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Just found a cat and newborn kittens in my garden on a low bench. WWYD??

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Pinot Sun 17-Apr-11 11:40:52


GypsyMoth Sun 17-Apr-11 11:41:50

find them a box....blanket


go round the neighbours with a pic....on your phone

give bowl of water

AtYourCrucifix Sun 17-Apr-11 11:42:05

is she tame enough to put in a box?

ApocalypseCheeseToastie Sun 17-Apr-11 11:42:08

Awwww, take them in. You'll have to do some ringing round tmw mefinks

DooinMeCleanin Sun 17-Apr-11 11:43:21

I'm not sure. Do cats eat their kittens if they feel they are threatened?

Certainly get her box, food, water etc. but I wouldn't get too close. Ring the cats protection leauge for help.

Bumperlicioso Sun 17-Apr-11 11:44:49

Not sure you should touch the kittens. I'd ring the RSPCA

AtYourCrucifix Sun 17-Apr-11 11:45:09

obviously not just giving her a box. that would be weird. box in shed or kitchen,food, water, ask neighbours and then phone cats protection.

LaWeasel Sun 17-Apr-11 11:46:43

Put a box on it's side so they don't have to jump in, with a blanket. A little bowl of water and some cooked meat if you have any for the mum. The kittens don't need anything as long as she isn't rejecting them.

If there is no collar etc, I would ring a local vet for advice!

TheMonster Sun 17-Apr-11 11:47:09

Oh goodness. Does the cat have a collar on?

SecretNutellaFix Sun 17-Apr-11 11:51:48

ring CPL, not RSPCA.

Put soem food and water nearby and don't touch the kittens.

Lovedmyheyday Sun 17-Apr-11 11:52:26

The first thing would be to keep them warm. The kittens could quickly lose body-heat.

GwendolineMaryLacey Sun 17-Apr-11 11:53:35

I'd leave them to it tbh. As children we found a cat and her kittens, brought them in and tried to warm them etc and they all died

follyfoot Sun 17-Apr-11 11:56:43

Mmm I'd ring the vet tbh. Think most of us are guessing here looking at the conflicting advice.

SummerRain Sun 17-Apr-11 12:00:19

bring a box out and put a blanket in it and see if she'll takes to it... rub her if she'll let you but don't handle the kittens unless you think they're in danger (dog nearby that could get to them sort of danger)

Does she look cared for? A stray who's just had kittens will usually look quite thin and haggard, if her coat looks shiny and she's well fed she's most likely someone's pet who got caught short... she won't have gone far from home whilst pregnant so knock on neighbours doors and ask.

SummerRain Sun 17-Apr-11 12:02:46

I've taken in a few strays wiith kittens btw, so have some experiance. Although it's hard to advise given I can't see the cat/her surroundings/the kittens

greenbananas Sun 17-Apr-11 12:03:12

Ring the Cat's Protection League - they are much more likely to be helpful than the RSPCA.

Pinot Sun 17-Apr-11 12:05:13

Thanks guys. Great advice. Phew! She is hidden under tarpaulin with her babies, though one fell out when we moved the bbq (she's on the tray underneath) before we realised she was there. We've moved the kitten back to its Mum using leather gloves so no human smell, am now going to call the CPL as you've said. I'm putting a water bowl out etc as it's 20odd degrees here today.

I wanna kitten now hmm

Pinot Sun 17-Apr-11 12:06:45

Summer she looks quite well fed but no collar. Am going to ask the neighbours. Unfortunately we have a puppy and 2 dogs it's going to be interesting keeping them all apart...!

Lavitabellissima Sun 17-Apr-11 12:08:12

I want a kitten too smile

Let us know how they are!

TheMonster Sun 17-Apr-11 12:09:34

I want one too!

EvenLessNarkyPuffin Sun 17-Apr-11 12:11:58

She could have a home and has just taken herself off to give birth.

SummerRain Sun 17-Apr-11 12:15:21

I have too many cats already according to dp so I'm on a kitten ban sad

How did she react when the kitten fell out and you put it back? If she didn't hiss and snarl or run off I'd bet she's fairly domesticated.

Pinot Sun 17-Apr-11 14:16:52

Mummy cat has chucked one baby out again and further away from her 'nest' so CPL said to rescue the little mite and warm it up. Did so - using my bra, lucky lil kitkit. Have dropped it at the vets for a checkup and a feed, now convinving DH that we should keep it and I can cope with the hourly feeds etc. Hey - we have 3 dogs, a hamster and 2 corn snakes - what's one extra lil mouth to feed, right?!

Mummy cat and kittens are still hidden underneath the tarpaulin but CPL said she'll be fine and may move them on. Til then, I've put out a box, blanket, water and some food for Mum.

I feel like Rolf Harris crossed with Gandhi grin grin

Northernlurker Sun 17-Apr-11 14:22:28

Sounds like there's something about that kitten she doesn't like - it may not thrive unfortunately.
Good luck though smile

TheMonster Sun 17-Apr-11 14:45:42

You should change your name to NorthernDolittle grin

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