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What child protection?

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JaneH99 Mon 29-Apr-13 12:30:11

In letters to the editor today's Times, five survivor charities led by NAPAC are calling for the introduction of 'Mandatory Reporting' of allegations and incidents of child abuse. I went to NAPAC's website and discovered they have launched a petition on for which I hope this link works.

The petiton makes very disturbing reading because this affects all 'Regulated Activities' which range from schools, early years, faith organisations, care homes, and even the NHS. Currently there is no legislation requiring these institutions / settings to report concerns or witnessed abuse of a child even including rape, to the LADO. The evidence confirming the position is contained in the petition.

The letter in the Times says:


It is vital for the future protection of children that the Department for Education introduces legislation requiring institutions that care for children in loco parentis, to inform the Local Authority Designated Officer immediately of incidents and allegations of child abuse. All too often this fails to occur, which results in victims of abuse going onto experience the lifelong consequences of this unreported crime at great cost to the State.

In its recently published review ?Mistakes were made? into the allegations and intelligence concerning Savile, Her Majesty?s Inspector of Constabulary said: ?We consider a system of mandatory reporting should be examined whereby those who, in the course of their professional duties, become aware of information or evidence that a child is or has been the victim of abuse should be under a legal obligation to notify their concerns to others.?

Last November the Republic of Ireland introduced mandatory reporting. England should follow suit; our present framework fails everyone and needs to be changed.

Yours faithfully

I then found this article in last week's Guardian which is very stark terms explains the shortcomings.

I've already signed - the reasons are compelling.

JaneH99 Mon 29-Apr-13 12:48:29

I've just seen Peter Saunders of NAPAC on Sky News explaining the petition - Dermot Murnaghan seemed not to 'get' what he said about there being noo requirement to report. It takes a while to sink in.

justamumandanana Wed 08-May-13 22:26:05

Hello! I respectfully ask that you share this information with everyone on Mumsnet. This Barrister's remarks are appalling and she yes SHE is suggesting the age of consent be lowered to 13!

I would be interested in people's opinions and would urge every mother in this country to email this "woman" and express their views directly and also to their local MP.

Many thanks

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