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stuck with venture photography

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fkanwal Sun 02-Mar-14 02:32:21

Lady stopped me in front if tesco and actually forced me to buy the £15 voucher worth £245...
I forced my husband to go for session as I had paid the money already and thought I might buy extra photo apart from the 7 x 5 which comes with voucher.
After session when she showed me the price listing , I was shocked and my face went red. Damn too expensive. I had previously experience of having photo shoot with pixifoto and thought it will be same but people never accept their voucher its a trap.


fkanwal Sun 02-Mar-14 02:42:13

The lady asked us to come together for viewing but after looking at prices ...a big no from my husband..and now I am too confused about how should I refuse them and asked them to only give me the one I paid for!!

Ohbyethen Sun 02-Mar-14 03:26:25

Actually forced you?

Have you recieved the service paid for? The photo session and small photo I think from your op.
Did you read the t&c?
If the others are too expensive then don't buy them.
Yes there is a discussion to be had about selling techniques - and absolutely complain about the first sales woman if she was rude - but it's not really any kind of trap if you thought you might buy extra but their pricing was too steep is it? Nor is it their problem if you didn't read the terms or prices because you just assumed they were like a completely different company.

Your op is absolutely the point of doing a loss leading or similar sale of anything - that you might get a bigger sale from the offer. It's not a trap, it's not new and it's not a secret.

If she refused to release you from the headlock until you signed then yes problem, if they are actually ambushing customers outside Tesco and forcing them to sign things, yes problem. But so far this sounds like the fairly common 'I didn't read it, I just signed it and now they are doing exactly what they said they would' gripe. Your issue.

My issue is I can't take any of your complaint seriously because where I would focus -sales technique - comes across as embellished in order to add credence to your unreasonable complaint.

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