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Has my fridge found religion?

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RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 18:41:29

I have a NEFF fridge. It is less than a year old. Today I went to get water and ice from the dispenser and it won't respond and it says Sabbath on the display panel. no mention of this in the instruction booklet.

Is this some fridge religious epiphany? Whilst I welcome religion in any form, I just am rather frustrated by the fridge observing the day of the lord (esp when it's Thursday rather than Sunday).

NorfolkNCarolSingers Thu 01-Dec-11 19:58:21

Easiest way to test the religion is to put some sausages in, if the fridge rejects them it narrows it down

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 19:58:23

I would so like to tweet this thread... Except I have no idea how to.

Holy fridge is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

ratspeaker Thu 01-Dec-11 20:01:53

Try some psalms
See if it hums along

ThatVikRinA22 Thu 01-Dec-11 20:05:21


absolutely fantastic. perhaps you could sell it to the press in a similar vein to the Shroud of Turin....take pics quick! it may lose its religion!

i love it.

CotherMuckingFunticalChristmas Thu 01-Dec-11 20:05:33

Does it make a humming noise like my fridge? If so, run around you kitchen blaspheming and see if the hum gets higher in a kind of irate way.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:06:11

Well, interesting point re. the sausages. I was planning a roast chicken tonight but didn't have time so opted for toad in the hole tonight so sausages have, in a way, been ejected from the fridge. Not sure it whether it was the power of the Fridge or my disorganisation at play there.

Anyway, hadn't we already ascertained that the Fridge isn't Jewish. Def some kind of form of Christianity methinks. Or do Jedis have a sabbath? OMG a Jedi fridge, now that is COOL.

SemperUbiSubUbi Thu 01-Dec-11 20:06:18


SjuperWolef Thu 01-Dec-11 20:08:43

vicar ive an image in my mind of r.e.m song 'losing my religion' being played whilst the fridge observes its sabbath grin

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:09:14

yy - it's defo humming. I have to sort out tracks for the class nativity in a bit so will see what the effect of various christmastide songs have on it.

haven't tried Black Sabbath yet, as have seen no evidence of tattoos so am guessing it's not a rocker. Also I don't have any Black Sabbath on my iTunes (have Black Eyed peas and Black Grape (England's Irie.... WTAF?!) - will either of those do?).

MildlyNarkyPuffin Thu 01-Dec-11 20:11:48

Maybe it's not Sabbath. Maybe it was trying to say sabbatical, and it needs some time off chilling your milk to pursue other interests.

OldLadyKnowsSantaClaus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:12:13

You could try playing a youtube video of Black Sabbath, no need to contaminate your iTunes.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:15:43

Pic on profile. It's ver ver tiny tho.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:20:08

MildlyNarkyPuffin - nah - it's fosho sabbath. I reckon if a sabbatical was on the cards it would have gone on strike all over. Apart from the annoying whine when you leave the door open too long which has stopped since sabbath appeared and the lack of cold water and ice <sigh> it's all working fine.

Heading off to youtube for some Black Sabbath and will report back.

StealthPolarBear Thu 01-Dec-11 20:20:12

I've just googled sorry can't copy and paste on phone and apparently there is a Sabbath mode. Lots of discussion about turning it off, no explanation of what it means!

StealthPolarBear Thu 01-Dec-11 20:24:11

Apparently the ovens have it too

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:27:07

Uh-oh. My original jest could have been closer to the truth than I initially thought...
Sabbath Mode

LemonMousstletoeandWine Thu 01-Dec-11 20:27:14

Tis obviously a miracle of some sort hmm

Behold - I give you ........ Freezus of Nazareth!

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:27:23

So it's Jewish then?

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 20:27:53

If the point of a Sabbath mode is not to use electric (which means your fridge is warming up by the way) then how does a Sabbath oven work at all? Your toad in the hole is going to be more like boak in the bog Love.

ThatVikRinA22 Thu 01-Dec-11 20:30:29

I just love that any White goods can have a Sabbath mode grin

QuintessentialyFestive Thu 01-Dec-11 20:30:46

See what happens if you put a cheese and tomato pizza in. Will it choke? Or vomit it out in nice ice cubes?

Does the fridge know it is thursday today?

breatheslowly Thu 01-Dec-11 20:32:11

Yes - it's Jewish. Not sure if you can switch it back again.

breatheslowly Thu 01-Dec-11 20:32:32

Is it dark inside?

QuintessentialyFestive Thu 01-Dec-11 20:32:44

How do persuade a fridge to convert to another religion?

ThatVikRinA22 Thu 01-Dec-11 20:33:10

grin freezers of nazareth grin grin love it! This has made my night I tell ya...

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