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Can you come to Westminster with us to support the White Ribbon Alliance on Friday 12 March?

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 04-Mar-10 12:23:25

Message withdrawn

mollyroger Thu 04-Mar-10 13:01:32

oh i would do this like a shot if trains weren't so bloody expensive!
I am in my element running teashops! and such a good cause.

Energumene Thu 04-Mar-10 14:24:24

Would love to help out: I'm based in the East End, so can easily be there :-)

I also make darn good cupcakes!

choosyfloosy Thu 04-Mar-10 15:58:33

I'm really sorry, especially after the amazing time I had on Tuesday, but it's not possible for me to come to that London again so soon. Will look into doing something locally.

SwarthyWaiter Thu 04-Mar-10 15:59:57

oh lord
londona nd a FRIDAY
disaster for me

mollyroger Thu 04-Mar-10 19:16:09

anyone thinking going from The North??? Give us a lift!

BratleyBackToNormal Thu 04-Mar-10 20:06:26

Oh I really wish I could be there, even just to take part in 'the minute' but I have a big day at work, gutted.

Will try and change things around so I can be there but won't be able to offer my impeccable tea serving skills, just incase I can't get there sad

domesticslattern Thu 04-Mar-10 20:29:55

I'd love to come, but presumably two year olds not welcome to come along too?

mii Thu 04-Mar-10 21:11:51

I would love to come, but not sure DDs headteacher would authorise absence for the day grin

Do you think you could throw in a politician or two, I could call it an educational trip grin

mii Thu 04-Mar-10 21:12:16

sorry am grin happy tonight

allstarsprincess Thu 04-Mar-10 21:33:23

This is a really good idea. Count me in.

MrsTicklemouse Thu 04-Mar-10 23:52:56

me me me me me

did i mention i would love to/can do this grin

MrsTicklemouse Thu 04-Mar-10 23:53:37

and i have a xath kidston apron!!

MrsTicklemouse Thu 04-Mar-10 23:54:07

or even cath!!!

will stop posting now!!

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 05-Mar-10 11:00:48

Message withdrawn

MrsTicklemouse Fri 05-Mar-10 11:34:24

RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 05-Mar-10 12:57:00

Domesticanlantern, we've had it confirmed that it’s fine to bring along children.

sungirltanhasanactualhairstyle Fri 05-Mar-10 13:17:13

oh i wish i could come!! have a brill time everyone that does go x

mrsbaldwin Fri 05-Mar-10 16:33:43

Well, I haven't worked in a cafe for about 20 years... but it's not far for me to go. So you can put me down if you like

hunkermunker Fri 05-Mar-10 17:50:52

Hm, I am tempted...

MrsTicklemouse Fri 05-Mar-10 17:57:38

Domesticslattern i think i'm going to bring DS1 (4y)

MarsLady Fri 05-Mar-10 18:16:41

Could you not just send me the cakes and I'll tell you how they taste? grin

citybranch Fri 05-Mar-10 18:21:38

I'd love to help, I will definitely be there if there is space!

InmyheadIminParis Fri 05-Mar-10 18:25:02

I could make it for 11AM on friday until if that's any use? Would love to help out.

policywonk Fri 05-Mar-10 18:25:36

<campaigns hat>

mrsbaldwin (yey!) and cityhunter, you're in

g'wan hunker, you know you want to

Mars, it's looking as though the cupcakes might be replaced by biscuits biscuit

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