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London Heathrow and confiscation of ice packs to keep breast milk cold

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huall Thu 03-Oct-13 15:51:28

I went through security at London Heathrow, and they confiscated my ice pack to keep breast milk for my baby cold through the flight and layovers necessary to arrive at my destination. It would be one thing if ice packs were just prohibited across the board, but they make the arbitrary distinction that ice packs are allowed only for "essential" medications. What is breast milk if not essential? A search on the LHR website reveals that one can call Boots ahead of time, which would then have formula waiting for one once past security. I feel like LHR is discriminating against breast feeding (recommended to 1 year of age) and encouraging use of formula. I expected more from a major airport in London, of all places!

birdbrain21 Fri 04-Oct-13 15:54:20

Sounds like you got a really stupid security person, if it was no ice packs full stop I could understand but why are you allowed for medicine but not breast milk?! I would definately make a complaint if I was you (but not sure who it should be sent to). I ebf and would not want my dd to be given formula unless it was an emergency.

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