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If it was MNers, not MINers, stuck underground...

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Eleison Wed 13-Oct-10 12:30:17

Style and Beauty: Does this capsule make me look frumpy?

Childbirth: If I'm not out in 48 hours, will I have to be induced?

Relationships: DP keeps messaging me from the surface to say that he can see himself on telly. Is he narcissistic?

Good Housekeeping: Can't be bothered to shift rubble from tunnel entrance. Am I a slattern?

(etc. ...)

anonymosity Fri 15-Oct-10 23:11:28

I think it already is a bloodfest, regularly...

Eleison Sat 16-Oct-10 09:29:43

That is true. We'd just have to add a pigs head on a stick, then, from the pets topic.

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