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The law must change to protect older teenagers from exploitation

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MummyTries Wed 30-Mar-16 20:12:12

I am supporting The Children’s Society’s Seriously Awkward campaign to fight sexual exploitation of 16 and 17 year olds with my blog by sharing with my followers why this campaign is so important to me and how they can follow the campaign and help make history by taking easy steps to support it. The campaign is at a crucial moment - it is being debated right now in Parliament and MPs are about to take a crucial vote which could put the changes that are desperately needed into law - or not.

I think this campaign is really important for parents to know about - we need to protect older teenagers, the way we would if they were under 16. Mumsnetters might have spotted the campaign featured as a guest campaign in March, but that is about to come to an end now. It would make a huge difference to have the might of all of us Mumsnetters behind this campaign as the big vote is happening! There’s lots of overlap with other campaigns Mumsnet have officially backed before on behalf of Mumsnetters so it seems like a campaign that others Mumsnet parents and bloggers would feel strongly about too!

I am trying to help raise as much awareness as possible and think Mumsnet could really help! It would make a huge difference to have the might of us Mumsnetters behind this campaign! Please support the campaign -

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