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FGM - bigger action please!

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sky44 Wed 05-Feb-14 22:10:28

The support of Mumsnet for the Thunderclap campaign against FGM is great. Could Mumsnet be more involved and do a more prolonged campaign? I am a GP and care greatly about this topic ever since I did a hospital job in Obstetrics 10 years ago in a part of London where I met lots of pregnant ladies who had been a victim of FGM in their childhoods in countries such as Somalia. The problem is that the girls at risk may be primary school age and may not visit health facilities e.g. GP, baby clinics much any more if at all......Therefore it is schools/teachers we need even more on board to spot girls at risk of FGM. Also the journalist Elanor Mills wrote in the Sunday Times a year or so ago that the mums at her school had become more aware of FGM and it is mums like this (all mums really) who could be able to spot girls at risk and DO something e.g. share concern with teacher.

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