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please be kind-very upset first time poster-trival but sad....

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balletpump Fri 28-Oct-11 21:43:11


this is my first post but have lurked for sometime. My 3yo DS has lost his favourite stuffed dog tonight in Blackpool and I am putting a plea out there if anyone can help me! Its a very tatty looking, sorry well loved(!) dog and we dropped it near the south pier about 7pm-long search but no joy. I am devastated and feel so sorry for him-he sobbed all the way home-as did I. I hope someone can help us.

Any suggestions how we can make him feel better tomorrow? Thinking build a bear and obviously lots of hugs but if you have been in a similar situation any ideas are more than welcome.

Many thanks in advance

ps-if you saw me sobbing on Blackpool front and stopped to help thank you as well x

peeriebear Fri 28-Oct-11 21:45:00

If you let us know what sort it is perhaps we can source a replacement? I work in a toy shop.

MissPenteuth Fri 28-Oct-11 21:45:40

Where was it from? Any chance you can replace it?

LeBOOOf Fri 28-Oct-11 21:46:07

Stuffed dog has gone on a holiday, obviously, and will have lots of exciting news when he comes back...that's what you tell your boy. Then tell us where he was bought etc, and we will find a new one which you will have to convincingly distress.

5ofus Fri 28-Oct-11 21:46:45

Fingers crossed it turns up

MrsBloodyTroll Fri 28-Oct-11 21:49:00

That's not at all trivial (am being serious).

Any idea what shop it was from/brand so we can try to help you find a replacement, if it comes to that?

Hope you find the dog.

Could you make up a story about how the dog has gone off to have an adventure? Perhaps the dog could travel a bit, send some postcards (with help from friends and family) and say he's gone to live with another boy who really needs him, but he has sent a new toy to look after your son.

531800000008 Fri 28-Oct-11 21:49:51

lebof that has made me well up a bit

ChippingInToThePumpkinLantern Fri 28-Oct-11 21:50:03

Go back first thing in the morning and ask everyone you see and all the B&B's, shops etc & even at the local police station.. Leave your mobile number everywhere.

I really hope you find him x

MrsBloodyTroll Fri 28-Oct-11 21:50:07

X-post with LeBOOOf

camtt Fri 28-Oct-11 21:50:18

I feel for your DS - I lost my snuggly in Amsterdam at the age of 35, some hotel maid incinerated it!! Ebay?

SolidGoldVampireBat Fri 28-Oct-11 21:51:52

If you go down the route of buying a new 'friend' toy, buy two or three identical ones and rotate them on an every-few-days basis so they are all equally disgusting well-loved should one vanish.

Kellamity Fri 28-Oct-11 21:52:30

We need details Balletpump, we could find another one if he hasn't been found sad. Very sad for your DS sad

screamingbohemian Fri 28-Oct-11 21:52:40

Oh I'm so sorry, your poor boy sad

Can you send him a letter from the pup? Explain he has gone off on holiday to somewhere exotic (Timbuktu? a puppy safari?)

He will be having a rest and when he comes back he will be like new!

then post yourself a replacement dog

would that work?

(if you can't tell I'm already preparing for when this happens to DS)

Popbiscuit Fri 28-Oct-11 21:52:46

Nothing useful to suggest but <hugs>. My DCs all have a favourite snuggly thing and we haven't lost one yet, but I can imagine how it would feel if we did...

anonymousbird Fri 28-Oct-11 21:54:35

Oh No!

Make? Style? Any chance of replacing - even try ebay if you know the make and no longer on sale through usual retailers??

onepieceofcremeegg Fri 28-Oct-11 21:54:46

Balletpump can you do a link to a similar one (see instructions below if you're not sure how to)

People on here have had success when other mners rally round to find replacements for valuable items. smile

In the meantime the toy puppy is definitely on holiday. smile

screamingbohemian Fri 28-Oct-11 21:55:32

ah x-post with LeBof!

monkeywench Fri 28-Oct-11 21:56:34

Ds1's favourite bear (Wobble) was savaged by the dog. He had to spend a long recuperative period at my mum's house being restuffed and restitched. He came back thinner, patchier, and cleaner, but is still the same dear Wobble.

Have you posted on the local board?

ChooChooWowWow Fri 28-Oct-11 21:56:47

That is so not trivial. A few years ago DS left his precious toy in our holiday chalet. He was devastated. We were phoning several times a day (I was sobbing on the phone to the manager) and offered a stupid reward. Five days later she phoned to say a chalet cleaner had picked it up. The cleaner had then taken a few days off so the toy had been sat in his car for five days.
We drove nearly 300 miles to pick it up because I refused to let them post it in case it got lost again.

So there is hope. Keep advertising the loss and good luck.

JjandtheBeanplusPud Fri 28-Oct-11 21:56:58

Can you describe it? Have any idea of its 'make'

Mumsnet is amazing for tracing replacements.

I feel your pain dd binned ds taggies, it breaks my heart thinking about it.

Kellamity Fri 28-Oct-11 21:59:00

Oh jj we are a house of taggies too! DS currently has 2 but I have bought about 6 in his life I think hmm

Rollergirl1 Fri 28-Oct-11 22:02:28

You need to act quick. Find out if you can get an exact replica asap. If not you need to try and transfer his affections on to something else quite quickly. And as someone else said, make sure it is something else that is readily available.

My DS lost his treasured bear on holiday when he was 2. We had already tried to source another before he lost it cos we knew how devastating it would be if/when it happened. Anyway, he lost it and we had no way of getting it back. Within 2 days we orchestrated the replacement, a zebra from mothercare. I think DS realised that bear wasn't coming back so he accepted zebra. We now have 3 or 4 zebras just in case and DS (4 next may) doesn't seem close to giving up his zebras any time soon.

JjandtheBeanplusPud Fri 28-Oct-11 22:02:43

kella ds has had FOUR!!! He lost the 3 spares and he and dd had a spat one day and she confessed days later shed binned them.

The originals were with him in nicu and very special to me, he slept with them from day one. I'm tearing up thinking about it

FruStefanLindman Fri 28-Oct-11 22:02:58

You could try posting on Mumsnet Local for Blackpool as well.

Hope you manage to find it, or a replacement, and that DS cheers up smile

Kellamity Fri 28-Oct-11 22:06:03

Aw jj that's sad

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