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Things you learned the hard way not to do again

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ItsJustAName Wed 02-Mar-11 22:39:02

Okay, so I was out and about and needed the loo and popped in to a public toiler. Only when finished did I realise there was no loo roll.

Never fear, I knew I had fresh handypack of hankies in my handbag.

I used one.

shock blush shock

Olbas oil infused hankies do not leave you with a pleasant sensation when used as loo roll lol. grin

rachelkarengreene Wed 02-Mar-11 22:40:48

Rub eyes after chopping chillies - ow. And yet I do it almost every time {idiot}

Curlybrunette Wed 02-Mar-11 22:41:19

Lol justaname

Have a wine to dull the pain

thenightsky Wed 02-Mar-11 22:46:55

Biting into a mince pie straight out of the microwave. A red-hot current shot straight up my nose, leaving a trail of burnt flesh as it went shock

giraffesisonadiet Wed 02-Mar-11 22:49:52

scrape a mercedes with my car, I wont do that again

CBear6 Wed 02-Mar-11 23:18:21

Stick my finger in a light socket on a dare (in my defence I was 8).

Try to open a bottle of tequila using a kitchen knife because the lid was faulty and wouldn't unscrew (older than 8 but still young and stupid).

Not to hold the baby up in the air and jiggle him just after a feed as posset in the face may offend.

Not to eat meat from a street vendor in a foreign country.

outnumbered2to1 Wed 02-Mar-11 23:58:05

to put my hand on the hob of the cooker to see if it was still on...... i did only burn the top half of three fingers.....

laosvher Thu 03-Mar-11 00:04:07

Have kids

sharbie Thu 03-Mar-11 00:12:37

bath dog in bath

darksideofthemooncup Thu 03-Mar-11 00:13:35

poke toast out of the toaster with a knife. Store mandolin blades in drawer and rummage around in said drawer without looking. Slice potatoes on now infamous Mandolin without using the is amazing I have any fingers left grin

ColdHeartedBitch Thu 03-Mar-11 00:18:13

<thinks she could be here for forever. picks just one to post>

shut car door on hand. Very very tired with new baby brain. thankfully not too much damage done.

sharbie Thu 03-Mar-11 00:19:32

oh yes i shut my thumb in car door once (didn't hurt) and had to frantically signal to the driver not to drive off with it attached to the car.eeek.

outnumbered2to1 Thu 03-Mar-11 00:22:08

oh i also did the car door on hand one - only i did it twice in the same week.....

Isetta Thu 03-Mar-11 00:26:08

Stick cotton buds down my ear.. it felt so good when I had a slight infection which itched like bugger, the resultant abcess was the most painful thing Ive ever known and I'm still a bit deaf on that side..sad

Saggyoldclothcatpuss Thu 03-Mar-11 00:26:53

Ooh, NEVER EVER worm your horses, and then put the empty oral syringe into your coat pocket. Dont then forget that it's there, add a packet of sweets to said pocket, and wonder why the sweets taste funny!
Horse wormer is VERY unpleasant when taken by humans! It takes months to get your stomach back to normal!

outnumbered2to1 Thu 03-Mar-11 00:28:54

and the winner is Saggy bloody hell

giraffesisonadiet Thu 03-Mar-11 00:29:49

did you have to go to a&e and tell them you had swallowed horse worming tablets?!!

armani Thu 03-Mar-11 00:30:51

Lol at saggy

UlrikaGarlic Thu 03-Mar-11 00:31:37

My mum learnt not to put an Aspirin in the fish tank when the fish doesnt look well grin

I learned to be very careful when I was a student nurse on night duty and my job was to go round with a bottle trolley on a mens ward, removing any full urine bottles and putting out fresh ones for the night...unfortunately caught the wheel and toppled the full trolley over and flooded the end of the ward with urine! blush

VodkawithRosie Thu 03-Mar-11 00:32:45

go outside in the dark in bare feet to grab the washing in.....the thought of those huge slugs squishing between my toesis still enough to make me retch.

BooyFuckingHoo Thu 03-Mar-11 00:33:21


Lauzifer Thu 03-Mar-11 00:34:12

Don't use Original Source mint shaving gel on your ladygarden ..... hmm

Unless you're into that kind of thing

hardhatdonned Thu 03-Mar-11 00:34:30

Urgh @ Saggy!

Work in the public sector

outnumbered2to1 Thu 03-Mar-11 00:38:43

lauzifer oh boy does THAT tingle....

BaggedandTagged Thu 03-Mar-11 00:46:57

Jump on a moving treadmill.

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