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Bounty mutiny article by Sarah Crown

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sbhughes Mon 14-Apr-14 22:28:48

Re: bounty article by Sarah Crown on April 13th.

I was glad to see Sarah Crown drawing attention to the way in which bounty reps prey on women on maternity wards. Having been through this experience myself 6 months ago after the birth of my son, I was encouraged to hear that mumsnet have set about challenging this despicable practice.

Only hours after giving birth, I was harassed repeatedly by a rude and irritable bounty rep while still bed bound and enjoying a few quiet and emotional moments with my new baby and my husband. On reflection, I feel angered by how inappropriate the rep was and how these people are able to take advantage of women in such a vulnerable situation: I was too tired to argue with her when she asked me again for my email address because 'Pampers' needed it. I am sure that many women fail to recognise at first that bounty are not an arm of the nhs doling out good advice and freebies, but in fact a data marketing company who has bought their right to roam our maternity wards. When I questioned the rep that I might not need their latest goody bag, she replied impatiently that of course I did as it contained my child benefit form (I later had it completed at the registration of my son's birth, by the registrar, electronically.)

I have signed the petition and sincerely hope that other mums will add their voice to the mumsnet campaign and bring an end to what is altogether a subversion of the principle of care by the principle of profit. I wish at the time I would have had the strength to refuse that woman access to my bedside and complain directly to the nhs, but after a series of intensive lectures from various people (midwives, nurses, doctors, student physiotherapists etc) I was too exhausted to stand up for what I felt was wrong. Women on maternity wards are not 'fair game' for marketers and should be left alone to recuperate, recover and enjoy those first precious hours/days with their baby.

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