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If it was MNers, not MINers, stuck underground...

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Eleison Wed 13-Oct-10 12:30:17

Style and Beauty: Does this capsule make me look frumpy?

Childbirth: If I'm not out in 48 hours, will I have to be induced?

Relationships: DP keeps messaging me from the surface to say that he can see himself on telly. Is he narcissistic?

Good Housekeeping: Can't be bothered to shift rubble from tunnel entrance. Am I a slattern?

(etc. ...)

Eleison Sat 16-Oct-10 09:29:43

That is true. We'd just have to add a pigs head on a stick, then, from the pets topic.

anonymosity Fri 15-Oct-10 23:11:28

I think it already is a bloodfest, regularly...

Eleison Fri 15-Oct-10 20:27:54

I feel quite frightened by the very thought of an MN version of Lord of the Flies. It would be a bloodfest.

anonymosity Fri 15-Oct-10 17:57:40

It would be Lord of the Flies & Fight Club.

QOD Fri 15-Oct-10 16:45:12

this has GOT to go in classics

ChippingIn Fri 15-Oct-10 12:56:33

Great thread.

My favourite so far: Mumsnut Thu 14-Oct-10 14:46:31
My MIL wants to greet me at the top. I sooo want it to be just me, dh and our baby for the first few days. How can I dissuade her?

AIBU to gloat over my mooncup now?

bramblebooks Fri 15-Oct-10 12:28:20

Grinding and Tunnelling, Iona.

AIBU to want to stay down here until two days before Christmas, so that dh has to do all the christmas shopping unaided, and write all the christmas cards, do all the posting, and plan all the meals, so that all I have to do when I get out is to swan in and enjoy it all?

Lexilicious Fri 15-Oct-10 11:10:41

pushchair shed: where can I find a double capsule?

KnitterNotTwitter Fri 15-Oct-10 11:00:47

Ioana assuming that is a serious question... it's Gifted and Talented

p.s. loved this thread

cantseeforlookin Fri 15-Oct-10 10:38:01

Is it hot in here or is it me ??

<menopausal MN-miner>

IoanaDana Fri 15-Oct-10 09:47:39

Sorry for being daft.... what's G&T?

ChileanMinersMistress Fri 15-Oct-10 08:52:59

Relationships: He told me he was single - cuntingtwating dp

RiverOfSleep Fri 15-Oct-10 08:26:56

I have been invited to be trapped down a mine but the invitation says strictly no children. I called the mine owners who said its because there is no space and they have to pay ££££ for children's meals. They even said to treat it as a nice break from the children. AIBU to think that being trapped down a mine is all about families and that the mine owners should make an exception for my DC?

SpurtingJugulars Thu 14-Oct-10 22:45:01

The precursor to them all - none of the others would happen without the shafting, huh!

What a fab thread - topical, fun and ran its natural course!!!

Eleison Thu 14-Oct-10 22:17:04

Could call it 'The Mumsnet Guide to Getting Shafted'

SpurtingJugulars Thu 14-Oct-10 22:14:17

Book club - Do you think there's a follow up MN publication pregnancy..... babies..... toddler....... getting stuck in a mine. Film deal anyone?

Acekicker Thu 14-Oct-10 22:08:48

AIBU to complain about the bloody media reporters who insist on parking their satellite trucks across the entrance to the escape shaft?

molemesses Thu 14-Oct-10 20:25:28

Stupid things not to do - get stuck in a mine for 2 months and forget to clock in.

Am I the only one who did this? and will I get overtime and double time for the nights and weekends?

roundthebend4 Thu 14-Oct-10 19:23:44

Can I complain about the neighbours there to noisy and not the type of people you want to mix with all do is demand sausage tolls and fruitshootd.I need some super organic bread must be handmade and organic butter

Please crochet me organic bedcover to

YouKnowNothinoftheMonsterMunch Thu 14-Oct-10 19:09:56

Aibu to be pissed off that seb didn't hug me?

Tippychoocks Thu 14-Oct-10 19:03:15

AIBU to think that the crying family reunions should be restricted to those who actually need to be there? The rules clearly state parent and child reunion not parent and stonking great teenager reunion......

One of my fellow miners has a larger flat rock than me and a leather belt. AIBU to suspect them of benefit fraud and notify President Seb?

YouKnowNothinoftheMonsterMunch Thu 14-Oct-10 18:53:26

It's too soon for a dh/om joke, isn't it?

RealEeriesRealiseRealLies Thu 14-Oct-10 18:50:16

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

YouKnowNothinoftheMonsterMunch Thu 14-Oct-10 18:46:08

Employment issues: flowery? Are you around? I'm not contracted to work overtime, but due to work conditions have been forced to be onsite for 65 days. Do I have any grounds to claim additional payments?

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