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Road Safety @ Schools

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AndyP13 Wed 22-May-13 11:52:25

Hi mums,

I have heard lots of horror stories about children being injured or knocked down right by their schools. I'm sure you will have your own stories too. And we all know that some schools are worse than others.

It's great that ratings like Ofsted allow us to choose the best schools for our children based on all sorts of things - quality of education, number of extra-curriculur activities, pupil's behaviour etc. But at the moment there isn't any easy way to assess how safe schools will be our children! I think this has to be just as vital in selecting a school.

I found this on female first site, about road safety outside schools: This campaign is gathering up safety information about all the schools in the UK. I think it's really important to submit this information so that schools can all be rated, and, hopefully, encouraged to become a safer place for our children.

If you'd like to fill in information about your local school, the survey is dead easy and quick to complete: I've done it! Shall we try and get an assessment for every school across the country?

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