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A truly independent enquiry into child sex abuse ?

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Whitershadeofpale Thu 10-Jul-14 22:50:16

I've been following and to some extent contributing to the current threads about the links between the establishment and paedophile rings/ cover ups.

Like lots of others I'm angry; angry that this has happened and even more angry that the proposed investigation places at it's head someone with links to the same culture of abuse and coverups that she is meant to expose. Please consider a mumsnet campaign to try and secure a truly independent review into this in a similar vein to the Hillsborough enquiry.

MarmaladeShatkins Thu 10-Jul-14 22:52:59

I agree with you. This current inquiry isn't worth a penny.

KeeperOfBees Thu 10-Jul-14 23:18:51

I agree. These arseholes have got away with too much for too long.

FieldRose Thu 10-Jul-14 23:20:44

I agree. Who better than mumsnet to push this?

WhistlingPot Thu 10-Jul-14 23:59:41

Agreed. If it isn't the role of one of the largest parenting forums to call for the most thorough, open, independent and squeaky clean inquiry possible, then I don't know what is.

Quivering Fri 11-Jul-14 00:02:52

Yes please.

Zhx3 Fri 11-Jul-14 00:06:34

Agree. I don't think this inquiry is going to expose anything. We'll probably have the odd celeb convicted for distraction.

staverton Fri 11-Jul-14 00:38:31

I agree. How about starting a petition as well?
There may be one going we can link to (tricky on phone)

tallwivglasses Fri 11-Jul-14 00:49:32


KeeperOfBees Fri 11-Jul-14 01:12:51

I agree. These arseholes have got away with too much for too long.

SittingNextToSanta Fri 11-Jul-14 01:30:37

I agree. I hope we get enough people interested and MN want to get involved in this!

BelleOfTheBorstal Fri 11-Jul-14 02:37:57

Where do I sign?

And bump, as well!

GarlicJulyKit Fri 11-Jul-14 02:57:30

There's a petition to reconsider the appointment of Butler-Sloss here:

I agree parents need to be pursuing this doggedly, through all possible channels.

pookypup Fri 11-Jul-14 04:11:48

Absolutely disgusted at how this is being handled too.

LegoSuperstar Fri 11-Jul-14 05:46:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoArmaniNoPunani Fri 11-Jul-14 05:55:28

I agree

PetShopGirl Fri 11-Jul-14 05:59:20

I'm in.

MamaOdie Fri 11-Jul-14 06:05:58

I agree

blueballoon79 Fri 11-Jul-14 06:43:14

I agree.

WallyBantersJunkBox Fri 11-Jul-14 06:55:39

I've already signed and shared the petition via the previous thread.

I'm also wondering if there is a suitable person to head up a web chat/debate?

Granted it's a very emotive area, but I feel we need to keep the momentum up on this subject? Reading other posters links I am very surprised at the actual number of newspaper stories that highlighted the happenings in the 80's but each reported in isolation with no follow up for various reasons meant that these events were hovering under the radar.

We can't let that happen again. And we have the media technology not to.

Whitershadeofpale Fri 11-Jul-14 07:07:26

Thank you all. I think field is right, surely this is exactly the kind of thing mumsnet should be involved in; protecting children.

wally how about Tom Watson for a webchat?

loombands Fri 11-Jul-14 07:17:47


I'm not being snarky...but how will a MN campaign help? I mean what is the outcome of an MN campaign? Who does it influence (genuine question)

WhistlingPot Fri 11-Jul-14 07:22:21

Tom Watson would be excellent. That is a stunning idea.

And also yy to keeping up the momentum. So many posters do such good work in keeping an eye on accumulating the news feeds etc, and asking such poignant and important questions, I don't know about having it's own topic, but in some ways it would be great to have it all in one "go to" place.

I am sure the proportion of lurkers to posters is far higher on these threads, with many who don't perhaps have the confidence to post but really appreciate the level of debate and efforts of others, I know I do.

Whitershadeofpale Fri 11-Jul-14 07:24:47

My hope would be that it influences 'the powers that be'. The miscarriage care campaign has already influenced the Labour parties manifesto, maybe we can put pressure on as a group to realise that we're not going to passivity sit back and wait for the results of a half baked investigation. We want real justice for the victims and a true understanding of all of the complicated, connected factors that resulted in a culture of abuse and cover up, surely this is the only way to protect other children now and in the future.

AuntieStella Fri 11-Jul-14 07:29:35

Does the campaign also ask for the entire Cleveland enquiry to be redone?

I find it shocking, for I remember that well, and remember praise, not condemnation, for her role and attitude.

For a link to the AG to be relevant, then there must be some sort of evidence that he/his office was consulted. I hadn't realised there was information already pointing that way. But that is good for the wider enquiry, for it suggests the surviving Home Office Files are telling enough if the story, and that there will be material in the records of other organisations.

Also this sort of campaign is far more effective if united. Rather than go it alone, how about asking MNetters to support campaigns by the 'big' voices in child protection (such as NSPCC, who have a pretty public stake in this set of enquiries being beyond reproach) or ChildLine.

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