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Refugee crisis part 2

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GeekLove Fri 04-Sep-15 20:49:16

This thread continues on from theremustbesomethings with respect to the worst refugee crisis since WWII.

Here is a summary of the OP:

We've donated to Save the Children, we've signed petitions on and we've written to our MPs, but each of these feel like shouting into the wind. I have asked Mumsnet whether they would be willing to take up this cause and publicly throw their weight behind the request that these children and their parents be allowed into the UK as a temporary place of safety, and that the UK carry out rescue patrols of the sea. I know we're not a political forum, but for God's sake, we must be able to carry some sort of weight on humanitarian issues? In all honesty, I have no idea whether Theresa May would be a Mumsnetter, but I don't think she can afford to offend all of us, or our collective weight.

Mumsnet's record of success on issues which affect parents is pretty impressive. If this doesn't fall within that category, then what does? Please respond to show your support, and ask Mumsnet to take this up as an issue. If parents of small children sitting in ordinary houses and streets across the UK tonight are not willing to raise their hands and say that this has to stop right now, then who will do it?

Please respond (right now, right this instant, before you go off to make your cup of tea) and show your support to Mumsnet HQ. People spend time responding to threads about lions and goodness knows what else. Please, please take the time to respond to this, even if it's just to type the word "Supporting".

Here are some links for practical action:

The Independent: 5 ways you can help

UK Government Petition petition.

Medecins Sans Frontiers

UNHCR Refugees appeal

Save the Children

Here is a link to discuss the logistics for those marching on the 12th

Sobbingmess Fri 04-Sep-15 22:53:43

Supporting, come on MNHQ we must be able to help.

The poem on the previous thread sums it up,

If any of you are still sitting on the fence about this issue, please read the poignant poem below:

Said the Sea to the Land - By An Peann

'Sorry little children' said the remorseful bitter Sea; 'I did not want to take you, it was not up to me.'
The angry sea rolled in to land and said ‘we better make a plan.’
‘Four angels washed upon your shore, before tonight; how many more?’

Little people of the sea, your faces now stain their history.
Little arms above your heads, may you fill their cold cruel hearts with dread.
The land and water touched with sadness witnessing these acts of madness.

‘There was room for all’ said the beaten Land, 'until in came the hand of man.
With cruelty, do they treat each other, trying to blame their actions on others.
They seal their borders, rezone their lands, they turn their cheeks "he’s not our man".’

All the while these people suffer, from persecution to passage much tougher.
'I cannot promise I shall not take another’ said the Sea in a remorseful shudder.
'Let them open their eyes today, this situation cannot go away.'

‘I open my arms’ said the Land to the Sea 'but honestly the decision lies not with me.'

CoventrytoOxford Sat 05-Sep-15 08:23:55

The idea that mumsnet don't get involved in political campaigns is hilarious and depressing. Motherhood and being a woman is always political.

IPlayBass Sat 05-Sep-15 09:00:00

I'd like to support this in any way I can. Will read the first thread and the above links now.

TheTravellingLemon Sat 05-Sep-15 09:33:11

Sorry if I've missed it, but this is the link to the mumsnet poll. It takes 2 seconds to fill out.

HannaClotta Sat 05-Sep-15 10:21:19

Thanks for the new thread GeekLove brew

GeekLove Sat 05-Sep-15 10:24:13

Make sure you check out your MP's web presence and ensure everything in your letter is correct and personal to your MP if you are lobbying them.I have a form letter which I can send via PM

chickentothefox Sat 05-Sep-15 13:15:46

This is our local group's amazon wishlist in case anyone wanted to contribute! Everything will be delivered to the local hub and then driven over to Calais.

khuliloach Sat 05-Sep-15 17:30:47

I would definitely oppose this too.

longjumping Sat 05-Sep-15 18:44:50

I oppose this.

heyday Sat 05-Sep-15 21:45:25

I thought I heard on the news the other day that there are 50 million refugees in the world now. Are we going to take them all in? How comes the rich Arab States are doing virtually nothing to help??
Realistically, how is the world going to cope with this huge humanitarian crisis and how will countries differentiate between refugees and economic migrants? Is this the end of border control now forever?

