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Ann Summers - Nipple Pasties in window display, that's not ok!

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mindymoo Sun 06-Sep-15 18:33:13

Is anyone else sick of the inappropriate window displays in Ann Summers? I don't want my nearly 10 year old daughter asking what nipple pasties are and why anyone would want to wear them. I have no problem with nice underwear in the window and I have been a customer over many years but surely they have to take some responsibility for the way they are objectifying women in family friendly shopping centres??

fastdaytears Sun 06-Sep-15 18:35:14

Presumably this is for posing in rather than the ones that squish your nipples down so you can wear crazy tops? Off to do some googling and then will return with outrage no doubt.

tabulahrasa Sun 06-Sep-15 18:38:47

Is that what those nipple cover things are called?

Why? Are they made of pastry or something?

I mean I know it's supposed to be erotic to involve food (personally I think it's just messy and a waste) but pasties?

noiwontstoptalking Sun 06-Sep-15 18:39:50

Did you speak to the manager to complain directly?

fastdaytears Sun 06-Sep-15 18:40:25

I love pasties (the food).

I think there are better things they could put in their windows but most young girls would presumably think they looked daft/painful (how easy are they to remove) rather than thinking they wanted to recreate the look?

tabulahrasa Sun 06-Sep-15 18:42:16

I like pasties the food too, but I never really thought of greggs as a sex shop...

mindymoo Sun 06-Sep-15 18:42:19

I would like to point out that I have never bought said item! I seem to remember reading somewhere that this is what they are called!

fastdaytears Sun 06-Sep-15 18:43:08

Ha ha ok Mindy if you say so...wink

hugoagogo Sun 06-Sep-15 18:43:18

I am now pondering whether googling 'nipple pasties' is a wise ideaconfused

tabulahrasa Sun 06-Sep-15 18:48:26

Actually thinking about it, it's possible that DP might prefer a steak bake over nipple cover thingies...I could lure him up to bed with baked goods, it might well be a plan.

YonicScrewdriver Sun 06-Sep-15 18:51:31

They are called pasties.

OP, maybe worth popping in or tweeting ann summers HQ? Sounds like no one has given this much thought. Prob better to see what response you get before a full on campaign.

jorahmormont Sun 06-Sep-15 18:58:10

Well you learn something new every day!

The only sort of pasty on my body that would entice OH to bed is a Greggs sausage roll unfortunately.

mindymoo Sun 06-Sep-15 19:01:32

Thanks, I have e mailed ann summers and 2 local shopping centres. also just found childs eyeline' on Facebook. I have been unhappy with the ann summers windows for ages now and been meaning to do something about it. My daughter is nearly 10 years old and want to dress like a daytime hooker as this is what is projected as 'pretty'. Not prepared to just keep sitting back and doing nothing. Didn't know where to post this thread - figured this was the best place.

mindymoo Sun 06-Sep-15 19:02:27

That is brilliant idea - will do next time!

Junosmum Sun 06-Sep-15 19:14:30

nipple pasties, pronounced 'paste - ee'.

I don't really see the issue. Dildos, that's an issue, a gimp mask - again, an issue.

MamaLazarou Mon 14-Dec-15 18:33:46

Can't understand the outrage myself.

Bubbletree4 Mon 14-Dec-15 18:37:22

She's 10. Tell her it's a sex shop and tell her what nipple pasties are. Better to educate her properly yourself imo. That's what I do with my dc, there's an Ann summers in the shopping centre nearest us.

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