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anti social behaviour by home owners

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picklemojo987 Sat 22-Feb-14 09:43:03

Over 100,000 people move house every year due to bad neighbours and dont take any formal action. I am a recent victim of such an issue, i followed all guidelines and got environmental health to complain as my neighbour wouldnt acknowledge me. When she got physical I called the police but now my property value has dropped over £50k which I cant afford and hers hasnt changed at all. We dont live in a bad area but we were looking to move to ensure that my 2 yr old daughter went to a nice country school and now I cant afford to do anything as i have to declare that i have neighbour problems which is fair but she gets away with terrorising my family with no cost to her or disruption.

I wonder if it would be possible for us mums and dads to help by signing a e petition so that anti social neighbours are made to move, at market value at their cost as it is them who cause fear misery and ruining lives. Maybe if they are held accountable they will change their behaviour?

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