Babieseverywhere Sat 05-Sep-15 21:54:39

Supporting...everyone deserves a chance at a safe the borders, let them in !

Theremustbesomething Sat 05-Sep-15 23:17:44

I've put this on the March Logistics thread, but I'm posting here also, as I appreciate that there may be a number of people who support the idea but can't make it on 12 September. We would still really appreciate the support of those Mumsnetters who can't attend in spreading the word to other parents and friends.

Thedudesmummy very kindly put together the attached image and a number of us will be putting it on posters/banners on 12th. A couple of us were wondering whether any supporting Mumsnetters would be willing to display it as their facebook cover photo, and to ask their facebook friends to share and do the same. It would be fantastic if you also had time to add a comment, just saying something perhaps along the following lines:

"Inviting parents and friends to march on 12 September. Mumsnetters are meeting in Portman Square from 11.30 and joining the Solidarity with Refugees march from Marble Arch at 12:00. #couldbemychild

Thanks very much for your help - it's very much appreciated.

khuliloach Sun 06-Sep-15 07:48:19

This has to stop, I agree why can't the rich Arab states take them? We have taken enough already, how will our schools cope? NHS? Housing? There are plenty of people here already desperate for help.

Vixxfacee Sun 06-Sep-15 07:50:16

If they came here where would they live?

Robertaquimby Sun 06-Sep-15 08:04:18

Outside the South East, there is empty housing and free school places. My dc's school has free places and our local council is closing schools due to lack of pupils.

Many people have offered to host refugees in their own homes. For example Positive Action in Housing has had 4000 people registering for their scheme.

Iwasworried Sun 06-Sep-15 09:23:45

For anyone who knits or crochets or has friends or family who do, the lovely Woolly Hugs ladies are collecting blanket squares for refugees.

There is a thread here :

Please tell anyone you know who might be interested!

Rollermum Sun 06-Sep-15 14:30:02

Hello everyone, I am a longish-term Mumsnetter and have started this website detailing lots of ways to help refugees organised by type of activity like campaigns, events, donations and searchable by area.

It has only just been set up so lots of great initiatives are not yet on there, but you can contact me through the site or on Twitter or Facebook or PM me here.

I will go through the things listed here and make sure they are included. Great to see such a response on all this.

sleepyelectricsheep Sun 06-Sep-15 15:48:25

I'd like to suggest we set up a mumsnet campaign to coordinate donations to babies and children.

The refugees in Calais are mostly men, but elsewhere there are women and children in just as much need, and I'm sure the collective contributions from mumsnetters would be significant.

However there doesn't seem to be anywhere you can drop donations off to in the UK. Perhaps we could set that up with volunteers and get businesses to sponsor the cost of shipping?

I've started a thread about it here

nancy75 Sun 06-Sep-15 15:53:58

There is a woman from South London that has been posting for at least the past week wanting to know where she can get a shower because she is homeless & has no money, some nights she is lucky and gets to sleep on her friends sofa. To make ends meet it would appear so is turning to sex work. Will you all now offer her a home?

somewheresomehow Sun 06-Sep-15 18:13:01

Thats just it nancy because Syria/refugees is/are continually in the news we are expected to look after everyone who wants to come here (fuck knows where they are going to go) but when our own are starving on the streets they get overlooked and refused help

mindymoo Sun 06-Sep-15 18:29:19

Supporting - thanks Geeklove

theDudesmummy Sun 06-Sep-15 18:39:02

Note: Anyone interested in an effort to get aid to women and children in Greece, please follow the link above to sleepy's thread, and keep up to date there. This is not political and I am not entering into political discussion there (although happy to do so on other threads).

AtSea1979 Sun 06-Sep-15 20:30:42


AnyoneButAndre Sun 06-Sep-15 21:03:03

This may have been covered in the first thousand posts, but Patrick Ness has (almost by accident) spurred a group of Young Adult authors and fans into an extraordinary effort, and they've raised half a million pounds for Save the Children in three days from a standing start. Money given on his Virgin Money Giving page is currently being matched pound for pound by Phillip Pullman, and Virgin have waived fees so afaik it's as efficient as giving direct to SCF - well, actually twice as efficient because it's being match funded.

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