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Child sexual abuse on Facebook

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floart Thu 27-Jun-13 10:38:53

As some of you may be aware there is currently a very serious problem with pages displaying images of child sexual abuse content on the Facebook network. Typically these pages accumulate 100s of photos that range from families beach holiday snaps of their kids to more serious full nudity and even children engaged in sexual acts. For more info take a look at this Sunday Mirror article that my partner and I were involved with last week

Facebook are doing very little to stop the proliferation of such material and this has resulted in several companies falling foul of having their ads displayed directly next to such content. To date UK companies that have pulled out of advertising on Facebook in the last 10 days are M&S, 888 online and BSkyB.

BSkyB issued a press statement last week outlining their reasons for suspending advertising on the network but stopped short of detailing exactly what sort of content their ad was being displayed next to. This then led to press speculation that it was either hate speech or misogynistic content. This is simply not the case and I have the proof of this as my partner was the person who alerted them to this problem and has the screenshots and emails to prove this.

I feel that BSkyB squandered an opportunity to raise the profile of the issue of child sexual abuse content on Facebook, favouring to protect themselves from the scrutiny of the press as to why they could have been so foolish and reckless as to entrust the reputation of their company in the hands of a company which, time and time again, has been shown to be morally and socially irresponsible.

However, I intend to make it known that BSkyB had advertisements showing alongside the child sexual abuse Facebook pages 'Cute and gay boys' and 'Photos vids young gay kids' both of which showed boys as young as 8 years old semi-naked and in sexually suggestive and provocative poses.

I would also like to draw your attention to the Facebook group page which I admin, Facebooks Other Blind Eye, which is attempting to raise the profile of this issue and hold the companies that continue to allow their adverts to appear alongside such content, to account. The address is The Sky ad screenshots are posted on this group page.

Our group is also helping the Global Alliance against Minor Exploitation to raise awareness of this issue and they can be found here

floart Thu 27-Jun-13 11:11:00

Just a thought before this post gets bumped, this is an issue that I am requesting mumsnet to get officially involved with smile

alexblue Thu 27-Jun-13 13:39:57

M&S advertising alongside inappropriate content on FB in the last hour.

raomegha Tue 02-Sep-14 07:07:12

Child Sexual ABUSE has been increasing over a period of time .We need to take action and spread awareness to prevent child sexual abuse.Found an interesting video to help kids lean about child sexual abuse in a fun n easy way without scaring them. so v should watch this video and help ids be safe .

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