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Complaint about NCT giving out personal contact details to 3rd parties

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Kate229 Mon 05-Aug-13 13:31:49

Hello people, I wanted to share the following experience with you to see if anybody else has experience this and if I am right to be angry.

My DH and I joined NCT to meet new parents and learn as much as possible before our new little one was to arrive.

Needless to say I was looking forward to the sessions.

A week before the due date I got a call from from the photography company called Barratt & Coe. Needless to say I was surprised as to how they got my details and explained that I hadn't given birth yet. They said they would call after the birth, I didn't think more of it.

We had a gorgeous boy and 48 hours after this I took a call from the same photography company, again pushing me about the free photo session and picture.

After some time and more calls we relented and decided to go along for the free photo and asked how they got our details they said from NCT.

I do not recall giving NCT permission to send out our details to 3rd party companies. I thought given the cost of NCT and nature of the charity they would keep details confidential.

What also really surprised me was that under the T&C from the photography company, they asked us to give them permission to sell our pictures to anybody. My husband was not too pleased about this and crossed out this term to the guys disappointment.

DH called NCT and found out that data had been given to Barratt & Coe as they had some partnership at the time. You can imagine his response.

Anyway, anybody else received these calls? And what about NCT passing their contact details without permission?


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