasel go pop?

Not philosophical but SO touching, this one...

DS (aged 5, few weeks ago, sitting on loo doing poo) made a heart shape with his hands and said: 'Deep, deep, deep, deep, deep in my heart is a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny forever kiss, just for you.'

Cue blubbing from mummy.

nightingale452 Thu 08-Dec-11 16:10:41

When DD1 was around 4 she asked me 'when did God die?' I thought she was getting mixed up and told her all about Jesus and the crucifixion and she replied 'no I know about all that, I mean when did God die?' I was a bit flummoxed by this and told her that he hasn't exactly died and that's kind of the point, to which she countered 'well how did he get into heaven then?' I think that was the point at which I told her to ask the vicar.

LoopyLoopsWoopDeWoops Tue 06-Dec-11 17:43:27

I agree downto, would make a lovely book. Ask MNHQ perhaps?

mumofthreekids Tue 06-Dec-11 14:33:41

Yesterday my 4yo DD told me that "bad dreams never come true but good dreams sometimes do..."

grin FiveHoursSleep

Goodynuff Tue 06-Dec-11 14:00:50

LinusVanPelt I did thank him, and he was quite pleased to have helped. smile I hope you find the strength you need

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