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Baby Born Doll Not Pooing - Really Frustrating

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HadMyTwo Tue 26-Oct-10 11:17:37

Ok, here goes. Bought a Zapf Baby born doll for my two year old. Fed her the starchy porridge thingy that comes with the doll and now me and my husband have tried everything in the instructions (and a bit more) and she won't do a poo on her potty. I know it's not the end of the world smile but it is making me frustrated and I suspect the doll will get all mouldy inside if not cleaned up (which again requires you to put water in her and then make her do a poo). Raising my kids was probably easier than this. Any help from similarly frustrated MNers would be welcome.

DiggeryGravery Tue 26-Oct-10 12:30:32

lol at this thread

Sit her on the potty and read her a book. Show her a box of Smarties and promise her one if she poos. Tell her she's a big doll now and she can have her own special big girl pants soon.

If that doesn't work, smack her.

deste Tue 26-Oct-10 12:36:31

Laughing at DiggeryGravery.

giraffesCantDookForApples Tue 26-Oct-10 12:38:08

Is her bum hole blocked? Could you insert something up it. Maybe lubricate it first for the poor dolls sake.

Failing that then feed her some of those pills that are on TV when the woman pours leaves out her bag - mataphorical shit.

DiggeryGravery Tue 26-Oct-10 12:41:40

Take her for lunch with 3 other dolls who look like sex & the city characters. Have her confide in them about her blockage - 'you know, bowel stuff' she must say - and then one of them will make an embarrassing slutty remark about the waiter, they will all laugh like it was hilarious and BB will instantly shit herself.

I may have misinterpreted that advert....

HeadlessPrinceBilly Tue 26-Oct-10 12:42:29

Lottery You're pregnant with twin dogs? Is your DP a werewolf?


JenaiMwahHaHaHaaaaah Tue 26-Oct-10 12:42:44

27 weeks pregnant with 2 dogs

shock Someone call Take a Break!

Ohhhhhh, I seeeee. blush

JenaiMwahHaHaHaaaaah Tue 26-Oct-10 12:44:57

Great mids, Headless grin

Clary Tue 26-Oct-10 13:02:59

Fave thread title of day no doubt about it grin

No helpful advice tho thankfully we avoided this item.

hellphireblue Tue 26-Oct-10 13:11:42

Have you tried a reward chart? We found peppa pig stickers combined with chocolate buttons worked a treat.

Failing that, shove something up it's arse and hope for the best.

HauntingTheTardis Tue 26-Oct-10 13:13:01

Another reason to be glad we had boys. Action Man doesn't have this problem!

Tee2072 Tue 26-Oct-10 13:21:30

Has she been taking iron tablets for anaemia? That bunged me right up during pregnancy.

Only thing that cleared the pipes was a strong cup of decaf coffee. But I was wishing I could have a fag.

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Tue 26-Oct-10 13:25:32

take her for a ride on the bus - she will declare that she needs to go as soon as you sit down, problem solved

if you have access to one, a rollercoaster ride has the same effect


PMSL at pg with twin dogs !!

kveta Tue 26-Oct-10 14:04:34

best thread ever

I was going to ask if she's breastfed, but if she's supposed to be using a potty, I guess she's beyond the 'bfed baby can go up to 2 weeks without defecation' stage

JenaiMwahHaHaHaaaaah Tue 26-Oct-10 14:08:45

This is what happens when you spoonfeed, see. Not breastfed, clearly, and now eating manufactured baby "food".

Poor little mite - have you not heard of BLW? <shakes head>

naghoul Tue 26-Oct-10 14:16:11


HadMyTwo Tue 26-Oct-10 15:15:22

Taking note of all the advice grin. Actually I have just dressed it up and handed it back to my daughter. She thought I was taking over playing with her dolly. Had actually shaken it, poked something up the bum hole blush already. No luck, so am forgetting about it until it starts stinking or the school holidays are over (so I have more me time to devote to doll play).

To answer one question, yes, it is not the most beautiful doll I have seen smile

thanksamillion Tue 26-Oct-10 15:43:44

How about bicarb of soda followed by a vinegar chaser? It works on the sink and you could combine it with a lesson on the symptoms of rabies!

LotteryWinnersOnAcid Tue 26-Oct-10 15:44:08

Yeah, DP is a werewolf, the closest I can get to a real human baby is a baby born doll blush

But can't wait to meet my litter! grin

ENormaSnob Tue 26-Oct-10 15:47:45

The poor thing.

Try prune juice and simple analgesia for the cramps.

If no movement then see your gp.

EvilAllenPoe Tue 26-Oct-10 15:54:23

really, i had my doll pooing on the potty when it was only two seconds old and still in the wrapping.

>blanks out weeks of doll smearing poo on walls<

all you have to do is jam her full of orange juice and then be very firm about not putting her back in the nappy. Ignore any tears on this front - it's just manipulation.

it ma take time so show her cbeebies read her an age-appropriate story to distract her

once she has peformed, reward her heavily with chocolate. if she misses the potty, say a calm 'oh dear, next time in the potty' and clean up without fuss.

Bumperlicious Tue 26-Oct-10 15:59:19

Why? Why would anyone by a doll that poos? This is my worst nightmare and i know that one day my mum is going to buy one for dd.

Bloodberrybatbait Tue 26-Oct-10 16:00:57

I have found a glycerine suppository great in these situations but you have about 20seconds from insertion to hand her to someone else so she won't poo on you.

Otherwise a syringe of hot water squirted rapidly into her mouth (syringe spout on the 5ml syringe is about the right size) may help dilute any blockage and let it run out. Also just how high have you bent her legs? they need to be up past 90 degrees to her body.

ZENZIZENZIZENZIC Tue 26-Oct-10 16:59:24


Grumpla Tue 26-Oct-10 22:24:28


DiggeryGravey you are a genius. That or I've had one too many glasses of wine. Maybe both.

HabbiBOOOO Tue 26-Oct-10 22:28:39

How old is she? I suspect early weaning may be your problem. have you not read the WHO guidelines?

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