Let Girls Be Girls

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610thisiswar Sun 10-May-20 00:00:35

I am trying not to be paranoid- (tin foil hat on) - it's discomforting that the Let Girls Be Girls campaign seemed to fall off very abruptly. Something to the same effect is still necessary if not more than ever! The problem is I don't think it should just be about girls though of course girls are still targeted in media and youth modeling when it comes to oversexualization. It's not just about clothing though that's a fine place to start in my opinion. It's in music, on tv as well. I am often creeped out by the modeling poses chosen for very young children- poses (and make up) that grown adults use primarily to attract sexual attention. Most importantly the clothing itself I find that is made by brands of clothing dedicated to children only- that are types of clothing porn stars wear and even clothing women wear to be "classy/sexy" as in bearing just some cleavage, showing a bit of @ss, or a lot of the back is "sexy" for adults so why would it not be seen as "sexy" on a child? It's disgusting. Anyone whom would argue it's different for children- I ask if the exact same logic applies to a child wearing gang-colors and throwing up signs (in the wrong neighborhood), or a child wearing some racist uniform/clothing??? Is it "cute" and ok because they are young??? The human sex trade is still on the rise (especially when it comes to very young children). I feel allowing clothing to be sold that presents children in such a manner is like free advertising. I hope there are others that understand the importance of this.

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