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to make a little sign for this woman?

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TandB Fri 15-Apr-11 09:00:49

I have ranted on a previous occasion about the morning rat-run through our village so very quick summary:

Single track roads - short-cut to city - I am apparently only person who needs to go opposite direction during rush-hour - majority of people coming the other way clearly think I am unreasonable for driving through my own village and glare and head-shake at me - I am cross.

Obviously it is the holidays now, so the school run traffic is missing which makes life much easier. However, there is one woman who I see every single time. She drives very fast on a narrow, twisty road with several blind bends so I finish up crawling around corners in case she comes hurtling the other way. She flatly refuses to back up even a couple of feet to the nearest passing space, and she makes no attempt to move over so that both cars can pass without scraping through the hedge. So I finish up reversing to the next passing space with her driving about 6 inches off my front bumper with a face like thunder, and then as soon as the road widens at all, she squeezes past, glaring at me all the time and shaking her head.

Bearing in mind the following:

1) I live here and have as much right to leave the village as she does to cut through it.

2) I drive a very small car which causes minimal obstruction.

3) I don't drive dangerously fast.

4) I am the one reversing and getting off the road.

would I be unreasonable to make a little sign saying "The next time you shake your head at me will be the last time I reverse for you. I can sit here all day - how about you?"

Would probably be unreasonable to add "cowbag" at the end, I suppose.

Goblinchild Fri 15-Apr-11 09:03:44

Don't make a sign, just do it.
She's the one behaving like an inconsiderate idiot, and she thinks you are in the wrong.
Take tea and biscuits with you, and pick a morning when you are on top form, so her frothing and ranting doesn't bother you.

TandB Fri 15-Apr-11 09:07:42

Liking the tea and biscuits idea. Bearing in mind I usually meet her within half a mile of home, I could always actually just leave the car and go home for the tea.

movingsoon Fri 15-Apr-11 09:11:09

Organize all the villages to drive thier cars slowly though the village at rush hour or take it in turns t break down so you can't move your car. People will stop using it if it is not quicker.

I think people drive to fast along some roads. People drive fast on the road I live on. Some new people have moved in and now park on thier sized of the road. when they are their it slows the traffic. Strange the police have'nt done anything as my mum got towed from where they park

blackeyedsusan Fri 15-Apr-11 09:13:21

yes next time Do not back up. just give a shrug and a smile. tea and biscuits would get you into trouble (but i love the thought)

iamaLeafontheWind Fri 15-Apr-11 09:13:39

Can you organise to have some tractors with those great big spikes to be around? That might slow her down round the corners (they slow me down).

cricketballs Fri 15-Apr-11 09:14:15

I know the feeling well! It is pretty much the same where I live in terms of the lanes and people using it as a run through.

Once however, I was stuck in a queue when 2 men were refusing to back up and allow the other one through. A long queue was building up (all male drivers) and I was returning home from a rubbish day at work. I stormed up to the cars and shouted at them to stop behaving like 2 year olds as I have much more pressing things to get to like collecting my DC!

They both sheepishly backed up and I earned a round of applause from the other men waiting in the queue!

cricketballs Fri 15-Apr-11 09:15:04

I love the sign idea - go for it!

Mishy1234 Fri 15-Apr-11 09:15:10

What a rude and annoying woman!

Yes, do it. Can you video her reaction and upload it onto YT as well? I need a good laugh and think that would just about do it!

JaneS Fri 15-Apr-11 09:15:35

Stall the car. The get out and start looking under the bonnet to see what's 'broken down'. grin

(No, I probably wouldn't have the balls, but you might.)

TandB Fri 15-Apr-11 09:16:08

I have wondered about rallying the pensioners (most of the village population) who don't have to be at work or doing school runs, to form a convoy and drive backwards and forwards, occasionally stopping to point out something in a field, or perhaps getting out of their car to pick up some litter.

MigratingCoconuts Fri 15-Apr-11 09:17:07

oh, I am so with you on this one!!!

there are some round here who think the road into our village is the first bend on a formula 1 race track.

