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Baby Born Doll Not Pooing - Really Frustrating

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HadMyTwo Tue 26-Oct-10 11:17:37

Ok, here goes. Bought a Zapf Baby born doll for my two year old. Fed her the starchy porridge thingy that comes with the doll and now me and my husband have tried everything in the instructions (and a bit more) and she won't do a poo on her potty. I know it's not the end of the world smile but it is making me frustrated and I suspect the doll will get all mouldy inside if not cleaned up (which again requires you to put water in her and then make her do a poo). Raising my kids was probably easier than this. Any help from similarly frustrated MNers would be welcome.

JannerBird Tue 26-Oct-10 11:20:31

Can't help I'm afraid. I hid the sachets from my DDs and told them the doll they had didn't poo! grin

MassiveKnob Tue 26-Oct-10 11:20:38

bloody hell, I have heard about dolls weeing, but pooing..... whatever next grin

Sorry, not helpful, but cannot believe they have such things!

LionOnTheFloorInAPoolOfBlood Tue 26-Oct-10 11:22:45

Maybe she has in imperforate anus - I'd see the doc


BigWelt Tue 26-Oct-10 11:22:58

Have you tried a strong cup of coffee? Normally works for me.

JenaiMwahHaHaHaaaaah Tue 26-Oct-10 11:28:13

Strong coffee and a Camel Light. You might have to blow the smoke into her face, though (unless they can inhale these days).

JenaiMwahHaHaHaaaaah Tue 26-Oct-10 11:29:38

And even if they can inhale I doubt they can light their own cigarettes.

DiggeryGravery Tue 26-Oct-10 11:29:54

<snort> at constipated Baby Bjorn.

Have you tried Movidoll?

HadMyTwo Tue 26-Oct-10 11:29:54

grin JannerBird I should have said no as well, unfortunately my 6 year old read the instructions and was adamant that I go ahead with the experiment.
Meanwhile I will book an appointment with the doctor pronto after having coffee with her.

DiggeryGravery Tue 26-Oct-10 11:32:57

What about dressing her in an all white outfit, preferably one bought for her by a well-meaning childless relative, who only manages to buy baby clothes that are dry clean only?

Though tbh you could be pushing the potty issue too much. You could give her terrible psychological issues if you force her, you know.

bathbuns Tue 26-Oct-10 11:33:31

ha ha haaaaaa ha ha

they really poo nowadays?!

JuicyOoozingLips Tue 26-Oct-10 11:41:57

have you tried feeding it washing up liquid with water and shaking vigorously? this worked with mine.

HauntingTheTardis Tue 26-Oct-10 11:49:47

That sounds borderline abusive to me, Juicy! I was going to suggest a star chart or some other form of bribe.

bathbuns Tue 26-Oct-10 11:49:48

shaking a baby? shock


MassiveKnob Tue 26-Oct-10 11:51:21

are we talking enemas? grin

GreenStinkingStumpSleeves Tue 26-Oct-10 11:52:04

Have you tried cranial osteopathy?

LynetteScavo Tue 26-Oct-10 11:53:31

A consipated doll? I've heard it all now!

ZombieChickensHaveNoMercy Tue 26-Oct-10 11:56:36

I'd remove her head, then blow <partial to toy decapitation>

thanksamillion Tue 26-Oct-10 11:59:37

Clearly it's because you've been spoon feeding and not BLW. A BLW doll would never have this problem grin

iwilldothis Tue 26-Oct-10 12:00:20

Would a little bit of tummy massage help? Remember clockwise massage only to get things moving grin

ZacharyQuack Tue 26-Oct-10 12:01:13

Fill her with strong coffee and dishwashing liquid, duct tape her mouth, nose and ears then jump on her tummy.

Aim her bottom at your MIL before jumping, if you like.

BigWelt Tue 26-Oct-10 12:02:34

Show her a really scary movie

TorturesInAHalfHell Tue 26-Oct-10 12:06:43

I'm just reeling at the idea that someone past the potty training stage would voluntarily buy a creature that can't clean up its own poo.

LotteryWinnersOnAcid Tue 26-Oct-10 12:26:02

What do they look like these days? I had one of these when I was very young and I dug it out the other day... to practise blush (ok not really but I am 27 weeks pregnant with 2 dogs and am trying to get them used to the idea that they can't just jump up on me when I'm holding a swaddled... piece of plastic.)

Mine is horrific looking. DP was disturbed at how gross it is. Do they still look the same?!

I remember that yellow liquid 'poo', too, is it still the same stuff?!

FindingMymOOOOOOOOjo Tue 26-Oct-10 12:28:09

JannerBird I hid all that stuff too. our BB recently went AWOL & when she turned up I could see DD had been trying to feed her goodness knows what - but it stinks. DP did a great job of cleaning her. Nothing came out of bum hole though.

How wish I'd brought a doll who's eyes closed when you laid her down instead of stupid pooey fake bottle silly dummy BB we foolishly choose without any research!

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