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Let girls be girls???

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306235388 Tue 17-Mar-15 19:43:54

Just came across this. Do we still do the let girls be girls campaign?

anothergenericname Tue 17-Mar-15 19:50:18


ehonda Tue 28-Apr-15 14:59:19

I was quite disturbed to find this padded vest/bra top for 8-10 year olds being sold in BHS - am I over reacting?

26Point2Miles Tue 28-Apr-15 15:57:04

Yes ehonda you are

Puberty can set in from 8 years. Can you not remember the discomfort from growing breast tissue? I can. Padding is there to protect

ehonda Tue 28-Apr-15 18:17:26

I don't agree but can see your point of view, I still feel that this amount of padding was too much for a garment for a child of 8 years old.

fatlazymummy Sun 03-May-15 08:37:58

Don't buy it then ehonda.

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