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Don't get angry - Get even! - 'Agency Licensing' stops Model Agency Scams!

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Matlinda1 Mon 23-Sep-19 20:22:12

Could you please get in contact with me!
I need some advice about this if possible as I’ve had it happen to me and my dad
Thank you

helslaz Mon 23-Jul-18 19:39:34

hi, i'm in a major battle with a model agency at the moment after being scammed last monday (16th july). I've reported them to citizen's advice, action fraud, trading standards, the police, my solicitor is working on a legal case and my local mp. All i want is my money back and i will get my money back as i've said to them. I'm not playing nice anymore; they have every penny i had in the bank

Gazb61 Tue 10-Oct-17 17:17:37

hi clive
just came across your post. I went to work for one of the modelling platform scamming companies in London last week. I could tell straight away it was a scam and confronted my Manager and got sacked. I am in the process of taking action. I would be interested in hearing from you.

preciouscosmeticscouk Sat 18-Feb-17 08:30:48

got scammed too. they actually replied to me:

how did we scam you?
We made pictures, We gave them to you( you paid a fee of £200 for that, we uploaded you pictures and profile on our website...
there was no client for you.


LaIslaMumma Thu 04-Aug-16 16:30:57

Hi Clive,
The exact same thing has happened to me. M0del agency and Limitless photography have scammed me out of £350 for a portfolio that is less than useless.
Tried to get a refund and got a load of verbal abuse.
I have filled in that form and contacted Trading standards and action fraud

caitshoshanah Fri 22-Jul-16 20:36:30

Hi Clive.

I found your post whilst googling the words 'm0del agency scam'. Which basically tells my story in a nutshell! I wanted to say that I will definitely be filling in that form and sending it to the government department stated in your post.

CliveHurst Wed 17-Feb-16 20:41:46

Don't get angry - Get even! - Agency Licensing will stop Model Agency Scams!

There are a huge number of Model 'Agency' and Model 'Platform' Scams out there in the UK. Even the most intelligent mum/dad has been taken in, in the heat of the moment, to clever tricksters, who charge up to £3,000 for photography. All these scammers want, is your money - for these worthless portfolios! See my website:

I am trying to get the government to put in 'Agency Licensing' so we/you know exactly who is an employment agency - who they actually are and - where they actually are. I have done over 60 radio & TV broadcasts over the years, outing crooked outfits. Also many newspaper articles:

This is a warning by the BBC, click:

This is a warning by a top model agency, click:

This is a warning from the Guardian newspaper, click:

This is a warning by BIS Employment Agency Standards, click:

I would like to hear from anyone who has been scammed. I would also like victims to contact their MP and tell them what happened and - why you should still be open to scams by crooked operators - pretending to help find you work - as a model/performer. Ask your MP to support agency licensing and ask them to write to the minister responsible for allowing these scams to continue.

Put in your postcode here, to find out who your MP is, click:

Don't get angry, get even - by making a complaint to BIS 'Employment Agency Standards' (EAS). To download the complaint form, click

Where it says employer, it also means 'agency'. Once completed, e-mail it to this government department:

More information can be found here regarding misleading, aggressive selling rights for consumers, which will/should help you get a refund...

"You have been chosen..." Absolute rubbish!

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