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Please get Mumsnetters to make sure they are registered to vote

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TalkinPeace Thu 10-Dec-15 21:03:33


The way the Electoral Roll is made up has changed.
It used to be that the head of the house put down everybody's names for a house and they were on.
Now each person has to register individually.
The effect of this is that the number of people on the electoral roll is dropping even as the population rises.

Many wives and kids living with their parents may not realise.

Not only does this block them from voting in the EU referendum and elections
it will also impact their credit rating

Please could MNHQ encourage all of their UK users to check that they and their friends and family are still on the roll

Thank you

tribpot Thu 10-Dec-15 21:13:52

Very good idea. Some information from the Electoral Reform Society here.

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