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WWYD? The Saga of the Family Tuna

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PomBearAtTheGatesOfDawn Tue 27-Sep-11 19:43:08

Bit longwinded but anyone who bears with me can have wine and thanks
DD has a toy caterpillar named Sydney Tuna, she liberated him from a car boot sale when she was just gone 2 and has adored and worshipped him ever since.
Last Christmas Santa brought his mummy, Mrs. Mabel Tuna, to live with us. She had missed Sydney since he went to seek his fortune, so had written to Santa to ask him to find Sydney, and Santa gave her a lift to our house on his sleigh. Cue rejoicing and carolling and so on....
DD now informs me that this Christmas, Mrs T and Sydney are writing jointly to Santa to find Mr. Tuna, who rejoices in the name Miguel apparently, and is in the army, fighting for the peaceloving resistance caterpillars who want to stop the slaughter between the marmite and the maple syrup factions I kid you not AND I kept a straight face wile DD told me all this
So... and if you're still with me, a thousand thanks... I can lay my hands on a caterpillar identical to Mrs. Tuna, but how can I make him look like he's been liberated from the army/prisoner of war camp/somewhere else suitable to have kept him away for a long time? I thought about him having been kidnapped by Pirates to explain where he's been all these years, and that was when DD came out with the stuff about the army... any suggestions? DD is 9 and I think this could be the last year for Santa for her, we've had some pointed questions that I have so far lied my way out of managed by the skin of my teeth, so I want to do Mr. Tuna's homecoming right...

EmpressOfTheSevenOceans Sat 14-Jan-12 00:36:26

Lovely ending grin Thanks, PomBear.

wipeyourpaws Mon 09-Jan-12 15:10:51

Hurrah ! He looks so happy to be back with his family ! Have a wonderful new year !

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDoom Mon 09-Jan-12 12:36:04

Two new family pics
sorry it took so long.

EmpressOfTheSevenOceans Thu 29-Dec-11 21:55:09

Can we have photos soon?????

SantasStrapon Mon 26-Dec-11 19:38:11

Ahh, that is fantastic, can't wait to see the photos.

EcoLady Mon 26-Dec-11 19:28:14

Great news. Your DD will have to write all of this down when she's older - no-one will believe her!

Wigeon Mon 26-Dec-11 19:05:11

Sorry - smile not fsmile

Wigeon Mon 26-Dec-11 19:04:45

<delurks> - was just wondering what had happened with Miguel and found a thread pointing to your update - horray!


Brilliant! Can't wait to see some photos.

JingleBelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Dec-11 18:49:46

How did I miss this?! It's wonderful. smile

HoneydragonAteCliffRichard Mon 26-Dec-11 18:37:58

<<sniff>> god bless you caterpillars and god bless everyone

Lonnie Mon 26-Dec-11 18:31:35

Wonderful I was wondering

Arkady Sun 25-Dec-11 21:17:19

Photos! Photos! Pleeeeeease smile

HedleyLamarr Sun 25-Dec-11 17:32:18

What a brilliant thread! grin

EmpressOfTheSevenSnowflakes Sun 25-Dec-11 13:06:40

Fantastic. grin

theancientmarinator Sun 25-Dec-11 10:03:05

grin actually, I think it's you and yours who helped make some big mums happy! May she never grow out of her wonderful imagination.

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDoom Sun 25-Dec-11 09:51:29

Miguel was discovered, lurking under the tree, at 4.30am this morning sigh <yawn> and the SQUEEEEEEEEE could be heard in China I swear! The Tuna Family are currently upstairs in DDs room Having A Reunion I'd fnar fnar but Sydney and 14 pandas are in there too and we are having Maple Syrup waffles for breakfast thanks to the supplies Miguel brought with him. I have a couple of photos from when he was just arrived and will get DD to pose the family for some later on when they are not in quite such a frenzy of excitement
Merry Christmas to you all and Thank You to the Miguel Tuna Escape Committee who made all things possible wink You helped make a small girl VERY happy

mogglemoo Sun 25-Dec-11 07:01:55

Merry Christmas,

I know it's early but please can we have an update? Even my husband wants to know! Hope Miguel made it home...

theancientmarinator Sun 25-Dec-11 00:12:17

I am unreasonably excited about Miguel Tuna's return to his family! Have a lovely day tomorrow Pombear Family.

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDoom Thu 22-Dec-11 22:11:51

Just to update in case anyone is still with us grin
Today, Miguel got a visit from a Red Cross inspector in his lonely cell and has had all his wounds treated and a bit of a spruce up, and his 'tache attached trimmed and is now all ready for the Great Escape and Homecoming in two days time grin
He is still in the wardrobe because when it came down to it, I couldn't bear to put him under the stairs with everything else in case he was lonely/scared/walked on by wildlife so he will stay in the wardrobe until late saturday afternoon when he will begin his escape by tunnelling down to under the stairs to await Santa... I will take pictures of the Homecoming and Reunion and post them.

wipeyourpaws Thu 17-Nov-11 12:34:18

Oh Pom, that is brilliant ! I wish I could be in her (your DD) company for a couple of hours, I really admire her imagination smile

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDoom Fri 04-Nov-11 10:09:35

And today I found Marmite Love grin - heart shaped individual portions of Marmite, to go in his rucksack.
It turns out the Miguel is a marmite caterpillar and Mabel is a maple syrup caterpillar and this is why Miguel has worked so tirelessly all this time to end the terrible conflict between the two sides - he and Mabel want to be able to raise Sydney in peace without worrying about their diffrences. (Which I actually thought was very deep of DD and have no idea where she got it from, she's too young to have seen Bosnia or NI on the news confused ) It is all very romantic!

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDoom Tue 25-Oct-11 23:42:40

I got so excited at the thought of the poster in the car in Wales that I woke DH up to tell him All About It, and he was very grumpy and not at all suitably impressed by my news and then I realised what time it is, and that DH gets up at 5am for work in the morning blush
He could have pretended to be a bit excited though, and a small wicked part of me thinks it serves him right for the bad taste being dead comments he made before!

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDoom Tue 25-Oct-11 23:35:13

grin next time you spot it, take a photo for the FB page please wipe that is brilliant!

purplewerepidj Sun 23-Oct-11 09:19:41


wipeyourpaws Sun 23-Oct-11 08:52:34

Spotted in Sainsburys carpark last night a Smart for 2 car with a beautifully printed poster in rear window ,Free Miguel Tuna ! Bought a huge smile to my face , best friend wanted to know why I was grinning like a loon, cue me then having to enlighten her. She is now going to follow the Tuna family saga too!
Forgot to say this was in Thornhill, South Wales !

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