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Forced academisation of primary schools

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looneybee73 Fri 27-Sep-13 23:13:43

It's bullying to the extreme. An easy win for the DfE by claiming success of academies by using figures already improved by current leadership team at Snaresbrook Primary School. The LA acted swiftly and now the schools results are one of the top in the borough of Redbridge. Hands off Gove, job already done. #notoprivatisationofeducation.

jspragg Fri 27-Sep-13 13:04:23

Our local primary school is being forced to become an academy after a poor Ofsted despite the fact that it has new leadership and is already improving (it was never that bad - one year the KS2 stats were bad, this year they are the 4th best in the borough). The majority of parents want it to stay as a local community school; we feel our children are best educated by educators not profit-led businesses.

What do others feel about forced academisation? Does anyone have experience academies? Even if you are not against academies as such, isn't it wrong to ignore the wishes of the parents?

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