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Free Childcare for Mumpreneurs!!! Anyone with me?

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Bebimama Wed 05-Jun-13 16:11:39

Firstly I would like to thank the other parents who have been commenting on this in other threads already and MNHQ for allowing me to post in this space. Basically, dismayed by the cost of childcare, childcare options and lack of support for entrepreneurial parents I would like to trial the idea of a Community Working Crèche.

This is basically a FREE or heavily subsidised workspace and crèche facility for preschoolers. It would be for parents in the early stages of business start up (perhaps 1 year), parents wishing to brush up skills by volunteering for a charity or social enterprise, parents working for charities/social enterprises who sign up and eventually any employer who would agree to the scheme. (Much further down the line)

I have been in contact locally with my MP, councillor, local authority, Pre School Learning Alliance (they can run crèche element) and whoever else will listen. So far positive responses, the local authority has asked me to find a location and have suggested starting with venues that already cater for preschoolers that may have an additional space attached that could be used as workspace.

Apart from that there the big FUNDING issue to consider, but it seems that it would be eligible for community funding, grant funding and who knows, it could attract a bit of sponsorship from those organisations who say they support women into work, flexible working etc. But it is a numbers game, you have to show there are enough people who want it.

Imagine there was a Community Working Crèche in every area, maybe as part of every Children's Centre! It can't help everyone I know and would not be suitable for everyone, but if this idea interests please PM me.

If anyone wants to help even better, marketing people, grant writers, grant givers, email senders, Facebookers anything would be greatly appreciated. Also on Community and @Creche4good. Should I do a FB page?

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