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Special needs and nappy provision: click here to pester the PM

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RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Jun-10 12:20:54

Following on from previous discussions about children with special needs and nappy provision, our magnificent colleagues at Every Disabled Child Matters have now set up a link through which you can email David Cameron to indicate your support for the campaign: click here to go to EDCM's site and send your email.

You can also see the campaign page here for the full text of the letter that has been sent to the Prime Minister.

WowOoo Sun 13-Jun-10 10:36:57

It takes about a minute to do by the way.

huffythethreadslayer Mon 14-Jun-10 13:14:32


DillyDora Mon 14-Jun-10 16:11:25


sarah293 Tue 15-Jun-10 11:31:40

Message withdrawn

huffythethreadslayer Tue 15-Jun-10 12:10:45

BUMP.....get this signed!!!!!!

sarah293 Mon 21-Jun-10 17:18:56

Message withdrawn

gingercat12 Mon 28-Jun-10 10:56:09


shhhh Sun 25-Jul-10 22:02:57

done x

sarah293 Thu 29-Jul-10 17:30:00

Message withdrawn

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