LadyOfTheManor Fri 15-Apr-11 09:21:21

Eurgh I have this EXACT problem. When I've fetched the papers I put them on the passenger seat and when she refuses to reverse, I open the paper so I can't see her through the windscreen. She often moves while I shout expletives through the window.

TandB Fri 15-Apr-11 09:23:50

Would everyone like to join me for a little car picnic in our village?

There was someone on my other thread who drove past a shagging couple every morning. Perhaps we could go there too!

Unwind Fri 15-Apr-11 09:33:10

You are going to try shagging while waiting for her to back up? grin

Please do post her reaction on youtube

VinegarTits Fri 15-Apr-11 09:39:44

pretend you have broken down, get out and potter under the bonnet for 10 mins, then say to her 'if you back up i will trying and puch it to the passing place'

when she backs up, jump in a drive on, wave and smile as you pass

geraldinetheluckygoat Fri 15-Apr-11 09:40:36

god she sounds like a total IDIOT. Next time you get head to head, wave excitedly, mouthing "HI!! How ARE you?!" and then offer her a Murray Mint or something.

Whatever you do, please report back!

AnonymousBird Fri 15-Apr-11 09:42:00

OP, go for it, and oh, please please come back and report!!!!


TurkeyBurgerThing Fri 15-Apr-11 09:47:43

Oh I SO feel your pain! There is a back road from where we used to live to the town. At the end of it there are several large industrial sheds full of cunts people who drive badly and EVERY time they finish work trying to battle through them on single track is a nightmare. I drive at 30 mph and they generally do ALOT more than that. It's always me who has to pull over. All the time. I have a large 4 x 4 yet I'll have to break every 100 yards to let cunts these men past.

I still remember the elation I felt the day I saw Subaru cunt man standing next to his mangled twatmobile looking rather sad because he'd run off the road into a field. I slowed down, beeped my horn, waved and drove off.

muminthemiddle Fri 15-Apr-11 09:50:07

Agree about taking a newspaper. My dh says do not back up , wait her out. Don't know if I could be that brave though.

FAB5 Fri 15-Apr-11 09:51:22

Our village was being used as a rat run and after people drove through at 90mph we had to closed off.

ExitPursuedByALamb Fri 15-Apr-11 09:58:08

I have tried sitting it out on several occasions but it just got nasty. (Once I was on horseback ffs and had turned round about 3 times to let cars through - the 4th time I did turn round but was muttering away to myself and the driver stopped and remonstrated with me for having the audacity to be chuntering to myself - despite the fact that I was getting out of his way confused. He threatened to break my horse's legs. angry ).

Anyway, now when I reverse for some twat one I wind the window down when they are level with me and commiserate with them on their inability to reverse. That makes them quite cross. grin

RevoltingPeasant Fri 15-Apr-11 09:59:06

'industrial shed full of cunts'


caramelwaffle Fri 15-Apr-11 10:05:50

Oh. I remember your original thread.

So many numpties driving through your village.

Buy several newspapers and sit and read until she backs up.

Pesha Fri 15-Apr-11 10:06:41

Definitely make the sign and follow it through!!

Just round the corner from me is a stretch of road where all the hospital staff park so only one car at a time can fit through. Its a long stretch but on a big dip so you can see clearly from both directions. My neighbour's ds (mid 20s) was driving through when a bus came from the opposite direction and started to drive through aswell, obviously expecting my friend's son to stop and reverse for him but as he'd already been driving through he felt it was his right of way so refused to reverse. They sat there stubbornly for a few minutes waiting before my friend's son thought 'sod this', got out and walked round the corner to his mum's house instead, leaving his van in the middle of the road shock

I did think it was a bit of an extreme reaction and not particularly fair on the bus passengers but the bus drivers round here are arseholes and I really would have loved to see the driver's face!! In your case though if you feel the need to get out and go home for a cup of tea I think it would be entirely justified! grin

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