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Lighter Later campaign to shift the clocks forwards giving us an extra hour of daylight in the evenings - What do you think?

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 14:46:04

What do we think of this campaign to move the clocks forward by an hour all year round?


On the day of the spring clock change 10:10 is launching the Lighter Later campaign to brighten the nation's days, simply by changing the clocks so we are awake when the sun is out.

10:10 is proposing we shift our clocks to give us one extra hour of daylight in the evenings, all year round. In other words, the UK would shift to GMT+1 in the winter and GMT+2 in spring/summer.

If this was implemented the entire country would, overnight, be one step closer to a 10% reduction in its carbon emissions, as well as happier, healthier and better off. This is a great example of how action on climate change need not be negative, long-term or overly complicated, but rather simple, common-sensical and with multiple benefits.

Franny Armstrong, 10:10 founder and director of the climate change blockbuster The Age Of Stupid said

"Hands up who doesn't want our country to be safer, lighter, more prosperous and with less pollution? And who doesn't want to save money on their electricity bills without lifting a finger?"

This simple change would save almost half-a-million tonnes of CO2 each year1. That's equivalent to taking 185,000 cars off the road permanently.

But, as with so many of the simple behavioural changes 10:10 is recommending to people and organisations, this policy initiative has many benefits beyond the environment.

- Road Safety This policy could save over 100 fatalities on the nation's roads each year.

- Energy bills Consumers and businesses would use less energy thus saving money!

- Tourism & jobs It is estimated that, as a result of the measures proposed by the Lighter Later campaign, 60,000-80,000 jobs will be created through increased leisure & tourism, bringing an extra £2.5-3.5 billion into the economy each year.

- Prevent accidents. More daylight could prevent an estimated 1,000 serious injuries every year.

- Crime Lighter evening would reduce crime and fear of crime.

- Health. More daylight means more time for sports and outdoor activities.

These knock-on benefits mean that lighter evenings are now a more attractive prospect than ever. And people have finally started to take notice. From tourism trade bodies to road safety campaigners, and from sporting organisations to serving Government ministers, a new movement for lighter evenings is growing day by day.

10:10 is calling on individuals, businesses and organisations alike to add their voices to the call for lighter evenings all year round by visiting

Article about it here.

SexyDomesticatedDab Fri 23-Sep-11 10:59:57

Great idea - more time in the evenings to do stuff.

OvO Wed 07-Sep-11 04:18:54

Old thread.

And stupid idea.

pamplemousserose Wed 07-Sep-11 03:55:17

The Scots can do what they want, I'd certainly welcome this in England.

OuchPassVodka Wed 07-Sep-11 03:44:29

Just no. Sorry. But no.

ElizabethTaylor Wed 07-Sep-11 01:16:55

Okay, this may be totally unrealistic but personally I would like - shorter school holidays, especially the summer holiday. Christmas holidays are too long also. School days made a little shorter, starting from say 9.30am. Maybe even later in winter time to 10.30. I think clocks should just stay the same all year round. But then... Workwise companies would also have to adjust their times. smile

IntergalacticHussy Thu 25-Aug-11 20:12:07

I object on two grounds.

1, spurious calculations on carbon emissions

2, bastardisation of Nick Drake's wonderful album title

joonie Wed 07-Apr-10 12:22:07

Was it not introduced, not to improve the safety of kids, but to increase the amount of time (exploitation of) farm workers working for landowners up north.

PricklyThistle Sun 04-Apr-10 03:10:12

So, I still ask, what is Mumsnet's take on this - do you think it's a campaign worth backing?

Habbibu Thu 01-Apr-10 21:53:22

NE Fife, po. Not the famous bit, but not far away.

Pofacedagain Thu 01-Apr-10 21:02:52

No. But I love it there. Would be horrible for the children when they turn 9 though. Want to know where you live <nosy>

Habbibu Thu 01-Apr-10 19:15:39

Offers over dying a death a bit, I think. Lots more fixed price and offers around stuff these days. But Mull? Are you living in the sticks atm?

Pofacedagain Thu 01-Apr-10 17:20:12

You know I do secretly look at properties on Mull on RightMove from time to time. But this whole 'offers over' business terrifies the life out of me. But anyway. You've convinced me. Now gissa job.


midnightexpress Thu 01-Apr-10 15:43:54

so long as they don't change the clocks...

Habbibu Thu 01-Apr-10 14:31:48

quite like how this has turned into mn campaign for po to move tp scotland!

Habbibu Thu 01-Apr-10 14:30:58

Lorraine's eyes must be better than mine! But I did see ice floes in the winter.

midnightexpress Thu 01-Apr-10 14:01:52

Po, move here and you could spend your weekends:


or here

or here

or maybe here

<keeps very quiet about this and this>

Pofacedagain Thu 01-Apr-10 11:42:42


LorraineSattell Thu 01-Apr-10 11:34:54

(don't tell her how FREAKIN cold it is)

Pofacedagain Thu 01-Apr-10 11:34:47

Fish? You can see fish from your bedroom window?

LorraineSattell Thu 01-Apr-10 11:34:25

(must bring those blasted presents soon. actually i think your ds has totally outgrown his toy)

Pofacedagain Thu 01-Apr-10 11:34:08

Does sound lovely, it really does.

LorraineSattell Thu 01-Apr-10 11:33:28

and fish, habs, tell her about the fish.

Habbibu Thu 01-Apr-10 11:30:30

Beaches, forests, river, driest place in Scotland - can see river, mountains and city from my bedroom window. 1 hr from Edinburgh and 1.5hr from Glasgow, so shopping easy. And fruit farms everywhere, so you can't move for raspberries in the summer - plus venison cheap(ish) and plentiful.

LorraineSattell Thu 01-Apr-10 11:17:19

it is lush where habs lives, i can concur.

Pofacedagain Thu 01-Apr-10 11:06:45

Is it really Habbs? Tell me more go on, so I can try to persuade dh. [though I suspect changing employment at present might be tricky]

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